Sasuke gulped as he saw Naruto looking fearsome as he floated there. Sasuke shook his head.

"But how, how?" He yelled out as he stood his ground. Naruto however just glared at him.

"You took everything from me Sasuke, my village…" He started as he stepped towards sasuke.

"My title." With each word he took a single step closer to Sasuke.

"My friends." He said anger boiling in his body. Sasuke started to scurry away till he was backed into a wall.

"My LOVE!" He said now yelling and leaned in forward to whisper in Sasukes ear.

"My life." And with that he grabbed Sasuke throat and threw him into another wall. Sasuke coughed as he looked at Naruto fearsome.

"You think you deserved that? Youre just a dobe, a moron!" he yelled in spite.

"I am a Uchiha I am better than you by right and blood you cannot surpass me!" He yelled. Naruto shook his head.

"And why would I want to try to surpass a nobody Sasuke?" He said and this threw Sasuke into a rage who attacked him with a chidori however that attack was deflected and Naruto gave Sasuke a cold glare. Sasuke felt shivers down his spine.

"What are you Naruto?" He asked. Naruto spread his wing.

"I am your end." He said as he drew his long sword. Sasuke growled as he lunged for Naruto and managed to land a blow on him Naruto back handed him however.

"You cannot win." Naruto said. Sasuke panted softly.

"Theres no way you can have this much power…" He said and called on his curse seal for help. He felt the seal burn his skin as his body mutated to show Naruto his ultimate form. Sasuke smirked.

"Now what? Theres no way you can beat me now." Sasuke said as he drew a katana and attack Naruto who parried his attacks and Sent Sasuke back a bit.

"Is that so? Is that seal powerful enough to take me on?" he asked Sasuke who smirked.

"I know it is!" He yelled as he charged his katana with the black chidori and rushed Naruto with great speed. However Naruto blocked it with his sword and looked at Sasuke who seemed stunned which came into fear.

"No…impossible…my ultimate attack...and you just deflected like it was nothing. You are not Naruto! You're not him!" Sasuke yelled. Naruto shook his head.

"You keep saying that and yet you know in your heart its true, I am Naruto and Im here to take my vengeance upon you who have betrayed me and cast judgment on this whole village!" He said to Sasuke. Sasuke huffed.

"And how you plan to do that?" He asked. Naruto smiled.

"Though you never ask." He said as he casted his hand into the air and a black orb shot into the air. For the longest time there was nothing. Sasuke chuckled.

"That's how? You just shot a black orb into the sky so wheres your so called Judement?" Sasuke mocked. Naruto pointed up and Sasuke looked up and gasped. A very, very large Meteor was seen as flames coated it as it made its way towards its destination, The sound village. Sasuke looked at Naruto.

"Youre not serious? You going to kill all these people?" He said and Naruto looked at him.

"They won't die they'll just be reborn into the planet from once they came." He said to him. Sasuke panted as he felt his entire body becomes charged with electricity.

"That's it I'll finish you! You'll be nothing but a memory where you belong!" He yelled and lunged toward Naruto a final time. This time however Naruto plunged his sword into Sasukes chest. Sasuke made a gaps sound as he looked at the sword and at Naruto.

"I….will never….be a memory." He said as he kicked Sasuke off his sword and laid dead, finally after all these years the traitor lies dead at his feat.

"So how does it feel Naruto-kun?" Sephiroth asked him as he was still inside of him.

"I don't feel anything not anymore, no pity, sadness or remorse." Naruto said as he looked at the meteor.

"And we will go home." Naruto said as he stepped into the middle of the village and spread his arms and wing as if he was welcoming the destruction. The villagers looked up at the meteor and knew they will surly die. The meteor hit and there was no screams, no anger, only prayer, and silence. What became of Naruto? None remain who knows.

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