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Hey, my name's Maikeru Gonzarezu, or so my mom tells me. I'm fourteen years old. The government is telling me to get the hell off my island since the Gulf Explosion. It was a big cover up but I was the only one close around when the explosion happened. So now my mom's friends are helping me pack my things, my parents are giving me their goodbyes, and my mom tells me not to cause any trouble. I'm leaving "mi isla bella" of Puerto Rico and going to a weird archipelago almost halfway across the globe. I'm going to live with someone who offered to take me free of cost with everything included, even a school nearby, the only thing I'll have to do is just help clean around. I'm going to Japan.

I don't know why my mom thinks my best option would be to send me away that far. I could go to the US, but my mom tells me I'll learn to control myself. I took one last breath of the midnight air, one last whiff of the beach scent, listened to the small "coqui's" cry like never before, and before I knew it, I fell asleep.

I woke up just in time to see the last people in the plane board off. My first impression was that the plane had wheeled around. I didn't notice any signs or the dialect around me. The temperature seemed unchanged. I felt the warmness of the air against my skin. Even the people; their skin was not that much different from ours, except for the fact that almost all of them had soft brown, almond shaped eyes. I looked at the letter which gave me directions in English. I went through boat to one of the islands and got off. I never spoke on the way there. I just stood there in the sidewalk taking in my surroundings. It wasn't that big of a city, but it had pretty much a lot of buildings, not unlike Old San Juan. I motioned for a taxi, which pulled over with hasty speed and frowned while looking at me up and down. I looked at what I was wearing. It was just a pair of jeans and an open black buttoned shirt with the sleeves rolled up, showing the white V-necked T-shirt I had under. I got in and he spoke at me in weird English which I barely understood.

"Where to?"

I wasn't surprised he answered like that, since I probably looked like an American tourist. Not even my family knew I understood Japanese well and I could speak it quite fluently, or so I think. I'm an anime romance otaku, and I found it easier just to learn the damn language instead of waiting for people to sub episodes. I decided to humor him, since I had never spoken to someone in Japanese before. I read out loud the directions on the letter, he nodded and drove off. I kept absorbing the sights under the afternoon sunlight. After what seemed like an eternity to me he stopped and told me in his weird accent that I had to walk a few blocks ahead and that this was as far as he could go. I payed him 2000 yen and got off with my bags. As I walked farther in, I noticed how this wasn't different from home. Little children running around, teenagers walking around in their own tight knit groups; I sighed, I felt just like home already.

I stopped to look at the biggest house I'd ever seen, that is if it was a house. It looked like those you see in old martial arts films with the slanted roof and everything. It was all behind a huge gate. I looked at the number on the letter and the one on the gate wall to make sure it was the same, and knocked. I thought heard voices, but no one answered the gate. After a few minutes, I tentatively pushed at the gate. It slid open. A huge lawn with old stone paths looked at me. I looked at tall this. To me, it looked beautiful. You could even see some stone figures of the skinny Buddha here and there. I walked down the stone paths, making the unintelligible voices more clear. It looked like a boy and a girl were arguing in Japanese. I strained my ears as I walked closer, trying to discern what happened.

"Ah! Kisama! Why do you keep bumping into me like that, it almost looks like you're doing it on purpose."

I then heard the boy's cool voice reply, "Gomen, Gomen, but it's impossible to walk around them, Chitose, they're just Soooo big-." He barely finished uttering this sentence when a dull sound followed by a grunt of pain sounded. Nodding my head at such stupidity, I finally got in sight. A cute red haired girl was standing in front of the house; a broom was on the floor beside her, which I presumed she dropped. She had her fist raised, shaking with anger at the teenager lying on the floor. What intrigued me was that both were wearing black kimonos. The boy was completely black, while the girl I assumed to be Chitose had white sleeves. Both seemed to be no older than fifteen or sixteen. She looked up when she heard my steps and frowned confusedly at me for a moment, in thought.

"You must be Maikeru-kun! Joutokuu-baa told me to expect you today! How was your trip to America?"

She looked at me in a hopeful way, probably hoping I would answer in the same language.

"It was fine; by the way, I came from Puerto Rico, not America."

Her face once again screwed up in confusion when I mentioned my origins.

"Pueruto Riko?"

Before I could answer back, a playful sing song voice sounded.


A cute blonde girl danced to the open front door. She had on thin white pajamas with a little kitten in the front, which emphasized her already oversized breasts and clung to her figure like wet paper to a clay doll. Even though she had this appearance, she still seemed to have an innocent air around her. She looked at me from my shirt to my jeans and back up. I felt my face growing warm. She danced over to me and looked at my face uncomfortably close. I took a step back and stumbled, smelling her sweet scent.

"Granny Joutokuu says you go up there, Kawaii Chibi-kun."

I nodded, feeling my face growing warmer.

"You don't know how to get there, right? I'll show you the way."

She grabbed my hand and danced into the house, almost dragging me in there. I looked confusedly from the blonde girl to the scene I left behind.

"Hey Baka, wake up. I'm not wiping the floors alone, so you better wake up your lazy butt."

Chitose was trying to brusquely shake awake the already knocked out teen. I remember thinking this while I entered the room the blonde girl motioned to: "Have I just entered a man's dream come true or am I about to penetrate inside my worst nightmare?

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