Ch.1 "Birds Of A Feather"

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Thirteen year old Uchiha Sasuke groaned as he woke up. His head was pounding as if his teammates Haruno Sakura and Uzumaki Naruto screamed in his ears at the highest scream they could go while having been poked in the forehead with a sword instead of a finger which his evil brother always did-except for the sword part-and all that with his stupid curse mark acting up… Sure, he knew none of those things alone could cause the pain in his head like right now, but his imagination sure made it as a good excuse.

Sasuke tried to remember what happened as it could explain why his head felt the way. …He remembered Naruto running off after refusing to fight him after the Fifth Hokage healed him. Sakura and he followed the blond into the woods and found out Naruto didn't want to fight when they found the blond throwing up with some blood in the puke. This got the Uchiha very worried as Naruto was getting stronger than him, but was somehow sick. It made him wonder if the illness came from whatever was making the blond stronger than him as he noticed Naruto's hair was turning white. Sakura pointed it out though, as Sasuke didn't wanted Naruto to know he was getting white hair way too young and hurt his rival in that way of mental thinking, but Naruto then looked at both of them in horror and told Sakura and he to get away from him before he tried to run again, only to collapse and puke again.

Sakura and he did try to help the blond when these very bulked up thugs that didn't look right came at them. Naruto kicked one in the head, shouting Sakura and Sasuke needed to run and leave him. Even though Sasuke didn't like Naruto that much, he couldn't just leave Naruto to get beaten up by a bunch of punks so he fought back with a weak attempt to help from Sakura. However, both soon realized there guys were not punks when they morphed into these werewolf looking creatures and Naruto got knocked out and…

"Naruto!! Sakura!!" Sasuke sat up, shouting when he remembered all-well, except the lazy sensei Hatake Kakashi-were knocked out. However, he was kind of shocked to find himself in a metal cage in a dark room filled with other cages of all sizes.

"Ow… My head…" Sasuke looked to his right and saw Sakura sitting up, but his eyes were glued to her back. "Huh? What's wrong, Sasuke-Sasuke!! You have wings!!!" Sasuke instantly looked at his back and found he had black feathered wings like a raven's on his back that was around maybe fourteen feet in wingspan. "I got wings, too!!" Sakura screamed as she found she had a pair of sooty sliver wings that were twelve feet in wingspan on her back. Neither of them had time to panic about their wings when they heard something moving on the other side of Sakura's cage and both recoiled in horror when they saw some kind of… thing covered with patches of scales and looked like a mix between a snake and human child. Sakura screamed in horror as it try to reach her though Sasuke saw it recoil in fear of the scream and backed away.

"Oh… Who the heck is screaming?" Sasuke's head instantly snapped to the other side for his eyes to widen at the person in the cage on the other side of his. "Ugh… Where-Holy Hokage!?! What is that!?!" Sasuke only paled as he saw the person he swore to kill, Uchiha Itachi, freak out and spat out more curses than he had ever heard his murdering brother since… well, ever. It made Sasuke wonder how much longer it was going to take for the Akatsuki member to notice the nineteen foot wingspan of intense blue feathers on his own back.

"… Are you really the man I am supposed to kill to avenge my clan?" Sasuke sighed as Itachi noticed Sakura and Sasuke there.

"Huh?" Itachi looked around confusedly before finding his wings and realizing he had been captured. "…Sigh… Why do things like this happen to me?" Itachi sighed back. "How did you two end up here? I got attacked by the strange werewolf creatures and got knocked out by an overkill of some kind of gas bombs when I was away from my partner."

"Same here! We also got attacked by werewolf creatures!" Sakura shouted as Sasuke again wondered if Itachi was even worth killing after hearing that. "Huh? Where's Naruto?"

"Naruto-kun is here, too?" Itachi asked while Sasuke glared at Sakura for telling the guy who is after the blond the blond's location… In a sense.

"He was attacked with us… But, I don't see him."

"…I'm right here." Sakura screamed in horror when a white with hints of blond hair, dark skin nineteen year old suddenly appeared in front of her cage. The person was wearing a gown similar to what was in hospitals, but her somewhat large bosom made it more of a short dress. They all noticed the blond had snow white wings with small black pecks on them folded up on her back

"W-W-W-Who the heck are you!!!" Sakura was about the shout when the dark skin person slammed her hand over her mouth.

"Sssh… If you want to get out of here, you need to be quiet… The virus I put into the whitecoats' computers will only last for a little bit longer and all the cameras and security will be back up." The blond opened Sakura's cage as well as both Uchiha brothers.

