Samantha, a girl with long brown hair and a long pink traditional seven-layer kimono sits on the ground in one of the buildings in her temple. She sits in front of a townsperson as they talk.

"So tell me, what can I help you with, ?" Samantha says as her green eyes watch him fiddle his fingers.

"Well High Priestess Haruno, I hold this anger for someone who use to be my friend. How do I forget?" He replies.

The High Priestess thinks for a minute before replying," First off I don't believe you can ever forgive. You may be able to forget. The trick is to decide to move on to the next part of your life."

The man nods in agreement before a shiver goes down her spin and she looks out her temple doors.

"Mrs. Haruno? , is something wrong?" The man asks.

Samantha turns her attention back to the man as she responds, "Um… It's noting, why don't we continue this some other time? I have to go take care of something."

They both stand up, bow to each other, before Samantha shows the man the exit. Once the man was gone, Samantha turns around and heads out the back door to a small little shrine, which is not open to public, just the high priestess, Samantha walks inside the small shrine to see a scroll lying in the middle of the floor.

Samantha walks up to the scroll, bends over to pick it up before she finally opens it, and reads it.

At the same time across town…

"Wow… It's extremely hot…"

Jessica wiped her brow as she watched her karate class practice as a group.

"Alright, I want to see your best kicks and I want to hear you best, kaya!"

"Kiya!" the class says in unison as they kick the air.

The students are boys and girls in the ages of 14 to17. They are all wearing white karate suits with white belts. Jessica is wearing her priestess outfit which is red pants with a white yukata. The yukata has long sleeves, but the sleeves are pinned to her shoulders because of the heat. There is a fan blowing air from the hallway in the doorway and the sliding door leading to the courtyard is open to let in wind.

After several minutes of practicing, Jessica separates everyone into groups of two so they can practice their self –defense moves. She walks around the room, giving helpful hints here and there, and stops at her last pair. It is a boy and a girl. The boy easily overpowers the girl several times, knocking her to the ground.

"Raya-chan..!" Jessica calls to the girl. Stands and faces Jessica.

"Yes, Priestess Mikage?" Raya asks.

"What's the matter? Normally you wipe the floor with your opponent," Jessica says as she crosses her arms.

Raya bows and says, "Forgive me, my lady, but I am not well today."

"Then why are you here? Why don't you go home and rest? I'll place Takeda in a different group," Jessica says as concern covers her features.

"No, I have to beat Takeda-san! I have to prove myself!" Raya says as her flushed face turns angry.

"What good are you if you're sick, Raya? Now, I want you to get some rest before you faint. Please, for your sake," Jessica says as she places a hand on Raya's shoulder.

Raya sighs and says, "Yes, Priestess Mikage. I apologize for yelling. I'll be here early on Friday."

Jessica smiles and says, "Just be careful on your way home, Raya. Dismissed…"

Raya bows to Jessica and leaves.

"Takeda, go to Ash's group, "Jessica says as she points.

"Yes, ma'am!" Takeda says as he bows.

Jessica smiles as she watches him go. Suddenly, Jessica's eyes widen as she senses some sort of energy coming from somewhere on the temple's grounds. It seems like from the storage room…

"Ichigo, take over from here. Have everyone line up again and do our closing moves. Everyone be careful on your way home and good job today! You all did well," Jessica says to her top student and entire class.

A boy with blue spiky hair and a red belt comes to the front, bows to Jessica, and turns to the class.

"Ready, fall in…!" Ichigo yells.

Everyone lines up in front of him.

"Ready, face…! Ichigo yells.

Everyone turns to look at Jessica.

"1, 2, 3 what are we!?" Ichigo asks.

"Motivated, motivated, downright motivated! Who!? I want to hurt somebody? Who?! I want to slap somebody! You sock it to me! You sock it to me! Ah_Snap!" The class sits in unison.

"Thank you! Dismissed..!" Jessica says with a grin.

Everyone bows to her and starts to get ready to leave.

