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Chapter 22: Fights and wedding nights

It had been a few days since the Jounin exams and the destruction of Naruto and Pein. Since then statues of Naruto and the others had been set up. Naruto didn't let the fame go to his head so no one had to deal with Naruto bragging to everyone how he had beaten Pein. He couldn't say he did it alone because he had the help of his friends.

At the front gate to Konoha two guards stood keeping an eye on things. As usual things were very boring. though out of the corner of his eye one of the guards saw something moving. He signed to his partner that he saw something move and the two checked it out.

When they reached the spot where the guard saw something a kunai was thrown at their feet with a tag on it. The two jumped back expecting an explosion and their was. But the explosion wasn't of fire and smoke. It was of gas. As the guards lost consciousness one of them saw a figure moving away. He saw a symbol on the figures back. It was in the shape of a fan. At that moment he realized what it was: the Uchiha fan. With that realization the guard fell asleep.

An hour later…


The cry of anger rang through the village like a gong.

"What do you mean the Uchiha left?" Minato asked the guard who saw the Uchiha escape.

"He used a tag of knock out gas," the guard explained, "to subdue us so he could run. The Uchiha has left the runaway sir."

Minato growled. He knew that the Uchiha was stupid and arrogant but he didn't know that Sasuke would be dumb enough to try and leave the village.

"ANBU," Minato said and three ANBU showed up, "Get my son. He has a mission. It is to find Sasuke. His orders are to bring him back or kill him. Dismissed!"

The ANBU made great haste toward the Namikaze compound to tell Naruto.

At the Namikaze complex…

Naruto was having some quality time with Yugito. The two were currently sitting on the couch making out. Well, Naruto was sitting on the couch Yugito was in his lap with her arms around his neck and her legs around his waste. Neither of them noticed the ANBU as he arrived. If he hadn't been wearing a mask you might have seen the embarrassed blush that was on the ANBU members face. A slight cough made Naruto and Yugito aware of his presence.

"There better be a good reason for this," Naruto said in a low tone as he separated himself from Yugito making her moan in disappointment.

Fifteen minutes later…

Naruto was rushing through the forest in search of Sasuke. When Naruto had heard of what Sasuke had done he immediately ran after him.

'Sasuke you idiot,' Naruto thought as he searched, 'I can't believe you actually went and did something this stupid! Well, actually I can believe it.'

Meanwhile farther up in the forest Sasuke was running in the direction of the sound village. The place was still up and running even after the death of Orochimaru. Sasuke knew that if he went there he could find the secrets behind the curse mark that the Snake Sannin had put on him at the Chuunin exams. With that power he could finally fight Itachi and kill him and then he would kill Naruto, take his swords, and take his women. With all of that he would finally regain the honor he had lost because of him.

As these thought went through Sasuke's head he never noticed Naruto closing in on him until Naruto had slammed his heel into Sasuke's back.

"Sasuke," Naruto growled, "What are you doing?"

"I'm going to get power dobe," Sasuke spat as he got up.

"By leaving the village?" Naruto asked. "What your doing goes against everything we were taught in the academy."

"I'm an Uchiha," Sasuke scoffed, "I am above the rules. Your father is just afraid of what I can do so he stopped my promotions through the ranks to stunt my growth."

"He did that because you weren't ready," Naruto said, "Your impatient, hot tempered, blinded by arrogance, and you have a thirst for power that could endanger everyone. That is why you haven't been promoted at all."

Sasuke growled at Naruto, "How dare you make me seem like a lowly criminal."

He charge at Naruto intent on fighting him but Naruto just backhanded him away. As he got up Sasuke knew he couldn't fight Naruto here. He started running again with Naruto in hot pursuit. They ran and ran for a few miles until they reached a spot that they both had only read about.

The place was a large lake with a waterfall. On the sides of the waterfall was a statue of the first Hokage, Hashirama Senju, and the second Hokage, Tobirama Senju. They had reached "The Valley of the End".

Sasuke turned to Naruto and ran at him. Naruto blocked Sasuke's punch and retaliated with a kick to the ribs. Sasuke was sent over the lake but he managed to focus he chakra so he could walk on it. Naruto started walking on the water too and the two started to exchange blows again. Sasuke managed to jump away and went through hands signs.

