Title: Welcome Results

Third in the "Family Life Series". See "Titles" and "Chocolate Chaos"

Jasmine stared in shock at the healer. When she had gone in for her check up, she had never expected that this would be the result.

"Are you sure?" She asked the healer. The healer nodded.

"Everything pointed to it. Congratulations Mrs. Malfoy, you're three weeks pregnant."

A grin spread across Jasmine's face and she started a little dance right there. Yes, yes, yes! After trying for so long, it was finally time. Draco and her for a couple years had been trying to have children, but nothing had worked yet. But finally, after all their efforts, she was.

"Here are some pamphlets of what you can expect. Also, you need to have regular check ups to make sure everything is going the way it should. There are some things about magical pregnancies that are different from the muggle ones, so you have to be extra careful about what you have in contact with. For one, many potion ingrediants can have bad side affects, so you are going to have to stay away from them from now on. It is okay after the potions are finished, but not when they are being brewed. And…"

Jasmine couldn't stop grinning the whole time she paid attention to what the healer was saying. It seemed she was going to have to stay out of her husband's lab, but that was okay. She didn't mind.

After she finally got out of there, after getting an appointment and contact information set up, she was literally skipping. Now how to tell her husband. Hopefully he won't turn into one of those men who got a little too protective.

Two hours later

She knocked at his office door. "Come in."

She skipped in. In actuality, this was his second office. He had two, one dealing with potions, but the other as Head of Slytherin House. This one was the second. He was busy writing as she hugged him from behind.

"Hey sweet heart, my little blond Slytherin."

"Hello little green eyed Ravenclaw." It was lame, but no matter how lame it was their daily routine. She sighed and snuggled closer him. She loved him so much. How to break the wonderful news.

"Went to the healers today."

"Hmmm." He wasn't really listening, it seemed. Peering at the piece of parchment he was looking at, she saw it was one of his essays. A very poorly written essay. She flicked her wand slightly. The ink changed shape, into a list of supplies needed to take care of a baby. Diapers, bottles, blankets, etc. Draco stared dumbly for a second then realization struck him. He turned around quickly.

"Are you…?" At her nod, he cheered and embraced her.

After they pulled away, she tapped the side of her face. "We're are going shopping."

He paled and she snickered. He hated shopping. Groaning, he prepared himself for his fate. He could forgive her, eventually.