Jessica turns off the fan and shuts the front doors once everyone is gone. She walks out the back door and locks the door after her. The wind blows her long brown hair as she walks toward the old shed in the backyard.

"Such a strange feeling. I wonder what it is…" Jessica thinks as she opens the door to the shed. She goes to the back and finds the source.

A thick red scroll lies on the floor and she reads it…

At the same time, the girls read the scrolls...

The guards at the palace gates turn to the sound of galloping horses and see two girls on horses riding at5 quick speeds toward them.

"Stop! Who are you and what business do you have at the palace? Hey, stop!" yells one of the guards.

The two girls don't slow down and run straight passed the guards. They ride around inside the palace gates, as the guards chase them.

As they run from the guards, a few yards away Miaka, Hotohori, Tasuki, Tamahome, and Nuriko were hanging out in front of a building. The two girls came riding up and stop in front of them. Miaka and the others stare as they get off the horses and begin to walk up to them. The people get in front of Miaka to protect her. Miaka's eyes widen as she quickly walks over to them and gets on her knees and bows.

"My ladies…" Miaka says.

Everyone looks from Miaka to the two girls.

Hotohori walks up beside her asking, "Miaka, why are you bowing to these girls?"

Miaka looks up at him and responds, "These two girls are High Priestesses of two shrines. They are well known in my world. They are protectors over the region their temples are located. What are you doing? Bow and show some respect!"

Everyone nods as they quickly bow.

Samantha says, "Okay, you're good. Can you tell us where we are?"

Miaka nods as she responds, "You're in another world, My Lady."

Samantha and Jessica look at each other in shock then look back at Miaka. Jessica hands her horse's reigns to Samantha before walking over to Miaka.

"Stand up; all of you. You seem to have some idea of what is going on. Who are you?" Jessica asks Miaka.

Miaka takes on step forward before answering, "My name is Yuki Miaka, and I'm the Priestess over this land. This is ancient China. Originally, I'm from Japan, but I was pulled into the Book of the Four Gods, just like you two apparently. I'm sort of confused though because I thought Yui and I were only able to come here from our world."

Samantha comes into the conversation by saying, "Well, it looks like you two weren't alone because here we are!"

Jessica smiles as she nods in agreement before saying, "Well, now the question remains: Where are we going to stay until we figure out how to get home? We have no idea where the inns are or where to go."

Hotohori steps forward as he says, "Well, any friend of Miaka's is a friend of mine. I insist you stay here at the palace. We have extra rooms available at any time. Moreover, you'll have protection. You are High Priestesses aren't you?"

A big smile appears on Samantha's face as she shouts, "Yay! Jessy, we now have a place to sleep! Now, to plot the next move! Like checkers or chess!"

Jessica glares at Samantha as her eyes twitch as she replies darkly, "I'm going to kill you!"

Samantha's eyes widen as she makes a run for it with Jessica on her trail. They run around until Samantha ran up to Nuriko and jumped on him wrapping her arms and legs around his neck and waist before she says, "Save me, please!"

Nuriko wraps his arms around her in confusion as he slightly blushes and says, "Don't hide behind me; I'm not going to protect you!"

Jessica's eyes twitch as she says, "Samantha, don't hide behind him! You don't even know him!"

Samantha turns her head to face Jessica as she replies, "So, I don't care! I know as long as I hold onto him you won't hurt me!"

"Dang it… You lucky crap head," Jessica says as she glares and points at her.

Samantha cocks her head to the side as she replies, "Um, you do know we're priestesses, right?"

Jessica ignores her as she continues to glare at Samantha.

"She's not listening," Miaka points out.

Samantha drops her head as she says sadly, "I know."

….at sun down…..

"You seriously didn't have to do this..!" Jessica says as she is overwhelmed by the huge banquet placed in front of her and Samantha.

Samantha nods in agreement as she says, "Yeah, this really is a lot!"

Samantha's stomach growls as she looks at the food and lets her head drop as she holds her stomach from pain and embarrassment.

