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Harry Potter and the Consequences of Gossip

Chapter Ten - In the Dark

Good evening my wonderful readers and what an evening it'll turn out to be. It's the Halloween Masquerade Ball and everyone knows that Halloween can be frightful and dangerous especially when things go bump in the night. Everyone knows that masks conceal the real person and things are never what they appear. Better keep your wits about you if you want to survive the night…

"Harry, who'd you end up asking in the end?" Ron asked casually as he, Harry, Neville, Seamus and Dean stood the bottom of the Grand Staircase, gathering the courage to go inside.

"Yeah, I'm taking Pavarti, Neville's taking Luna and Ron's asked Lavender… Is it the mysterious girl that you've had your eye on lately?" Seamus supplied, his eyebrow quirked in interest as an impish smile graced his lips.

"Huh, there's no girl I've been eyeing" Harry chided good-naturedly. However his heart beat quickened dramatically at the thought of everyone finding out.

"Don't play the fool. We've noticed the way you've been acting. You are whipped!" Dean teased jovially in an attempt to coax the answer out of Harry.

"So, who is Harry?" Neville asked, mounting the pressure. His four friends stepped closer, closing in on him and Harry desperately searched for a way out. His racked his brain trying to think before he remembered who Ron's date was. Lavender Brown.

"Say Ron – how come you're not going with Hermione? I thought you would have plucked up the Gryffindor courage to tell her how you feel" Harry said, causing Ron to blush furiously and the others to turn on him. Safe Harry thought relieved as he let out the breath he hadn't realised he'd been holding.

"Well, she was already asked by someone – they gave her a bloody rose and everything" Ron explained, trying to act as though he wasn't bothered but failing miserably as his tone was full of bitter resentment.

"She probably just didn't want to go with you" Dean teased roguishly before he playfully punched Ron in the arm and the five boys had a bit of a laugh.

Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye Harry noticed the girl he'd been waiting for all night – Blair Waldorf. He could tell it was her, even with the mask on by her cool calmness which exuded from her and her elegant posture. She looked stunning with her hair in ringlets, Smokey eyes and red lipstick wearing a short black cocktail dress which hugged her slim figure, Harry took his opportunity to slip away from his friends and made his way over to her.

"Potter" she greeted coldly, "you'd better move if you know what's good for you" she added coldly.

"I've been looking for you. I want to talk to you about what happened the other day" Harry explained, determined not to let her leave.

"And I've been avoiding you. What happened was a lapse of my judgement and I want you to leave me alone. You're boring me now" Blair responded icily. She was definitely back to her original persona and Harry couldn't help but wonder what happened.

"Potter" drawled Malfoy, "the whole point of a masquerade is to make it difficult for someone to recognise you; but then the mask is a down sight better than having to look at your ugly spectacled face" he added snidely.

"Piss of Malfoy" Harry retorted angrily. His patience was beginning to wear thin.

"Is that the best you can do?" Blair sneered. "You Gryffindors are so pathetic" she added with a smirk to rival Draco's. She bypassed his coldly before Draco offered her his arm which she gladly accepted and together made their way into the Great Hall, leaving Harry hurt and confused in their wake.

Looks like Golden Boy's had his precious heart stepped on by Queen B and there's more where that came from; afterall love is a battlefield…

"Have you spotted them yet?" Vanessa asked Cho, her partner in crime as they scanned the Great Hall for any sign of Jenny and her date.

"Is that her or Serena?" Cho asked as her brows furrowed in confusion.

"That's her… and she's with…" Vanessa began, but for the life of her couldn't recognise Jenny's date. However, the red and gold mask suggested that he was in Gryffindor.

"It's the Cormac McLaggen…" Cho supplied, "he's gorgeous. How'd she get him?" she asked, a little miffed that her date was nowhere near as attractive.

"Well, she won't have him for long…" Vanessa replied in a scheming tone, a wicked smile playing at her lips. Cho nodded before she strolled over towards the pair, pretending to be looking for someone. As Vanessa had planned it, Cho managed to 'accidentally' stumble into Jenny and spill her drink over her. Perfect Vanessa thought spitefully.

"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry! I was too busy looking for my date that I didn't pay attention. I'm sorry! Here let me help you get it off" Cho offered in her most sincere tone.

"I can't see the stain" Jenny groaned, a little upset that she wouldn't be able to dance with Cormac just yet.