"Why are you letting him out?!" Sasuke lowly growled while glaring at Itachi. In fact, this place was probably a fitting punishment for the man who killed his own clan.

"…Because we will need to work together to get out of this School." The person sighed as all three looked at her. "They increased the security since I escaped fourteen years ago and another group of mutants escape four years ago."

"Mutants?" Sasuke asked as the snow blond walked towards another end of the room. "Wait, what about the dope?! You know, a blond hair idiot with blue eyes who was with us!"

"…I'll explain once we get out of here." The female pointed at the open vent.

"What-" Just then, several people wearing whitecoats came into the room and saw the four out of the cages.

"What the!?! The experiments are escaping!" One of the female scientists shouted as several of the large men the two Uchiha and Sakura realized they were the werewolves.

"Go!" The snow blond threw several steak knives she pulled out of a pouch she had and hit the thugs who were transforming as all three ninja followed the blond's order before the blond joined them.

"Get Subject Thirteen!"

"Get the experiments!"

"Get Jack! The group heard the scientists' shouted as the blond took the lead and

showed them to the roof of the large structure which looked like a prison.

"Come on." The blond ran while spreading out her wings and with a powerful downward trust, she was up into the air. "Flap your wings and fly! It's the only way out of here as they know we are loose!" The blond shouted as the three ninja heard shouts and dogs barking before an alarm went off.

"But, our friend!?!" Sakura shouted as the door to the roof and saw several fully transformed werewolves.

"No time! Go!" Itachi shouted as all three spread out their new wings and jumped into the air. All three followed the blond, copying her technique to get better balance at flying.


"Ack!" Itachi barely dodged a flying projectile before the blond pushed him and got hit by several of the projectile before throwing a handmade bomb that exploded to make a smokescreen before they flew off in a different direction to through off any searches just as a rumble of thunder was heard and it began to rain. After an hour and an half of flying, they reached a canyon in a desert the "prison" they were in was near.

Sakura and Sasuke sat next to a fire inside a cave with Itachi looking outside the cave at the rain. All three were trying their best to ignore the blond's grunts as the blond dug out pieces of metal out of her arms and shoulders.

"…Why did you push me out of the way?" Itachi sighed, breaking the silence. "Don't you know I am a criminal?"

"Yeah… In the other world, yes. In this world, no." The blond sighed, watching her wounds completely heal up which didn't shock the three. If you got giant wings, you probably had some strange powers as well.

"NANI!?! We got abducted by aliens!!" Sakura shouted while both Uchiha paled. This was just getting weirder and weirder.

"No… The School has been working in-between to worlds through dimensions, not galaxies. Our world contacted this one through a jutsu and scientists here saw the bloodlines of our world about over a hundred years ago and they began to try to produce a similar versions, but with slicing DNA of animals into humans. They mainly keep the majority here thanks to the lack of suspicious ninja and have smaller Schools and such in our world to make mutants for military purposes as well as bury death experiments or have experiments go through deadly experiments before they die and then dissect them."

"Gross…" Sasuke sighed. He shivered as he imaged Naruto being on a table, about to be dissected alive. "…We have to find Naruto and get back to Konoha…"

"I'll help." Itachi sighed. "Naruto maybe my target, but if he gets killed… Well, I rather not be on the receive end of most of the Akatsuki members' anger for that. Plus, since I was giving the wrong information on which to go after Naruto, he's fine for at least three years before I have to go after Naruto again. I'll just leave you guys before you go to Konoha, so in agreement with helping-"

"….I'm Naruto." The blond sighed before all three looked at her. It was then they noticed the now more icy looking sapphire eyes of the blond and the dark whisker like marks on the blond's cheeks that made them realize who the blond was. "I am one of the School's prized experiments. One of the Subjects as they call us who hit the genetic jackpot."

"Genetic jackpot?" Sasuke asked as Sakura turn red with anger.

"Naruto!! Why the heck didn't you tell us you were you and why the heck are you a girl!!!?" Sakura shouted in pure fury.

"…" Naruto touched Sakura and all three ninja watched in shock as Naruto turned into a perfect clone of Sakura.