"You do know that the food isn't just for you. It's for the rest of us, too!" Tasuki says with a smirk.

Nuriko punches him, causing Tasuki to slam face first into the wall.

"What did you do that for!?" Tasuki asks Nuriko angrily.

"Because you're being obnoxious!" Nuriko replies before continuing, "Ignore Tasuki, he's a bit of a hothead."

Samantha waves her hand in front of her as she replies, "Oh, don't worry; I will. Jessica is a hothead as well."

Samantha giggles as Jessica's mouth drops as she replies, "I am not!"

"Yeah huh!" Samantha says.

"Nuh uh!" Jessica says.

They continue this for three minutes before Tasuki gets angry from the arguing.

"Will you two shut up!?" Tasuki yells.

Tears begin to form in both girls' eyes as Tasuki begins to regret yelling at them.

"Nice going, Tasuki! Now they're going to cry!" Tamahome says as he leans into Tasuki's shoulder.

Nuriko punches Tasuki once more causing him to fall anime style on the floor. Tears are about to fall down the girls' cheeks but when rice balls are sat in front of them, their eyes light up.

"Rice balls; alright!" they say in unison.

The girls reach for the rice balls at the same time, shoving each other aside in attempt to get their desired rice balls.

"Move!" Jessica says.

"No, you move!" Samantha replies.

"I want that rice ball!" Jessica yells.

"No, I want that rice ball!" Samantha yells back.

As the two girls push and shove for the same rice ball, Nuriko reaches over and takes the rice ball that the girls were fighting over. The girl's eyes get big and glossy with sadness as they watched Nuriko hold the rice ball up to his mouth.

He looks at both of them before saying, "It's just a rice ball; not the end of the world."

The girl's eyes stay sad, causing Nuriko to sigh in defect as he splits the rice ball in half and gives it to the girls. Jessica grabbed the biggest half of the rice ball, smiling victoriously, before Nuriko gives Samantha the other half. She takes the rice ball and gives him a warm smile as she thanks him.

"Yeah, yeah. I still don't get what the big deal is. It's just a rice ball," Nuriko replies.

Samantha places the rice ball in her mouth, chews it and swallows it before she replies, "The big deal is we wanted the rice ball, you had it, you could have eaten it, but you didn't. You shared it with us. That is a big deal."

"It's just a stupid rice ball," Nuriko replies while shoving food into his mouth.

Jessica looks from Nuriko to Samantha a few times before saying, "Oh, what's going on here!?"

"What? We're just being friendly towards each other. It's better than being hostile, right Tasuki!?"

Taski looks up at everyone with a mouthful of food as he mumbles a complaint and continues eating.

Jessica's eye's glitter as she replies, "Ah, look at the two love birds!"

Samantha's mouth drops as she begins to laugh nervously while saying, "What? Ah! We're not…"

Samantha is interrupted by Nuriko leaning into Jessica while saying, "Now we just got to find you someone, don't we?"

Jessica blushes as Samantha claps her hands together happily saying, "Yeah, nice one!"

Miaka comes into the conversation happily saying, "Yeah, we could set her up with Tasuki!"

Jessica's face turns red from anger as Samantha continues, "Yeah, a hothead for a hothead!"

Nuriko replies, "Oh look, she's blushing!"

Jessica's face turns even redder as she yells, "I'm not blushing! My face is red from anger, and for the last time I'm not a hothead!"

Everyone laughs before they continue eating. Later that night Hotohori shows the two girls their room. Hotohori stops at a door and opens it to reveal Jessica's room. She walks in and there is a bed with curtain around it, like a canopy, to the right. There is a nightstand beside it with a candle lantern. To the left is a closet with a changing panel beside it that she can change behind. There's a mirror next to the door and a window across from the door. Jessica notices a green plant off to the corner near the window.

"Wow, nice and cozy!" Jessica says as she runs to the bed and plops down on it.

"Oh my god! It's just a plant!" Samantha says angrily as she rolls her eyes.