"Here let's go over into the lighted area over there. It's a simple spell my Mum taught me" Cho added politely.

"I'll be back shortly" Jenny said, turning to her date.

"I'll wait here otherwise you won't find me again in this sea of masks" Cormac replied as he watched his date being pulled to the other side of the Hall which was much lighter.

Vanessa seized her opportunity and made her way over to him gracefully.

"I see you came with Jenny Humphrey" Vanessa said with feigned disgust and disparagement.

"You have a problem with that?" Cormac responded rudely as he stared down the girl before him.

"Of course not – just her. I mean she's a huge man eater; just chews guys up, spits them out and cheats on them with various different guys. The last guy she cheated on with five others. I don't want to see that be you" Vanessa explained as though it pained her to say it.

"It's always the pretty and quiet ones" Cormac snarled, clenching his fists in anger. He was the one who played the girls, not the other way around and he would not be humiliated – especially by that American whore.

"Thanks by the way" Cormac added with a roguish smile in place. "Who are you here with? A pretty girl like you shouldn't be a wall-flower" he added as he took a step closer.

"Sadly, I don't have a date" Vanessa replied playfully as she sauntered closer to him and leaned against his chest.

"You do now" Cormac responded as he took her hand and pulled her closer before leading her onto the dance floor.

Out of the corner of her eye, Vanessa noticed Jenny return with a look of pure disappointment and hurt at the realisation that her date had in fact wandered off. I'll have you in tears by the end of this night, you won't even know what's going to hit you… Vanessa though venomously as she wrapped her arms around Cormac's neck and pulled herself closer to him as the danced to the music.

Well, look out Little J. This wouldn't be the first time you've had a bulls-eye on your back. The only question is – will Vanessa's next attack be a miss or hit? I'm hoping for the latter…

"Have you seen Hermione?" Ron asked as he came across his best friend standing by the bar as he downed a shot of firewhiskey which had been sneaked in for the evening.

"Not likely when everyone's in masks. I might have seen her, might not have" Harry responded coolly as he downed another shot.

"I was only asking" Ron defended himself with a glare, before he noticed the six empty shot glasses lying beside his best friend.

"How many have you had?" Ron asked, concern evident in his voice. His eyebrows furrowed when Harry shrugged. "Mate, you've had enough" Ron ordered as he grabbed the full shot glass Harry was about to throw back into his system. Harry allowed Ron to drag him over to the side, since he was beginning to feel the effects of the alcohol. Harry was beginning to see double but did not see the girl in a flowing red cocktail dress whom he successfully bumped into.

"Watch it" she snapped when Ron instantly recognised the voice. It was Hermione.

"Sorry, I'm just looking after Harry he's had a bit too much firewhiskey" Ron replied flippantly as his grip tightened around Harry's wrist in an effort to guide him away. He was stopped however when he heard Hermione's voice again.

"Is he alright? Why did he drink so much?" she responded with worry as she took a look at Harry who was stumbling slightly.

"Don't worry about it. Wouldn't want to keep your date waiting" Ron sneered in reply as he glared at Hermione's date.

"Excuse me" Hermione glared daggers from behind her golden mask. She was about to tear Ron's head off with insults at his ridiculous behaviour when she felt a familiar hand grasp her shoulder.

"I knew you'd come" he drawled as he spun her round to hand her a single red rose. Hermione felt herself weaken as she gazed into his deep brown eyes and almost lost herself in them but was prevented by Ron.

"This is the prick you came with" Ron snarled angrily, completely dumbfounded. "He's a bloody bastard" he spat viciously.

"You better watch your tongue Weasley if you want to keep it" Chuck hissed venomously.

"Honestly Potter, can you not keep your friend on a leash where he belongs" Blair added coldly as she joined Chuck's side along with Draco. Harry barely heard what she said, he just stared at her moving lips. He'd give anything at that moment just to kiss them.

"And what the hell are you doing with her? She's a dirty mudblood. Perhaps you don't understand that she's below you or is anyone worth banging in America" Draco added crudely with complete revulsion as he eyed Hermione.

"How dare you" Ron seethed as he lost his grip on Harry and lunged for Malfoy. "She's smart, beautiful, witty, funny, kind and a hell of a lot better than you" he cried as Hermione grabbed onto his shoulder and tried to pull him back just as Malfoy drew his wand and pointed it at Ron's throat.

