The wave mission was underway and team 7 was having a little trouble. The team was fighting the missing ninja Zabuza and his tool Haku. Kakashi was taking on the swordsman, Sakura was back protecting Tazuna and Naruto and Sasuke were fighting with Haku. Sasuke was currently unconscious from senbon needles.

The sound of chirping birds filled the air. Naruto turned to face the sound to take a chidori through the chest from his sensei Kakashi.

"No!" Haku yelled as Naruto's body was sent into a river.

"Who cares about some dead last?" Kakashi asked coldly, "He was holding Sasuke back."

"He was holding him back?" growled an angered Zabuza.

"He did much better than these twerps! They were the ones holding him back!"

Without another word Zabuza and Haku left.

After a few minutes of silence Sakura burst out laughing.

"We finally got rid of that loser!"

Sasuke was still out cold so he couldn't react.

Kakashi smiled under his mask, "I have avenged you sensei," he thought.

Tazuna was inwardly fuming. This so called honorable team had betrayed one of it's own.

As the team left Tazuna silently paid respect to Naruto and prayed for his soul.


Down the river Naruto's body floated down river. As his body floated a large shadow was cast over the river and a large claw plucked him from the water.