Jessica gets an anime sweat drop as she says, "I meant the whole room not just the plant…"

Samantha puts two fingers against her right ear as she turns to Jessica saying,"Sorry, what? I was taking an order."

Jessica's anime sweat drop bursts as her eyes appear to be 'x's.

Hotohori and Samantha laugh as they continue down the hallway.

"Wait for me! I wanna see your room, Sam!" Jessica calls as she runs after them.

Hotohori stops at another room and opens the door. The room looks the same as Jessica's.

Jessica looks around the room before taking a deep breath and pausing before she says, "It's the same as mine."

Samantha smiles happily as she says, "Yeah, neat! I love it!"

Samantha walks into the room and jumps in the air doing three turns before landing on her bed and saying, "Yay, now if you don't mind, I would like to change into something else."

"Help yourself to the clothes in the closet. Each room has a set of women's and men's clothes," Hotohori says as he motions towards the closet.

"Yay!" Samantha says as she runs into the closet.

Hotohori chuckles and turns to leave.

"I'll be out exploring, Sam!" Jessica yells to Samantha as she follows Hotohori.

Jessica follows Hotohori silently as she looks around humming to herself.

"By the way, why are you following me?" Hotohori asks.

Jessica laughs and says, "I have nothing better to do. I'm the type of person who can't sit still for too long or I stay muttering strange things."

Hotohori looks at her strangely and says, "I see. Well, you should try going to bathe. It may prove to be quite refreshing."

She looks thoughtful for a moment and says, "Okay. Thanks for the idea! See you in the morning, Emperor-dude!"

"You know, you can call me Hotohori," he says.

Jessica winks as she says, "Yeah, well, I prefer Emperor-dude!"

She runs off leaving Hotohori staring after her confused.

Jessica runs into her room and into the closet.

Her eyes sparkle as she says, "Wow, so many clothes…"

She grabs a white robe and walks behind the changing panel. She changes into the robe and puts on house shoes she had found in the closet. She puts her clothes on her bed and walks out of her room.

"I forgot to ask where the wash room is!" Jessica says as she walks around the palace.

She walks around a corner and bumps into someone. Whoever she had bumped into had caught her and her face is in their chest.

Jessica looks up saying, "Thank you; I'm sorry."

A blush spreads across her cheeks when she realizes she had bumped into Tasuki. He looks down at her and blushes as well.

"Um, do you mind?" he asks.

She realizes she was still holding onto his shirt and he had already let her go.

"Oops, my bad!" Jessica says as she stands up straight and backs off.

Tasuki clears his throat as he crosses his arms saying, "What are you lost or something?"

She laughs as she rubs the back of her head saying, "Actually, I kind of am. Hotohori mentioned taking a bath and I forgot to ask where. Do you know?"

Tasuki laughs and says, "It's just around the corner. I just left from there so it's free. There are a lot of washrooms though, so you could go find those, but I don't even know where the others are. I use this one because this is the only I can remember."

"Oh, okay. Thanks, and I'm sorry about bumping into you like that. I was trying to remember if I had been this way or not," Jessica says as she smiles and walks around him.

She hadn't noticed he was only wearing a pair of blue pants until he mentioned he had just gotten out of the bath.

"Well, if you need anything, my room is just down the hall from yours and Samantha's," Tasuki says as he walks off.

"Thanks again," Jessica calls after him as she turns the corner.

Jessica finds the washroom and enters it. There are four doors in this room and they're all empty. She smiles as she goes to the last one and enters. The bath is already drawn and the small room is filled with steam from the warm water. There is a tiny window on the wall with wooden bars to keep small animals out, and there is a shelf with towels on the right. Jessica undresses and hangs the robe on the hook, and she gets in the water with a sigh.

Samantha is going through the closet trying to find something to sleep in.

She finds a big white t-shirt and grabs it to put on, forgetting to us the changing panel. Samantha takes off her clothes, leaving only a bra and panties on. Once they're off, she puts the shirt on over her head.