"This isn't worth it" Hermione pleaded with Ron as she shook his shoulders in an attempt to get some sense into him.

"Besides you have other things to worry about" Blair noted with a raised eyebrow as she nodded in the direction of Harry who was attempting to prop himself up on the table but failing epically.

"Oh shit" Ron grumbled as he turned his attention to Harry while Blair chuckled to herself.

"I thought you were supposed to be smart Granger. Stick to the blood traitor, at least you're in the same league, and stay with your own kind" Blair said icily, her eyes darkening considerably. Hermione and Ron glared at the Slytherin trio before the three stalked off to the other side of the Great Hall.

"Ron" Hermione started, completely aware that she was still gripping his shoulders and they were extremely close.

"We'd better help Harry" Ron murmured breathlessly as he felt Hermione's chest pressed against his back.

"Before we do, I just want to say thank you. I don't know what I was thinking – I suppose I just wanted to badly to be wanted by someone" she explained, slightly embarrassed.

"You are wanted" Ron replied before he could control himself and Hermione stumbled backwards out of sheer shock. Was Ron admitting that he felt the same way…

"I want you Hermione, I always have" Ron added bravely. There was no turning back as he pulled her close to him and planted a delicate kiss on her waiting lips.

"Oh Ron" Hermione simpered as she wrapped her arms around him and held him close to her. The two were so wrapped up in each other that it took Ron several minutes to realise that Harry had disappeared and was in fact making his slow and clumsy way over to the Slytherin trio.

It's never a good idea to drown your sorrows when you're keeping destructive secrets. Under the influence you might find the truth will find its way out, after all "the truth will set you free" and I bet things are about to get wild…

"Did I tell you that you look absolutely ravishing?" Chuck smirked suggestively at Blair which caused her to roll her eyes in annoyance.

"Oh and you'd ravage me, I'm sure" Blair responded dryly, an mischievous glint in her eye.

"I love it when you talk dirty Blair" Chuck replied seductively as he inched his way closer to her.

"Cool it" Draco ordered, exuding superiority as he glanced between the two. "We have a plan to implement. Stay focused" he added haughtily before he turned his attention to the dancing students. He couldn't deny the pang of jealousy which tore through him at the closeness of the two. Draco couldn't understand why he was suddenly so jealous of Chuck and Blair's friendship – did he really want to be friends with Blair, or was it something more?

Draco was immediately pulled out of his musings by Professor Bass who had made his way over to him.

"Sorry to interrupt" he said calmly, casting a lusty glance at Blair before he could stop himself. "But I have to speak to you privately. It concerns your father" Jack added and Draco's interest was immediately heightened. He excused himself from Blair and Chuck who merely nodded in understanding before he followed Jack towards the Entrance Hall.

"Potter's drunk" Chuck stated, stifling a smirk as he nodded towards none other than Harry Potter who was making his way over to them at that very moment.

"This could be fun" he added playfully and was about to humiliate Potter before Blair put out a hand to stop him.

"Now's not the time" Blair explained, her featured hard.

"No matter, there's a Slytherin girl over there who will be much more fun" Chuck smirked suggestively before he sauntered towards her, leaving Blair alone with Harry.

"Did I not specifically tell you to stay away from me, Potter" Blair stated, rather than asked. She was clearly exasperated but Harry would not relent.

"I'm a free spirit" he responded with swagger.

"Then be like a 'free spirit' and leave this world" Blair responded coolly, enjoying the pained reaction on Harry's face as his bravado crumbled.

"Blair, please" Harry pleaded, "I love you" he added, his eyes never leaving hers.

"You're drunk Potter. It's infatuation or obsession but definitely not love. Leave before you make a complete fool of yourself" Blair replied darkly.

"No, I know I feel something for you, I know I do" Harry took her hand and was surprised when she didn't retract it immediately.