"Because the form you just saw was my real form, though all I knew back when I escaped a School in our world was my name was Naruto, though I thought it was really Thirteen with the Subject Thirteen thing. I have a large amount of powers compared to the normal mutant. One of my newer ones I discover back when the Kyuubi attacked Konoha and I turned myself into the stillborn babe known as Uzumaki Naruto with my transformation ability when I didn't want his mother to know some whitecoats accidentally caused to infants death as they forced her to give birth early to escape with the infant, causing both of their deaths as she died soon after. I was not expecting to end up taking up the identity of Uzumaki Naruto even though I discovered my name also happened to be Uzumaki Naruto as I dug through Konoha's records as I discovered I was at least from human parents and they had me in Konoha. However, I found out they died as my father had a bad illness and died soon after my 'abduction' from stress and worry as a child and my mother died giving birth to me on that night I became the Uzumaki Naruto you know." Naruto turned back to her real form. "When I started having headaches and getting some of my powers back as when I do a person transformation I lose my powers, I thought something was wrong and then I wondered if I was going to expire soon when I started getting sick… I didn't want you two to see me die all of a sudden without knowing what caused my death… However, it seems I was wrong as it was my body rejecting the form I was in and I had to transform back. At least I know how long I can hold long term forms when I drink a person's blood, but I can only hold forms from the DNA from someone's skin or hair for a max of twenty-four hours possibly."

"You mean… You spent your first years of life in a place like that!?!" Sasuke shouted in shock.

"…You'll be surprise, Sasuke." Itachi sighed while sitting down. "Humans are cruel."

"Like the council forcing the Hokage to order the killing of the Uchiha clan." Naruto sighed as Sakura and Sasuke's eyes widen.

"You have no-."

"Don't need to. Just keep your mind close from my mind reading abilities." Naruto smirked. "Also, it seems you were cornered when some Root ANBU killed your best friend who used a paralyzing jutsu to keep you from jumping in and you blamed yourself hence how you got the Mangenkyou Sharingan and stuck being the one to kill the Uchiha clan." Sakura and Sasuke just stared at Itachi whose mouth was wide open in shock. "For a ninja who was in the ANBU, your mind is pretty easy to read. But, I'm amazed you still care so much for your brother that you would make him try to kill you to just get him strong enough to face the Uchiha who caused the entire problem. But, word of advice, its only making things worse." Naruto patted Itachi's back, who was frozen from pure shock of being found out, before walking towards the cave opening. "But, excuse me, but I am going to get use some money and clothes as well as set up a several fake trails, so excuse me." Naruto bowed before falling off the cliff the cave was on and flew off.

"…Itachi… You really did that?" Sasuke asked, his world he knew completely shattered.

"… Yes… Though, I also believe Danzou killed Shisui for his eyes as Shisui was so skilled, he can control other people with them and Danzou probably used them on the Hokage to get the orders to kill the Uchiha clan." Itachi sighed. "… Most of Konoha knows of the Uchiha's abitily to control the Bijuu with their Mangenkyou Sharingan and believed the Uchiha clan caused the Kyuubi attack. However, they are half right. An Uchiha did cause the Kyuubi to attack… However, he was outcasted a long time ago… In fact, Konoha thought he was dead, even me, till I met him myself in a sense."

"…" Sasuke looked down. "… So, Konoha is to blame."

"No… Human stupidity." Sasuke looked at Itachi. "People let hate take control of them… I accidentally made that mistake with making you hate me to get powerful… Now, I ruined my life and almost did the same to you… You probably can never forgive me." Itachi sighed. "…But, then again, I think getting giant wings added onto your back counts as life being ruined."

"…Nii-chan…" Sakura and Itachi noticed Sasuke was shaking before he tackled Itachi with a hug that knocked the once ANBU ninja on his back. Itachi ruffled Sasuke's hair as the thirteen year old let out five years of penned up emotions as Sakura sighed in relief for her crush. However, even she wondered how they would be able to go back to Konoha as they were now freaks.

'…I wonder if my parents will still accept me like this?' Sakura thought while using her wings wrapping around her like a blanket. She just hoped that they technically still had a home.


Naruto landed on the cliff edge just as the sun's rays were coming up to find all three ninja asleep.

"Rise and shine! I got breakfast!" Naruto shouted, causing Sakura, Sasuke, and Itachi to groan while waking up stiff.

"Man… What did I sleep on?" Itachi got up, stretching to hear pops from the joints and bones.

"Rock." Naruto sighed as all three noticed Naruto putting down a backpack and a large sack filled with clothes. Naruto was currently wearing a black coat with an orange shirt underneath and wearing a pair of pants though exposing her ankles thanks to her new tall height that had snaps on the side and a pair of skin tight shorts underneath, and a pair of strange closed up shoes that were white with strings on it. "Mother Nature's nature worst bed. Now we got to eat cause we got to get going."

"What are you talking about?" Sakura asked while Naruto put down a paper bag that was in the pack she had and pulled out some wrapped up food. They didn't ask where the blond get or what it was as they were too hunger to care and ate what the blond gave them. Surprisingly, it was pretty good though they had to eat the strange item of two pieces of bread with meat in the middle with their hands.

