Italy was beautiful. I didn't know why, but I was drawn toward the town called Volterra. There, I met Alec. Alec wasn't a wizard—or even a human. He was a vampire. We became friends and he changed me—at my request. He had told me everything about being a vampire. It seemed like fun, and I thought that I might have been able to use it to get revenge on He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named for killing Cedric. Him and his little rat (no pun intended), Pettigrew. I lived with Alec and the Volturi for a long time. A few years ago, I heard that some suicidal vampire had come to Volterra to ask to die. His name was Edward Cullen.

That day, I hid in the shadows as he made his request, staring in shock at a face I had thought I would never see again. It's him, I thought. Cedric. I was relieved when they refused to kill him. He turned around in anger and left the room. He looked like he was in a lot of pain.

Later, when Alec asked me why I was so interested in him, I explained to Alec who this "Edward" really was. He told me I wasn't allowed to reveal to Cedric that I was here. I obeyed.

The next day, I watched as some klutz with long brown hair saved him. She knew too much, but Aro let her go. I was angry. They should've killed her.

In the months after that, I thought about the moment when I would be allowed to visit Cedric. I went with the Volturi when they went to investigate an Immortal Child who wasn't what they thought at all. I was furious when I discovered that the child was Cedric's, and my heart broke for the third time.

When I asked Aro if I could stay in Forks to talk to Cedric, he said yes. I followed the Cullens back to their house, staying out of sight.

I watched them for a few days, waiting for the right opportunity. It finally arrived. I knocked on the door, and the blond leader of the coven answered. He introduced himself as Carlisle, and I remembered Aro talking about him. I smiled, and he told me the names of the rest of his family, gesturing at each of them in turn. I wanted to stare at Cedric, but I resisted, paying attention instead to Carlisle's words. "This is my wife, Esme, and our adopted 'children', Emmett, Rosalie, Alice, Jasper, and Edward, with his wife Bella and their daughter Renesmee." I smiled at all of them, hating Bella instantly. "My name is Cho," I said, shaking Carlisle's hand. "I was in the area, and was wondering if I could stay with you and your family for a few days," I explained, trailing off uncertainly at the end. "Of course," Carlisle said warmly. "Thank you," I told him, smiling sweetly.

"Cho?" Cedric asked quietly, walking over to where Carlisle and I were standing. "Yes?" I asked, looking him in the eyes. "Cho Chang?" he tried again, and I nodded. His family was staring at us, Carlisle backing up a little. "Do you know her?" Carlisle asked. Cedric nodded, staring helplessly at me. "You remember me?" I asked him. He nodded again. "It was a long time ago…" he said. "Yes it was. Do you know how it killed me when Harry told me that you had died?" I asked him accusingly. He winced. "Edward, what is she talking about?" Bella asked, looking confused. "Yes, Edward, what am I talking about?" I asked him, walking closer to him. He sighed, taking her hand. "My past has caught up with me," he told her, looking at me solemnly.