"You're cold and distant so as not to get too attached to people, you put a shield up to defend yourself from the world, you try not to cry so you don't show weakness, you have witty comebacks to cut people down so they understand how you feel at home, you're as loyal and compassionate as any Gryffindor, as sweet and friendly as a Hufflepuff, as intelligent and funny as a Ravenclaw. You're one of a kind Blair and the most endearing, beautiful and misunderstood person I've had the pleasure of meeting" Harry explained, allowing everything he'd been keeping within himself out in one moment. He waited in anticipation for Blair's reaction, and watched as her cold persona dropped instantly. She stared at him unblinking with a mixture of surprise and happiness in her eyes. Blair stepped closer to him and opened her mouth to respond but was unable to as Harry's lips claimed hers passionately. She didn't push him away at first as they were completely lost in each other but she soon heard footsteps and forced him off her, albeit unwillingly. They stared at each other, unsure of what to do but were interrupted before either could make a move.

"Harry – what the hell are you doing?" Ron asked, taken a back.

"We've been searching for you. You need to come with us and stop making a fool of yourself" Hermione said gently.

"What am I doing wrong exactly?" Harry asked as he threw his arms to the side.

"Staring down the Ice Queen you idiot – do you have a death wish?" Ron asked, glaring at him before he grabbed hold of Harry shirt collar and began to drag him away with Hermione's help. She watched with pity as she noticed Harry's sad but loving gaze lingering on Blair, but was surprised when she followed his stare out of curiosity to see the same emotions swirling within her chocolate eyes.

Well, this is interesting… a Slytherin/Gryffindor romance – who would have thought? But the road to love is never smooth, and I'm sure they'll be many obstacles along the way… one of which could be closer than they think…

"Look Jack, I appreciate you making small-talk about my Defence grades but you said you had some information about my father" Draco said, perturbed as they stopped by the Grand Staircase.

"Well, I lied" Jack responded cruelly and before Draco could say or do anything he was hit with the 'stupify' spell which left him unconscious. Jack managed to catch the naïve adolescent before he hit the ground, and dragged him quickly and quietly towards the broom closet. Once there, he stripped Malfoy of his trousers and tuxedo blazer before pulling out a few of his hairs ready to add to the Polyjuice potion he'd been brewing for a month. He held the glass of potion before him, ready to face whatever consequences may occur for what he would do tonight. Jack found that he didn't care. Ever since he'd met Blair Waldorf he'd wanted her and tonight he'd have her.

Didn't I tell you that Halloween was dangerous? Poor B is about to realise that things are not always as they seem…

"There you are. What did Bass want?" Blair asked as she noticed Draco make his way over to her.

"There was a bit of trouble at the Ministry and my Dad will be visiting me soon" Draco responded casually, trying not to draw attention to himself.

"Hardly seems important…" Blair replied in an uninterested tone.

"Well, I'm back now… where's Chuck?" Draco asked, searching the sea of masked faces.

"Off to conquer another girl" Blair replied with a shrug. She was mildly surprised to say the least when Draco took hold of her hand, the hand which still burned from Harry's touch, and began to lead her away from the Great Hall. Due to sheer curiosity she followed and the two ended up in the Entrance Hall.

"Why did you drag me out here? It had better be important" Blair asked in a bored tone as she examined her nails.

"Oh it is, I assure you" Draco replied with a smirk but did not divulge anything. Blair raised an eyebrow to coax it out of him, but he still wouldn't say anything.

"Don't waste my time" Blair hissed before she turned on her heel to storm back inside when Draco's voice stopped her.

"I've developed feelings for you" he said and Blair was stunned as she turned to face him.

"I know you feel the same" he added as he sauntered towards her and took her hand in his own.

"Did you hit your head in your absence? You've been hallucinating if you've though my interactions with you have been anything other than friendly" Blair responded coolly as she attempted to take her hand from his grasp. However, his hand moved to encircle her wrist and his grip tightened.

"I'm not one to be denied" he threatened icily. There was an evil glint in his eye, something she had never seen before and Blair's breath caught in her throat.

Unable to fight against him, Draco's other hand gripped her wrist and pushed her backwards into the alcove beneath the Grand Staircase. Blair pushed against him and struggled desperately in an attempt to free her hands. Immediately her knee instinctively sought out his groin but she found herself unable to move. He'd used wandless magic… she had no idea that Draco was so talented in magic. Her eyes glistened over with tears as she saw the mad and lustful look in his eyes. She was about to scream for help when a hand covered her mouth quickly.

Using his free hand to rummage for his wand, he quickly used a silencing charm and disillusionment charm around the area. He then removed his hand as Blair bit down on it.

"You dare" she warned, despite the overwhelming fear she felt at her current situation.

