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Operation: Get Rid of Sonny Munroe

Dakota's POV

I smiled to myself as I walked through my daddy's studio and into the opening of the Commissary. Of all the tables in there, I only wanted to see one.

My eyes skimmed over the Mackenzie Falls actors and actresses, but it was only when I noticed the amazing blonde hair, ocean blue eyes and prize-worthy smile that I knew I had found him.

"Hello Chad." I tapped him on his perfect shoulder and grinned.

"Dakota?" He almost sounded as if he were afraid. All I did was simply nod as he looked me over, wide-eyed. "You got taller and you have all of your teeth." He commented.

"Glad of you to notice. I'm almost 11 now, which means just a few more years away from becoming a woman." I bit my lip suggestively.

The hottie in front of me almost fell back in his chair. "N-now, now, I'm 8 years older than you, let's not rush into things." Chad said while shooing his cast away.

I slid into the open chair beside him at the now empty table and sighed in content. "This is nice. Boy, girl… alone at a cafeteria table. You thinking what I'm thinking?" I attempted to flirt, but all Chad did was stand up quickly and smile an obviously fake smile at me.

"Well, it's been great seeing you again Dakota, but-" He closed his mouth when we both noticed a bubbly brunette bounce her way into view.

"Hey Chad!" Sonny Munroe floated on her little cloud of happiness over to my man and gave him a hug. Oh, that's right, they're dating now. I thought bitterly as I watched the two embrace.

Finally I had had enough and got up from my seat to stand next to the girl. "Hi Sonny." I greeted sweetly. Sonny turned around to face me and I heard her breath hitch in her throat. Mmmhmm sunshine, you should be scared.

"Hi Dakota. How are you?" she asked me, meanwhile exchanging an all-too-obvious worried glance with Chad.

"Just fabulous!" I lied. "Except the fact that you were hugging MY Chad." I placed my hands on my hips, putting a strong emphasis on the word "my".

Chad squinted his amazing blue eyes at me in confusion. "YOUR Chad?"

I nodded and smiled, pushing Sonny away so I could stand next to the blonde. "Yup. Don't you remember the lunch date we were supposed to have last month? You told me that you would love to sit and eat with me, but were due on set for rehearsal." I recalled, referring to when I had become a Blossom Scout just so I could break the cookie selling record and beat that freak show Zora. Unfortunately, in the end my plan didn't turn out exactly how I intended, but Chad still had yet to come through with his promise!

"He sat with you!" He protested; I chuckled.

"No, you bought Blossom Scout cookies and then got barked at by her loser friend." I explained, and pointed to Sonny, whom was now standing on Chad's other side. The heartthrob scratched the back of his head. "I'm actually kind of busy, can we do it some other-"

"NOW!" I shouted and grabbed his wrist in an attempt to go sit back down when my daddy came marching through the opening. I gasped and let go of Chad then ran to give my daddy a big hug like the angel in me always does whenever I see him. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Sonny grab Chad's hand in comfort. Chad smiled at her in appreciation which she returned.

"Pumpkin, are you okay?" My daddy asked in a somewhat strained manner. It was then that I realized I was squeezing him so hard (as an outlet of my anger from the little display in front of me) that he could not longer breathe.

"Oh, oh yeah! I'm just so happy to see you, daddy!" I fibbed, releasing him from my grasp and eyeing the now separated couple.

"So I had a question for you." He asked me so only I could hear.

"Shoot." I nodded.

"Well I have a big business meeting tonight and Sonia is on vacation so I have no one to watch over you at the mansion. That's why I was wondering if you knew of anyone here in the studios that you had in mind which could come over to babysit."

Instantly I perked up at the question, knowing exactly who I would choose as my babysitter. "What about Chad?" I asked nonchalantly.

"Hmm…" my daddy contemplated. "Alright." He agreed and I jumped for joy inside as he approached the two teens in the corner of the now empty cafeteria. I guess lunchtime's over.

"Hello you two." My daddy formally greeted.

"Hey Mr. Condor!" Chad waved and grinned, Sonny copying him. It's pathetic how some people *cough* Sonny *cough* have to do what others do just because they are too unoriginal. Pity.

"Miss. Munroe do you mind leaving us? I need to speak to Mr. Cooper alone."

You tell her, daddy! I thought happily as I smugly smiled to the brown-eyed girl while she exited.

"So I need a big favor from you." My daddy continued as I inched closer to them so that I could hear their conversation better.

"Sure, anything." Chad responded with a shrug. Those were the two words I absolutely loved hearing.

"I have a meeting tonight which means I must leave Dakota home. My regular babysitter is out of town so I was wondering if you would watch her for me."

Chad glanced over at me quickly as if he was actually going to pass up this outstanding opportunity. "Me? Mr. Condor, I-"

"Great! I'll see you at 5 pm sharp!" And with that my daddy blew me a kiss and strolled out.

I stepped closer to Chad in total victory, forcing him down on his knee next to me. "Yay! It's a date!" I exclaimed happily.

Chad's face turned pale. "Uh Dakota, I'm just babysitting you tonight, it's not a date."

I smiled and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Trust me; by the end of the night you'll be begging me to become your girlfriend." I winked at Chad and skipped out of the Commissary.

I had big plans for this evening.

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