Nuriko walks through the door saying, "Hey I forgot to tell you…"

He looks at her and quickly turns around covering one side of his face.

"Don't you know your suppose to change behind the changing panel?" Nuriko finally says with his back still turned.

"Oh, well, I forgot. I'm so use to being in my temple and no one coming in without knocking or asking if I was in there. I use the changing panel as decoration." Samantha says in reply.

"Well this one isn't for decoration. It's for you to change behind." Nuriko says as he turns to walk out the door.

Samantha looks at her cloths and grabs them putting them back on. She then walks out the door to see Nuriko waiting for her.

"So what did you want?" Samantha says to Nuriko.

"I came to tell you where the bathhouses are since I figured you might want to take a bath." Nuriko replies calmly.

"Yeah a bath does sound good right now. It sounds really good a matter of fact. Where is the bathhouse?" Samantha says as she leans against the wall.

Nuriko looks down the hallway and points as he replies," it's just around the corner. I just saw Tasuki walking from it, so I assume it must be free."

Samantha turns to go back into her room as she says," Ok, I think I'll do that, thanks!"

Samantha walks into her room, closing the door behind her and walks over to the night cloths that she had picked out before and picks them up and heads for the bathhouse. Once at the bathhouse Samantha looks around and sees's no traces of anybody being there, so she takes off her clothes and lays them on a nearby shelf. Samantha then grabs a towel and raps it around her. Jessica then walks out of one of the little rooms just as Samantha turns around.

Samantha looks at Jessica and gasps from surprise as she says," Ah, a women's body! Oh wait, I have a women's body."

They both laugh at Samantha's comment before they turn their attention to the opening door to see Nuriko walk in with a towel wrapped around the lower half of his body.

Samantha gasps again as she covers her eye's and says," Ah, a men's body!"

She then uncovers her eyes and looks at Nuriko as she continues to say," Oh wait, I want to see a man's body!"

Both Samantha and Jessica laugh as Nuriko blushes deeply looking for something to cover fully up with. He grabs the first thing he see's which is a door and pulls it off the hinges, covering himself up. Nuriko looks down at the door, noticing what he had done and says to himself," Oh no, Hotohori is going to kill me!"

Meanwhile Nuriko worries about the door; Samantha and Jessica's mouths were hanging down from shock.

"Wow, either someone took the hinges off that door or you're really strong!" Samantha says after she gets over her state of shock.

"I'm one of the Suzuki seven. I'm really strong." Nuriko replies.

Jessica looks at Nuriko and Samantha as she says," Why don't you guys go take a bath. I'm going to bed."

Samantha nods as she replies," Ok, night Jess!"

"Night." Jessica replies before walking out of the room.

Samantha looks at Nuriko, who still has the door coving him up and says," don't you think you should put that down or fix that?"

Nuriko looks at it before replying," Oh yeah your probably right."

He then drops the door and walks into one of the rooms to take a bath. Once he does, Samantha grabs a towel and does the same. Once done Samantha gets dressed in her night cloths and covers up with a white robe. She then heads to her room and lays down for a few minutes before sitting up out of bed and saying to herself," I can't sleep. I think I'll go talk to Jessica!"

Samantha stands up and runs out her door and down the hallway. Meanwhile Nuriko was heading out of the bathroom and to his room, when around the corner Samantha comes out of nowhere and bumps into him, landing on top of him. When she lands on top of him the first three top buttons unbutton revealing some cleavage. Nuriko rises up, resting on his elbows as he looks down at Samantha, who was looking up at him. As he looks at her, his eyes go down to her cleavage as he blushes and looks back up at her face in a stutter.

Samantha looks at him with sweet green eyes as she asks, "Oh no, are you ok, Nuriko?"

Nuriko eye's go back down to Samantha's cleavage as he blushes even more before sliding out from under her and hugging a nearby pole. Samantha sits up on her hands and knees as she looks at Nuriko, who is holding on to the pole with wide eyes going," Ekkkk!"

