Naruto: Konoha's One Winged Angel AN: Very Dark

Nartuo had just had the worst day of his life. The village of Konoha was invaded by the remains of the sound and Iwa together, and all of his friends have died. Naruto's love, Hinata was the first to fall, as he fought to protect his friends he fell heavily wounded and was later found face first in the lake. He was barley alive but that didn't stop the villagers from screaming in terror as mindless ninja killed them all off, everyone...all of his precious people are dead. And knew the ones who caused it,"Sasuke.....Sakura.....DANZO!!!" he mentally screamed out as he started to get up but his strength failed him. He laid there hanging on by a single string of life.


Meanwhile at the location of sound Danzo and Sasuke were having a party celebrating the fall of Konoha and the destruction of the nine tailed demon. Sasuke was the Otokage of the sound as Danzo defected so he can put his ROOT ninja in the public eye with no one getting in his way. Sakura was there and looked to be just as happy as Sasuke however she was only happy to be with her Sasuke. "Finally Naruto the demon has fallen, Sasuke your a hero now!" Danzo said as he shook his hand Sasuke smiled. "Yes a hero, and now I assume we have everything they had I want all of their jutsus so i can assure that no one opposes me." he said to him. Danzo nodded and handed him the Konoha scroll of secret Jutsus. Sasuke smiled evilly as he took the scroll in his hands. "Yes, now I have truly become the most powerful of them all, no one not even the nine tailed demon can stop my!" He said.


Someone however watched as this horrible act was committed. He floated up in astral form and looked at Naruto who was still hanging on. He floated down and looked at him deeply. "He has a pure soul and a good heart, better change that." The figure said. He had a long black coat with silver long hair and a single black wing on the right side of his body. He whispered into Narutos ear. "Naruto let the hatred you have in your heart consume you. You have nothing left, no one else is there for you to protect let the darkness surround you in its glory and let revenge become your only objective. Make those who made you suffer, suffer worse, make those who oppose you know your true power, Naruto let me into your soul and we shall become one." He said as he went into Narutos mindscape.


Naruto sighed as he looked up into eternal darkness of his mindscape, The Kyuubi looking sorrowfully at him, not for the fact that he may die but everything he lived for has been crushed in front of him. Naruto and Kyuubi were enemy's at first but became friends later on. The man stepped towards them and Kyuubi growled defensively. The man held up his hand.
"fear not im not here to harm you or Naruto here in fact im here to help you." he said to them and Naruto looked at him. "How? can you bring my friends back?" he asked him. The man shook his head. "No something like that is not possible however I can help you on revenge." He said. Naruto looked back up. "Pass." he said simply but the man walked up closer. "So you plan on just dying? Let Sasuke win and have everything he ever wanted?" He asked Naruto, Kyuubi however was intrigued. "Naruto listen, he may actually help us." He said and Nartuo shook his head. "No I am not one for revenge." He said softly. The man just looked at him. "Yes you are, you hid it far far away in the darkest corner of your heart Naruto despite what you say you want revenge, you want blood and not just anyone's blood, Sasukes blood." he said. Naruto placed his hand over his ears. "Not its a lie! im not like that, im not like that!" he yelled out and the Kyubbi growled. "Its best you leave cant you see the kit is in enough pain?" he asked him. The man looked up. "I am merely speaking the truth, Naruto do not be ashamed of it dive deep deep deep into your emotions and I shall return when your ready." He said and left.

=Real world=

Naruto gasped for air as he jumped awake his body now fully healed. However As he looked around, there was no one, body's piled the streets and the buildings burned, he held back tears as he walked the ruined streets that were coated in blood and ash. He found the Hokage monument destroyed and the body's of former ninja hanging from ropes, He broke down when he counted Iruka and Kakashi as one of them. He sobbed long and hard for the loss of his friends. As he cried he felt something in his heart that was unknown to him. Hatred, pure and unfiltered hatred. He looked around and saw Hinata laying in a pool of her own blood multiple cut wounds on her body he trembled at the sight of her and yelled loudly as he felt himself lose control. Naruto now knew what the man said and made up his mind.


Naruto walked up to Kyuubi and sighed. "Its time." he said as the man smiled and appeared before him. "I know now undo the seal." he said and Naruto tore off the seal and the cage that contained Kyuubi opened up. Kyuubi roared in triumph however looked at Naruto and at the man.
"What now?" Kyuubi asked. The man smiled. "Simple, you will merge with me and then I shall merge with Naruto." Kyuubi started to protest.
"Reason why is he doesn't know how to use my power, he has been with you longer and has more experience with it but with me he knows nothing...yet." He said and the Kyuubi looked at him.
"And how Do I know you wont run off with my power?" he asked the man. The man smiled. "You will have to trust me." he said to him and looked at them both. Kyuubi looked at Naruto. "Well you want to trust him?" He asked Naruto and Naruto nodded. "What else have we got to lose?" he asked him and Kyuubi nodded. "Very well then." Kyuubi said and the man placed his hand on Kyuubi's head and Kyuubi dissapered into a fine mist before dissapereing. The man turned around.
"Now you do the same to me." he said and Naruto gulped as he placed his hand on the mans head and he felt all of the kyuubis power and his own being added into him. Naruto eyes widened as he power like non other.

=real world=

Naruto body was engulfed in a bright white light as he yelled out in pain when he felt something growing on his back, it was a large black wing on his right side. Naruto awed in amazement at this but his awe turned to anger as he looked at the village and stood himself up. " think im nothing but a memory now...Ill show you that I will never become a memory."

"Noli manere, manere in memoria.

Noli manere, manere in memoria.

Sephiroth, Sephiroth."