"I think I do. There's no way out Blair and no-one can hear. I'll have you" Draco breathed, his face inches from hers. In an instant they claimed her lips aggressively as his hands began to run down to her waist. His fingers dug into her skin roughly, causing her to gasp and his tongue entered her mouth forcefully. She struggled to move her head and release herself but he was too strong. He pulled away a moment to stare into her fearful eyes as his hand reached behind her back and began to unzip her dress at a painfully fast rate. That's when she realised that Draco's eyes were a steely grey… these eyes, on the other hand, were a familiar brown.

"Jack… please don't" Blair begged, her fear unrelenting as she began to shake with terror. He was no longer in control of himself as he pushed her head back into the wall. Her mask fell to the floor, as he once again forced her head into the wall before he began to ravage her uncontrollably. He was a monster, unable to stop himself in his lusty haze as he hiked her negligee to her hips and spread her legs, readying her for him.

No-one should have to endure this… there are some things I will not condone and this is one of them. Poor B, I can only wonder whether she will ever be the same again after tonight…

"Vanessa, I know what you did earlier" Jenny accused, as she found Vanessa by the punch bowl.

"I'm not sure I understand what you mean" Vanessa played innocent, looking like a dear caught in headlights.

"Look, I know you're angry at me, I would be too. I don't want to fight, I only wanted my brother to be happy" Jenny admitted, imploring Vanessa to listen and stop this fighting.

"You know Dean Thomas showed up here alone. Since I'm friends with him I want to introduce you too. He's waiting over there" Jenny explained, pointing to a tall, handsome dark skinned boy wearing a metallic grey mask who was standing by the entrance.

"Jenny, I've been such an idiot" Vanessa apologised immediately, guilty overwhelming her at how selfish and obsessive she had become.

"I'm sorry, I really am. Urgh, I've turned into Blair Waldorf" Vanessa added, looking at the floor in embarrassment and shame.

"No, you haven't. If you had, you would have continued regardless of what I just said. Come on now, I want a truce between you, me, Ginny and Dan. No more hard feelings or rivalries or schemes" Jenny said, holding a hand out and waiting for Vanessa to accept.

Vanessa stared at Jenny's hand before turning her attention to the young girl before her. She grasped her hand and shook it firmly with a smile on her face.

"Thanks Jenny" Vanessa replied, "I shouldn't have been such a bitch. I don't really know what to say – you're too nice" she added sincerely.

"Well, how about you just let me introduce you to Dean, you can pay me back another time" Jenny suggested with a friendly wink as Vanessa smiled in return.

"Will you hold on a second please. I'll meet you over there in a minute, if you'll wait?" Vanessa asked hopefully. Jenny nodded with a sweet smile before she turned on her heel to return to Dean Thomas, ready to entertain him before Vanessa arrived.

Vanessa immediately scampered across the Great Hall, careful not to trip over some spilt drinks on the floor as she found her way to Cho Chang.

"You ready?" Cho asked with a smirk.

"It's off. Jenny and I have made peace. Please don't do anything, she's introducing me to Dean Thomas and I'm sure she'll set you up with another cute Gryffindor" Vanessa replied with an earnest smile. Cho smiled in gratitude, because in all honesty she hadn't wanted to continue with the scheme. It was her, and she was glad that Vanessa had come around – she had a feeling she would.

So, all's well that ends well for this group, but the same cannot be said for B; one can only hope that there will be justice…

"Mr. Malfoy, would you care to explain what you are doing in your shirt and boxers? Do you think it's funny?" Professor McGonagall asked shrilly when she caught sight of him. He'd come from the broom closet, luckily able to escape even if he was in complete disarray.

"Please, it's not what you think" Draco implored, an unnatural sense of trepidation in his tone.

"What is going on here?" Snape's cold drawl asked as he joined Minerva along with Albus Dumbledore.

"It's Blair, she's in trouble. Jack Bass is going to do something to her" Draco explained, a pained expression on his face.

"Jack Bass has been cleared of charges… I don't understand" Professor McGonagall answered, a look of worry etched onto her wise face.

"I know, but this time it's the truth" Draco pleaded, hoping the professors would believe him.

"What happened?" Dumbledore asked calmly.