"Fire Style: Grand Dragon Fireball!"

Sasuke sent out a massive fire blast out of his mouth, but Naruto was ready and went through hand signs too.

"Water Style: Water Shield!"

The Water from the lake formed a dome around Naruto right before the fire hit. The reaction, of course, was a lot of steam. Sasuke tried to see through the steam but couldn't. He was starting to think that Naruto's shield had given way. When he heard, "Wind Style: Cleaving Wind!"

No sooner than those words were said gusts of wind were sent hurdling at Sasuke who took all the hits and hit the side of the cliff.

"Is that all you got?" Sasuke managed to groan as he got up.

"You wish," Naruto said as he made a few shadow clones and yelled, "Elemental Barrage!"

"Earth Style Area Affect: Wrath of Gaia!" the first clone yelled. The clone dove down carried Sasuke over land and slammed his fist into the ground. The result was massive quake that formed a massive crater and sent Sasuke flying like a rag doll.

"Water Style: Water Bullet!" the second clone yelled. A massive ball of water formed in the clone's hands. The clone vanished in a flash of gold and appeared above Sasuke firing the water bullet at point blank range. The force of the blow sent Sasuke flying into the ground.

"Fire Style: Roaring Firebird!" the third clone called out. The clone blew fire from it's mouth forming a massive phoenix. The bird screeched sending a heat wave that burned Sasuke then it swooped down and scorched him even more. Sasuke slowly managed to get up despite the pain and the burns.

"Wind Style: Storm Dragon!" fourth clone said. The winds focused and formed a massive dragon.

This time though Sasuke decided to fight back. He went through hand signs and yelled, "Fire Style: Grand Fireball!" The fire ball was sent flying at the dragon but the dragon absorbed the attack and sent it flying back at him. Sasuke managed to dodge it but he wasn't prepared when the dragon swooped down and hit him with winds of incredible power. How Sasuke was still standing after that Naruto didn't know.

"Shadow Style: Shadow Snakes!" the fifth clone said. The shadows came alive and formed snakes that shot out and bit Sasuke. Sasuke growled in pain as the snakes venom dulled his reflexes and numbed his limbs. At the moment he could barely move.

The clones all burst into smoke leaving the real Naruto to walk up to him.

"All right, teme," Naruto said looking down at the fallen Uchiha, "I'm giving you one last chance. Surrender now and you may be shown mercy."

"I'll…never…surrender…to you!" Sasuke growled as he tried to move.

"Fine," Naruto said hanging his head, even in defeat Sasuke was still arrogant, "under orders from the Hokage, my father, I hereby sentence you to death."

Naruto picked Sasuke up by the collar.

"Time for the final part of my elemental barrage," Naruto said.

Naruto held out his hand and yelled, "Light Style: Flash Cannon!" The light around them seemed to concentrate into Naruto's hand forming a sphere of light. A few seconds after the sphere formed it unleashed a massive blast of energy. Sasuke screamed in pain as the blast collided with him. When the blast faded not even ashes were left.

Naruto returned to the village and told his father of Sasuke's fate. Minato thought that it was poetic that Naruto would be the one to finish off the traitorous Uchiha. Naruto returned home and slept like a baby.

A few years later… (for this everyone is in their Shippuden outfits and Hanabi is eighteen so don't worry she's legally able to wed)

Naruto stood in front of a mirror in a tux getting ready to day was his wedding day. He, the girls, and their parents had been planning this day for forever and now it was finally going to happen.

Naruto found his way to the temple and stood at the front waiting for his brides. He looked around and saw everyone. He saw his mom in the crowd wiping tears of joy off of her face. Minato sat next to her with a look of pride on his face. Naruto had Itachi standing next to him as the best man and Shikamaru, after being threatened by Ino, was the ring bearer. Tsunade was going to be the one in charge of the ceremony.

As soon as all the guests sat down the doors opened and one by one all the bride came in. As they came to the altar Naruto made a shadow clone for each so they wouldn't be standing alone.

