Right, so this is a Deidara/Naruto NON-YAOI fanfic. If Naruto belonged to me Sakura would never have existed and the Akatsuki would be alive and the good guys. Sense this is clearly not the case Narto still belongs to Masashi Kishimoto.

Naruto awoke in a dark alleyway. He stared up at the starry sky as best he could through his swollen eyes. The drunken villager's beating had been particularly bad this time, if Naruto had been a human it would have taken him days to be able to even move. However, Naruto was not a human. He rolled onto his stomach and slowly got to all fours. The only reason he could still move was the same reason he had been so mercilessly beaten. Uzumaki Naruto was the son of the Kyuubi no Yoko, destroyer of Konohagakure.

Naruto hauled himself to his feet with the aid of one of the alley walls. He leaned heavily on it as he made his pained way towards a side street where he hoped no one would be. It must be 2-3 o'clock in the morning; most of the drunks passed out before midnight. Naruto was dimly aware of the streaks of blood he had smeared on the wall and that the shredded clothes that he clad himself in where now unusable. All he wanted was to go home and sleep in his own bed. Too bad he would never get to.

Deidara was incredibly board. There was not a single worthwhile art museum/gallery in all of Konoha. Not only was there nothing to do but he was here with the Iwagakure academy group. A bunch of shallow, stuck up pricks with absolutely no interest in art. No interest what so ever. Hello Deidara, welcome to living hell. Ugh, why hadn't he stayed home?

His roommates had started a wrestling match in the middle of the hotel floor. Deidara promptly lost all interest in the little sculpture in his hands. He put on his thick gloves, stood up from his bed, and leapt easily over the buffoons that were trying to smother each other with pillows. He exited the room as quietly as possible; with any luck he would his roommates wouldn't have noticed him leave. They didn't. Freedom at last! Deidara snuck down a flight of stairs and out the front door without a single chaperone being any wiser.

Deidara grinned and broke into a run. He was positive that he would be able to find something artistic without all the dunderheads he had the misfortune of traveling with. Deidara rounded a corner and almost trampled a small, blonde child.

Naruto couldn't believe it. He stared at the ruins of the place that had once been his home from across the street. Shattered windows, the door ripped off its hinges, his worldly belonging a small pile of ash in the middle of the street. Naruto bit back tears. GET OUT DEMON! had been painted in black across the front of his house. Naruto didn't even notice as a much larger boy charged around the corner and almost bulldozed into him.

"Whoa, kid! What are you doing out of bed at this hour, un?" Naruto whipped his head around and at the same time leaped back. He did not want to be beaten again. Then his jaw dropped. The person he was staring at looked as if he could have been Naruto's brother. His hair, eyes, and skin tone was almost identical to the fox child's. Only his hair was a bit long and he had no whisker marks. Deidara, on the other hand, was wondering how this child had managed to get himself so mangled.

"A-are you lost kid? Do you need help, un?" Naruto stared, mystified, into Deidara's kind eyes. Why was someone being nice to him? Deidara thought that he had frightened the child. "What's your name?"


"Hello Uzu-kun. I'm Deidara, un." Uzu Uzumaki? Now that was an unusual name. Deidara crouched down so he could look Naruto in the eyes. "Are you lost Uzu-kun?" He said as kindly as he could. He didn't want to deal with a sobbing child and he could not in good conscience leave him either.

Naruto shook his head and blushed. "I'm Uzumaki Naruto." Deidara's cheeks flushed slightly as he realized his mistake.

"Are you lost, un?" Deidara pressed. Naruto shook his head. "Do you need help getting home?"

"I can't go back home. I'm not wanted." Deidara started slightly. This kid-Naruto-couldn't be much older than five, was he a run away? That might explain the wounds.

"Did you run away, un? I can help you if you need it." Deidara knew perfectly well what abusive parents were like. "Where do you live, un?" Naruto pointed, slowly and reluctantly, to his house. Deidara was horrified. Who would treat a child like that?! He looked back to Naruto for an explication,

"My father he-um-well, h-he was-"

"It's okay, Uzumaki-kun, you don't have to tell me, un." Deidara smiled. Outwardly he was completely calm but inwardly he was seething. They where tormenting Naruto based on what his father had done? Well it was clear that Konoha was unsuitable for children. Deidaras next words came unbidden and surprised even Deidara himself, "Uzumaki-kun, would you like to come stay with me at Iwagakure, un? No one would treat you like that." He gestured at Naruto's ruined home.

Naruto's eyes where brimming with tears of joy. "I-if it is okay Deidara-sama."

"Of corse." Deidara straightened up and held out his hand. "Let's go, Uzumaki-kun, un." Naruto took his hand and together they walked back to the hotel Deidara had fled from only minutes earlier. They walked in silence. One was to overcome with joy to speak, the other wondering just how he would manage a five year old kid when he himself was only seven.



"Can you call me Naruto?"

Well the end was kind of choppy but it's the first chapter. And yes, I know that Deidara's age is wrong. That was deliberate.