Samantha cocks her head to the side as she asks, "What is the matter? Are you ok?"

Samantha quickly craws to him to examine him and make sure he wasn't hurt. Nuriko's eye's get wider the closer she gets, until he finally answers," Yes". In a squeaky yet scared voice.

Samantha looks at him with concern as she puts one hand to his forehead while saying, "Your face is red. Are you feeling ok?"

"Um, Yeah I'm fine. I have to go, bye!" Nuriko says before she slides away from her and runs away.

Samantha stands up as she looks in the direction that Nuriko ran off and thinks to herself," I wonder what that was all about. I'll tell Jessica what happened, she'll know!"

Samantha runs off to Jessica room and runs in to Jessica laying in bed mumbling," So tired, and must sleep!"

"Hey Jess, I need to talk to you and ask you something." Samantha says.

Jessica sits up as she responds angrily," Oh ok, what?"

Samantha smiles as she walks over and sits on the edge of Jessica's bed and tells her everything that happened with Nuriko and how he reacted when she fell on him. Once done Jessica gives a big grin as she says," Oh, It seems like he was embarrassed".

Samantha looks at her in confusion as she asks, "What do you mean embarrassed? Why is he embarrassed?"

"Hello! It's because he likes you and besides that he had no shirt on and he saw cleavage." Jessica says perverted.

Samantha thinks about what Jessica said and what happened for a second, before she cocks her head to the side with a smile as she giggles and says," Thanks Jess!"

Jessica lies back down in bed and covers up as she says," Great, now if there isn't anything else I'm going to sleep".

Samantha twittles her fingers as she replies," Well, I wanted to originally ask you about what we're going to do to get home."

Jessica says," I'll tell you tomorrow, right now I want to sleep."

Samantha nods in agreement before saying," Well maybe I can find somebody else to talk to about it."

Jessica looks at her as she says, "Everybody is asleep."

"Oh ok, I'll see you tomorrow, goodnight!" Samantha responds before running out of the room.

Once out of the room Samantha stops in front of Jessica's door and thinks, "Is there anybody up? Hey I just saw Nuriko, so he must still be up!"

Samantha runs to Nuriko's room, meanwhile in Nuriko's room Nuriko is sitting up in his bed thinking about earlier when Samantha had fallen on him. As he thinks about it he begins to blush once more.

Nuriko shakes his head in attempt to stop blushing as he asks himself," what's wrong with me? Why am I acting this way?"

At that moment Samantha walks in, unnoticed to Nuriko. She walks up to him and leans into his face saying," Hey Nuriko! Am I bothering you?"

Nuriko jumps back and points at her as he says," What are you doing here?!"

Samantha twittles her fingers as she replies," Well I just wanted to, talk to you about how Jessica and me are going to get home. I don't really understand any of it. That is if I'm a bother which in that case I'll leave."

Nuriko calms down as he gets off his bed and walks up to Samantha saying," You're never a bother."

Samantha and Nuriko talk about how Samantha and Jessica were going to get home and what was going to happen for an hour, when they we're done Samantha stands up and says," Thank you Nuriko."

Nuriko smiles as he replies," You can come to me anytime."

Samantha twittles her fingers once more as she replies," Really cause it felt like I was being a bother to you when I came in."

Nuriko waves a hand in front of him as he replies," What you a bother, never! You can come to me anytime."

Samantha smiles sweetly at him as she says," Thank you, Nuriko."

With a smile on his face, Samantha leaves the room and Nuriko says to himself," I made her smile".

Samantha walks to her room and goes to bed.


Authors Note: I love writing this and hope you have enjoyed it as well! Please Comment if you want me to add more chapters. I will update once or twice month depending on how much time I get and If I don't get writers block. I'm finishing up my semester of school and have certain things that have to be done so Plz be patient. This is an Rp made Story so this may not be as good as if I was to write it because when you copy and paste it tends to mess up some things like spaces, but I will go back later and correct it all when I get the time.