"Friends, family, and fellow ninja," Tsunade started, "We have gathered here today to join this man and these women in the bonds of matrimony. Whoever objects to this union speak now or forever hold your peace."

No one objected. It was either because they knew they would be happy together or because the parents would kill them.

Tsunade continued, "Do you Hinata Hyuuga, Hanabi Hyuuga, Kin Tsuchi, Tayuya, Yugito Nii, Hana Inuzuka, Ten-Ten Nagarashi, and Ino Yamanaka take Naruto to be your husband? To have and to hold for this day forward?"

"I do," all the girls said at once.

"And do you-" Tsunade started but Naruto interrupted her.

"If I didn't I wouldn't be here. Yes I do." he said getting a few snickers from the audience and amused smiles from his brides.

"Then," Tsunade said smiling, "by the power invested in me by the Hokage and council…I now pronounce you man and wives. You may kiss the brides."

Each girl and the Naruto clone across from them kissed softly.

After the ceremony the bouquets were thrown. Most of the bouquets were missed because there were so many. Only three of them were caught. One was caught by Temari who gave Shikamaru a small smile. Shikamaru just blushed. Another one was caught by Anko. She gave Iruka a mischievous smile and kissed him hard. The third was caught by Kurenai. She turned to Asuma and the two kissed gently. Naruto smiled. Thing were looking better already.

'Those two are in for a tough time,' everyone thought.

The party afterward was filled with dancing and laughter. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

Later that night after the party Naruto was heading to the room to meet his wives. When he opened the door to the room his eyes nearly popped out of his skull. All his girls sat there on the bed in their underwear.

"Ready for a wild night, lover?" Hana asked sweetly.

Naruto walked in and started to take his clothes off when he stopped.

"What's wrong?" Hanabi asked.

Naruto turned around, walked up to the closet and opened it. As he did Jiraiya fell out holding a microphone and a camera. He looked up and saw the girls and Naruto glaring at him and leaking out killer intent. You could hear Jiraiya's girly scream through out the hotel. A few minutes later Jiraiya was thrown out of the window, which was filled with rock.

"Now," Naruto said turning to the girls, "Where were we?"

The girls all grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him on the bed with them. Right now Naruto was glad for the God's heart ability he got from his father cause it was going to be a long night. The honeymoon ended with Naruto tired. The girls were practically exhausted and the were a little sore.

Shikamaru eventually managed to get the guts to propose to Temari who jumped at the chance. Chouji met a girl in a restaurant a few days after Naruto's wedding. They are currently dating. Shino met bug scientist on a mission to the hidden grass village. They married a year later. Asuma, Kurenai, Anko and Iruka all shared their wedding days. Despite Anko being crazy it was a nice ceremony. The other still stayed single and dated on and off with other girls.

A few more years later…

Naruto stood over the Kage Monument. He looked over his home smiling at how things had gone over the years. After a few years Naruto finally managed to become Hokage thanks to his father. Naruto had changed a lot as well. He was now about a foot taller and he still had that athletic build. He had on baggy jeans and pair of black sandals. He had on a black shirt with the Konoha symbol on the left shoulder. You couldn't see it because he had on a trench coat that was red with silver flames.

"Naruto," he heard a soft voice say.

Naruto turned to see Hinata. She had growl too. She now had an hourglass figure and her hair had grown to where it flowed to the small of her back.

Naruto wrapped his arms around his wife. "Yes dear," he asked.

"The Kages from the other villages are here," she said smiling.

"Good," Naruto said. He put his hand on her stomach, "How is the little guy?"

"He's fine," Hinata answered.

After a while of having Kyuubi sterilize him Naruto finally let Hinata carry his baby. He was going to let the other girls have one too but at different times so they wouldn't have to miss out on much.

"We should get going," Hinata said after a few minutes of holding, "we shouldn't keep our new allies waiting."

Ever since the Naruto had become Hokage villages from all over wanted to form an alliance with the hero of the elemental nations. Since the death of the Akatsuki Naruto's name was know all over.

As Hinata and Naruto left to meet the Kages they both thought the same thing. Life couldn't get any better.

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