"There's not really any time to explain, but Bass told me he needed to speak to me about my father so I went with him. He stunned me and I woke up in the broom closet next to a cauldron of Polyjuice potion, without my trousers or blazer" Draco explained hurriedly as he made a move to leave the Great Hall.

By now, he had managed to attract a lot of unwanted attention and he could feel the eyes of each student in the hall on him. Harry, who had now sobered up had never seen or heard Malfoy act in such a way and knew instantly that something was wrong. His suspicions were confirmed when Malfoy set off with Snape, McGonagall and Dumbledore in tow.

"Now, I want the rest of you to remain in the Great Hall, while we take care of something. There is nothing to worry about, please enjoy the rest of the evening." Dumbledore ordered when he'd made it to the centre of the room. Harry watched as they walked from the Great Hall.

"Harry, did he mention that Blair was in trouble?" Serena asked, unable to believe what she had overheard and extremely concerned for her former friend, especially if Jack Bass was involved.

"Lets follow them" Harry dictated, before he, Ron and Hermione along with Serena, Nate, Ginny and Dan followed them into the Great Hall.

"Mr Potter, do you think you are above the Headmaster's orders?" Snape drawled as they entered the Entrance Hall.

"Mr. Malfoy are you sure you haven't had any alcohol?" McGonagall asked, for there was nobody in the Entrance Hall and no evidence of any sort of struggle.

"Yes, I'm sure. She's in trouble I'm sure of it" Draco pleaded, his face growing paler with worry by the second.

"Hominum Revelio" Hermione spoke confidently, her wand poised in the air. Even she couldn't ignore the concern or fear in Draco's voice. Immediately, there was a shimmering as if a charm was being broken.

Suddenly a series of grunts and strangled sobs were heard as two figures came into focus. The sight shocked the group as a bruised, battered, broken and bleeding Blair wearing only a negligee was pinned against the wall by Jack Bass. Professor McGonagall amongst the other women there were unable to control their gasps, whilst the men looked on in intense anger and revulsion. Immediately, Jack's thrusts stopped when he felt himself thrown off of Blair by a spell from Professors Snape and Dumbledore who were quick to act.

He hit the floor with an almighty thud while Blair fell to the floor in a crumpled mess. Blood was still running down from her legs, as she tucked them underneath her protectively as she continued to cry in anguish. Everyone in that room, even those who had hated her instantly felt pity for her.

"Professor Snape, I want you to contact Azkaban Prison. She may not be a minor in the United Kingdom but she is in America. They'll find another prisoner can be added" Dumbledore ordered sternly, obviously still angry from the situation he had seen.

"B" Serena breathed, tears welling in her eyes and the sight of her shattered former friend. It was absolutely heartbreaking and Minerva instantly made her way over to the girl as Draco went to retrieve Madam Pomfrey from the Great Hall.

The group watched as McGonagall cradled the young girl in her arms, whilst Dumbledore forced Jack Bass onto his feet and, with the use of a spell which rendered him unable to move, dragged him towards his office to await the Dementors so that he could not escape. Harry sent a deathly glare at the man who'd committed such an atrocious, disgusting act to such a vulnerable, loveable girl. He hoped the Dementors would administer the kiss – only then would justice be served. He was about to make his way over to her hold her in a comforting and protective embrace when Madam Pomfrey arrived. She helped Minerva carry the girl up the Grand Staircase, muttering obscenities under her breath.

"How could this happen?" Ginny breathed, eyes brimming with tears as the image still haunted her.

"Nobody deserves this" Serena murmured, causing the others to nod in agreement, too shock and upset to say anything. Together they gripped each other comfortingly and made their way up the Grand Staircase towards their Common Rooms. They couldn't return to the Ball after such a sickening scene; and it would no doubt be over momentarily.

The group watched as Blair hobbled along with Professor McGonagall and Madam Pomfrey, before they continued on their way. Only Harry stayed behind, his eyes full of anger, concern and compassion as his gaze connected with Blair's pained one. However, the connection was broken as she was ushered in and he was left with that image imprinted on his mind. It would be something none of them would ever forget and he just hoped that she would be alright as he followed his friends.

For once I am at a loss for words. That was a dark and tragic end to what was supposed to be a fun, albeit dramatic night. Everything's going to change now. Things will never be the same… XOXO Gossip Girl.

Well that was the chapter, reviews are much appreciated. I'll hopefully update soon once I figure out what's definitely going to happen next.

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