Chapter 1



I was sitting on my throne.

This was rapidly becoming one of my least favorite things in the world to do."

You couldn't have stunned me more when Leah Clearwater walked in.

"Bella can I speak to you in private?" She said simply.

"Leah, for God's sakes I have two weddings to oversee tomorrow, things a re a trifle hectic around here right now."

"Bella, I don't ask this lightly, but what I have to tell you, you don't want others to hear." She said.

I saw real fear in her eyes and I'd never see Leah afraid of anything.

"Fine we'll go to my quarters" I finally replied.

We were silent as I lead her to my and Alice's lodgings.

Finally we arrived.

"What is it Leah?" I said, a bit irritated

"Well Bella, before you marry tomorrow I felt I should you something, just once."

"I'm in love with you Bella."

I stared at her in stunned silence.


I was very angry when I initially got the vision.

Then I saw the wedding was still going to happen.

Leah in love with Bella? It was ridiculous.

I never knew how much trouble this would lead to.

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