Spencer's POV

She had just moved in, less than 2 weeks ago, and I can't believe she has turned me into such a pervert!

Ashley Davies is my new neighbor and she just moved in next door to my boyfriend's house. I had recently decided to move in with him, since our engagement. At the time it had seemed like the right thing to do.

One morning, I see that a beautiful, black Audi R8 decides to park in the driveway next to our house and a large U-Haul truck following suit. A rather attractive, curly haired brunette steps out and I can't help but stare. She is way too good-looking to be working as a CEO of a record label. She should be the rock star in the music video, not the one signing them!

She's in a simple black vest, showing off bits and pieces of a creamy colored bra, mid-thigh denim shorts and a pair of burgundy vans. I give Aiden a look and he's probably thinking the same thing I am.


We get off our lawn chairs and we walk over. Aiden had told me something about a new neighbor, but I guess his guy brain forgot to mention it was a hottie. He, being the nice guy he is, told her that he would help her move in when she bought the house a month ago.

I don't recall offering my help, but I really don't mind offering her anything she may need.

"Hey Ashley!" my darling fiancé, says as I follow him to her front yard

She turns around to look at us. She gently lays a box down, wipes her hands on her denim shorts and flashes us a smile.


"Hi Aiden, how are you?" she says as she steps towards us

"I'm good, and ready to help" running his hands through his hair

"Thanks, I could use the help, there's only one moving guy and he isn't too thrilled about the fact he has to move in all my furniture"

"You could say that again" said the moving guy appearing out of nowhere.

He was older. I assume in his late 40's. Big and tall with a mustache sitting on his lip, an old red baseball cap, covering his graying hair and a tank top showing that age hadn't harmed his strength.

"Hey Nate, this is Aiden and he's gonna help you out..."

"Hey young man, nice to know courtesy isn't too hard to find in this neighborhood", he said sticking out his huge hand

"No problem"

"And who might this beautiful blonde be beside you Aiden?" Ashley said smiling at me

"Oh sorry, Ashley this is my fiancé Spencer" he said as he moved to the side. I think he might have forgotten I existed for the past five minutes. I can't blame him; you would forget anything else existed when she looks at you too.

"Hey...how are..." before I could finish my sentence he interrupts saying: "She's also here more than happy to help out"

I am?

"Thank you so much, Spencer, I know this isn't your idea of a great Saturday morning" she said as she rolled her eyes

"Don't worry about it. I more than glad to help out" I said, almost too excited


"Well, let's get started then" said Nate clasping his hands together.

Nate and Aiden began with the huge furniture, while Ashley and I handled the smaller things like her huge music collection, her clothes, her DVD's.

We were in the living room putting some of her CD's away, when I noticed she was a huge fan of Purple Venom. She was opening a couple boxes and looking through them when I decided to ask:

"So...you like Purple Venom?"

"Huh?" She looked back at me

I showed her the CD and she smiled "Yeah, I loved them. I heard them as a kid"

"Me too! I loved them, too bad about the lead singer... Raife Davies"

Ashley Davies

Too much of a coincidence.

I made the connection. I looked at Ashley.

"Davies? Ashley... was he... your father? I'm so sorry I didn't mean..."

She lifted her hands, closed her eyes and smiled. "Don't say another word, it was five years ago. I'm over it; now don't get me wrong, I miss him but its ok." She ran her fingers through her dark locks and stood up. "Now come on and make sure those guys aren't just sitting on the couch instead of moving it"

I followed her and for some odd reason, that simple answer she gave me about her father made me want to know more about our new neighbor.

A lot more.

It was a very good morning. After a few hours of sharing a few laughs with Ashley and learning a couple new things from her, we were done. Aiden invited Ashley and Nate over for a drink. It was scorching and we were all in need of a cold beer.

An hour later, Ashley said she had to go to work and Nate left saying he had to go pick up his Aunt from the airport. I was sad to see them go. I liked Ashley. It was comforting to know she was close by.

After they left, I took a quick shower and fell asleep almost instantly.

I woke up around 10 pm because Aiden decided to wake me up to tell me he's leaving for work. He has the night shift at the emergency room. So since I had slept that entire afternoon, I was wired. I sat in bed and thought that some mindless entertainment might make me fall asleep.

I was wrong.

After flipping through over 200 channels on our TV, I gave up and decided to surf the net for a bit. As I watched a few music videos on YouTube, I heard the engine of a car come closer and closer and finally turn off. I rolled the computer chair, looked through my blinds and saw that Ashley had come home from work.


It was getting late. I debated going downstairs for a late night snack. That cake from my mom's birthday sounded really good right now. As I turned to get some chocolate goodness, I noticed that Ashley turned on her bedroom light.

I could see her silhouette through her white curtains. She opened them and I felt my eyes widen.

She had begun to get undressed...

She was just in a tight pair of black jeans and a lacey red bra. I know I shouldn't be staring, but I really couldn't help myself. I really did try to leave but I couldn't. I had a perfect view of the brunette from my small office. Her windows faced mine and I could see right into her house.

She went into a different room and I assume she was going to take a shower because I saw her grab a towel and few pieces of clothing from her closet. She took off her jeans and she was left in just pink boy shorts. I saw that she had a small tattoo on her smaller back.