"We got to find one of the Schools with a special machine that is now used in place of the jutsu. So, the closet one here that could at least have the information is hidden in California." Naruto pulled out a map and opened it to show the three other ninja. They were shocked they couldn't read the language on it. "We are currently here in the desert near the border of California and Nevada meets here in Arizona. It's about a day's flight as long as we stay low enough to stay out of jet stream, including pit stops."

"You know the location of the Schools?" Sasuke asked in shock.

"Hai… You could blindfold me and drop me in the middle of Brazil and I can find my way back to all the Schools and such places I have been imprisoned even if I didn't even know the location by name. I know all the locations as coordinates thanks to the sort of natural computer in my brain which I can connect to other computers and even hack them without being backtracked. All I need to do is get close to the main underground wires that leads into the School to get the information we need. However, we all need to change clothes… And Sakura and I dye our hair color."

"What!?! What's wrong with my hair!" Sakura shouted.

"Here, natural pink hair does not exist." Naruto sighed while pulling out some hair dye and a jug of water with a bucket and some towels. "So does white blond hair. Don't worry, once we get back to Konoha, I know of a salon who knows how to get permanent dye out of hair as I accidently made my hair neon green once thanks to a prank gone wrong."

"I think I remember that one as several ANBU also got their heads turn green because of that." Itachi chuckled. He remembered that Kakashi was also one of those victims and his hair looked like a bunch of grass because of that.

"Yeah, but, we got to be careful." Naruto sighed. "Even though I made a lot of false trails, the School's Erasers aren't complete idiots when it comes to tracking."

"Erasers?" Itachi had a bad feeling about what an "Eraser" and it was not something on the end of a pencil.

"Those so-called werewolves." Naruto sighed while pulling some kind of device out of the sack with some clothes and other stuff. "They are used as guards, police, and executioners by the school. They appear like bulky humans, somewhat like models for strength contests, in human form and total werewolves with the hunting instincts and nastiness. They will either be order to capture us or tear us apart to dispose of us." Naruto said while getting out some tools. "So, we got to stay one step ahead of the wolves and their owners."

"What are you going to do with that?" Itachi asked, noticing the black object in the blond's hand.

"I'm about to do an overhaul modding on this PSP." Naruto grinned only to sweat as all three looked at her with complete confusion. ".. This is a Playstation Portable which is a video system that can be used to play games, but I am going to overhaul or make it into a mini-computer to help me out as it will be easier to get the information we need by making a portable computer that looks like a plaything… That and I like the games I got for it and will be making so I can still play them as well as the fact it doubles for a music and video player."

"…Even with the explanation, I barely understood that..." Sakura sighed.

"Sorry… Another of my strong points is my skills with computers and gadgets as I like spy stuff like the movies from this world known as 007… In fact, I kind of expected being a ninja was kind of the same thing with cool ninja tools similar to what this world's spies had… But I was wrong, though it is still cool being a ninja." Naruto sighed, using the tools she had to get the so call PSP open and began to strip it of parts and making new parts. "And here, all my skills and watching spy movies are gonna come real useful here. But, first, Sakura, could you do my hair while I work on this? I'll do yours next."

"Sure, what color?" Sakura asked as she noticed Naruto bought several colors of hair dye.

"Hmmm… I really liked my hair being blond, but they had seen me with blond hair before… I guess I'll have to go with red then. It will look more of strawberry blond, but it should work." Naruto sighed while a towel and wrapping it around her neck. "Sasuke, Itachi. Go through the clothes and pick out what you like to wear… I try guessing your sizes in shoes as ninja sandals don't exist here, so I got several shoes for you to try on…" Naruto put a screw driver, metal end towards, in her mouth.

"…I am so going to laugh my butt off if that goes down your throat." Sasuke sighed at Naruto. At least he knew Naruto was still Naruto… Though, he finally found where Naruto's brains were at… If being stuck in games and stupid gadgets counts as a location.

"No worries. I have swallowed larger things and regurgitated them back up."

"Too much info." Itachi paed, suddenly losing what was left of his appetite along with his brother.

"Heh heh… Sorry…" Naruto sheepishly grinned as Sakura started on her hair. 'I just hope Konoha will accept us for who we are now.' Naruto thought, not exposing any of her emotions of doubt and sorrow across her face and eyes. She knew how hard it was just for her to get the life she had for the pass thirteen years. She just didn't want her teammates and extra company to loss hope.


"Dang it! Where the heck are those three gaki!?" Senju Tsunade shouted in fury as Hatake Kakashi and Jiraiya wondered if they should run as it seemed like the fires of the underworld were coming off of the Fifth Hokage.