Her back faced me and I saw her take off her bra. Her bare back faced me, and I noticed my throat had become dry and my hands had begun to get clammy. It had also become really hot in my office.

Was my air on?

I quickly turned on my fan with the remote, only to look back and notice that Ashley had closed her curtains and that her lights were off.

"Damn it", I whispered to myself

Not only had I worked up a sweat but let's just say that my forehead wasn't the only thing that was slightly moist.

Yes. I, Spencer Carlin had become a "Peeping Tom". Every night Aiden left for work, I would stay on the computer waiting for Ashley to come home. She would always walk around her house partially clothed and I loved to see her walk around in just a towel. One time, I could have sworn she smirked when she decided to close her bedroom curtains after taking her pants off.

I had never seen anything more than what I saw the first night. If I didn't know any better. I would think she was a tease. But I doubt it. I'm not sure what had attracted me so much to watching Ashley's little shows. They weren't anything out of the ordinary she just took off her clothes rather slowly and I watched. I'm not complaining at all though. I haven't gotten any loving from Aiden in months and if watching Ashley helps me get though my sexual frustrations so be it.

I never knew that self pleasure could be so satisfying.


Ashley should be home soon, time for the show to begin! Finally, I get to have a little fun tonight

Ashley's POV

I drove home after a long day. I was tired and I needed to get home already. I've had a hectic day, dealing with underage Britney Spears wannabe's; I really needed to speak to Kyla about this. I'm only interested in signing those who can sing live and play their own instruments like my dad used to. Lip syncing is not a talent, no matter how you want to spin it. Not to mention, she had the word YOLO tattooed on the back of her neck I swear teenagers are just getting crazier every generation.

I blame the internet.

I was finally on my block and I quickly pulled into my drive way. I smiled to know what was to come my way as soon as I walked into my house.

I rested my head on my steering wheel as I turned the car off. I chucked a bit, sighed and closed my eyes.

I couldn't believe I was doing this again. The first night was a complete and total accident. I closed the curtains as soon as I realized she was watching but the nights that followed were just plain fun. I really couldn't help myself. I could see her blue eyes and that want. It was so enticing I had to do it again and again. But this was becoming a bit too predictable….tonight was going to be different.

Spencer's POV

Where the heck is she?! Her car turned off like a full 3 minutes ago!


What the hell? Who could it be now? I angrily run downstairs and swing open the door. And there she is she's smirking at me, she takes a step forward and I take a step back. She says:

You don't know that I know
You watch me every night

'She knows?!' I begin to panic

And I just can't resist the urge
To stand here in the light

She's undoing her belt, still stepping further into my house. I just can't move right now. I'm sure my facial expression was the reason she smirked as she continued

Your greedy eyes upon me
And then I come undone
I could close the curtain
But this is too much fun

She slammed the front door shut. Fuck, I'm screwed.

I get off on you
Getting off on me
I give you what you want
But nothing is for free
It's a give and take
The kind of love we make
When your line is crossed
I get off
I get off...

She passes right by me and begins to go up the stairs. Not a word has been spoken by me; I'm too much in shock to say anything. She goes up the stairs and when she finally reaches the top, she turns giving me this look saying: 'follow me.'

I do. She sticks out her hand and I grab it as she continues to speak:

There's so much left unspoken,
Between the two of us

She swiftly walks around my upstairs and we end up in my bedroom where she decides to...unbutton her blouse.


It's so much more exciting
To look when you can't touch

She continues to lead me closer to my bed and in one quick motion, I find myself on all fours. She pushed me onto the floor and I fell like a toddler learning how to walk.

You could say I'm different
And maybe I'm a freak

She sits on the edge my bed and smiles at me. My body has a mind of its own, we are being drawn together like magnets and I'm enjoying it! She's sitting on my bed with her eyebrow raised waiting for me to get closer. I walk on my knees knowing full well that if I had tried to get up my knees would have given in. I reach her and we are so close, I can feel her breath on my lips

But I know how to twist you
To bring you to your knees

She looks at me with dark eyes licks her lips and crashes her lips into mine. She grabs my cheeks and pulls back slightly and harshly says:

I get off on you
Getting off on me
Give you what you want
But nothing is for free

I bring myself up, straddle her and push her down onto her back. I'm not waiting for her this time, her bottoms are coming off. I need skin to skin contact.


It's a give and take
The kind of love we make
When your line is crossed
I get off
I get off

I hover over and look at her smoldering eyes, they match the lust in mine. I took of my shirt and pressed my chest against hers. We are both almost completely exposed to each other on my bed, almost nude, looking at each other with such want

What you don't know
What you can't see
Is what I do for you
I do for me

There is no love here, just passion-filled need.

I get off on you
Getting off on me
I give you what you want...

I crush our lips together in need of more contact. I pin her hands over her head and bring our bodies, if possible, even closer. Her chest is rising into mine and her hips are as well. My need has to be fed now

I get off on you
Lips on lips

Getting off on me
Skin on skin

Give you what you want
Her nails digging into my back

But nothing is for free
My hands on her hips

It's a give and take
Her mouth on my pulse point

The kind of love we make
Ravishing my neck and chest

When your line is crossed

I get off

I get off
I'm not shocked anymore. She turned me on and she's going to help me get off and I think she's going to do one heck of a job.

I wrote this a while ago and decided to edit and hopefully improve it. Tell me your thoughts