"Come down, Lady Tsunade. We'll find them sooner or later… Hopefully, sooner." The Hokage's assistant and student Shizune sighed while holding her pig TonTon.

"That's not why I am so pissed off!!" Tsunade growled while slamming her fist onto the desk, causing the mountains of paperwork to fall off. "What I'm pissed off about is the fact the civilian part of the council is putting their noses where it shouldn't be and made it so I can send ninja to find where the heck Naruto and his two teammates went!"

"Lady Tsunade…" Shizune looked down. She knew Tsunade saw Naruto as a sibling, maybe even a son, so she didn't know how to tell her everything was alright. Everyone's attention, however, was shifted when a knock came onto the Hokage's Office door.

"E-Excuse me, Hokage-sama." A nurse who worked at the hospital in Konoha from time to time came into the room.

"What is it?" Tsunade growled as the very well tanned woman with dark hair stood before her.

"…I-I think I might know where Uzumaki Naruto is." The woman sighed while pulling out a strange device. It looked like some sort of plasic computer with a small keyboard, which was very weird as the only computers the ninja ever saw was large and bulky.

"What is that?" Tsunade asked as everyone was on guard in the room.

"It's a device Naruto personally made to give the Hokage if he ever disappeared and it was clearly not by ninja means. I'm not going to give my real name, but I also can't give you a lot of information. That's Naruto's decision to tell you the other reason Naruto wishes to become Hokage. I will tell you that Naruto is not the Uzumaki Naruto you believe he is."

"What!? How could that be?! I was with Minato the night Naruto was born!!" Jiraiya shouted.

"Yes, however, you were not near the mother when the people who likely 're-abducted' Naruto when they forced into premature labor and the Naruto you know saw what happen and the fact the infant born was a stillborn. Naruto used his ability to change his form at will to become the Uzumaki Naruto that was supposed to be born so that the infant's mother would not be able to know her infant had died just before she died herself. However, before Naruto could change back to his original form, he was picked out to become the Kyuubi container and ended up living here at least with some safety from the people he ran away from."

"S-So, Naruto isn't my sensei's son?" Kakashi asked in shock.

"Hai. Though, ironically, both Naruto's have the same exact real name as Naruto's real parents was an Uzumaki merchant and an ill merchant man who died shortly after Naruto's real birth and abduction." The woman sighed while handing the device to the Hokage. "The people who probably kidnapped Naruto and his two teammates probably took them to one of the Schools where they keep people like Naruto. The only reason they would do that instead of killing the other two is because they also must have a connection to the Schools without knowing it."

"So, what are these Schools? I know it's not a place of education from how stupid Naruto acts." Tsunade sighed.

"…Everyone's worst nightmare." The woman sighed. "I wouldn't have believed it if I had not seen it myself… If you think Orochimaru's experiments on humans were horrible, then you don't even know the extent of what the School does."

"Y-You mean… They are being experimented on?" Tsunade's face completely drained of all color. However, the device that the woman had handed her began to vibrate and ring. "Huh!?" Tsunade grabbed the object and pushed a few buttons as the device showed it had a message and the message popped onto the screen for her eyes to widen as everyone but the woman crowded around her to see it.

Yo, Baa-chan!

If you are reading this, then the software I made works at interdimensional communication and also my teammates and I are alright with the included guest of Sasuke's brother. Before freaking, he's innocent of his crime of murdering his best friend and was forced to kill the Uchiha clan by the council. Now, I bet you're furious as to not knowing where my friends and I are at and what the heck has happened… I can't tell you much right now as even though I made these devices pretty well secure, I am not going to take chances. The most I can tell you is that we were all-yes, even Itachi-was kidnapped by an organization call School that spans over two worlds: a more technologic world known as Earth and our world known as Gaia. I don't know what their objective is except it involves the genetic screwing of humans to get similar powers to that of bloodlines. I'm one of their so-called Subjects known as Subject Thirteen and I'm sorry for stealing the real Uzumaki Naruto's identity even though we had the same real name. However, you need to keep an eye out on the hospital as it seems the School had a new project that they are trying to collect up the subjects they made from which the three others who are with me are a part of. But, we have the lovely problem of being suck on Earth after escaping the School we were transferred to. Why? Because the Schools mainly operate in Earth because the people there is not as aware of their surrounds as Gaia. We will try to get home, but could you possibly get Itachi's crimes wiped away? After I kind of cornered Itachi into a mental corner and he told Sasuke the truth, I really don't want to ruin the reunited brother relationship. I hope it's not too long till I see you again as I think of you as my grandma… And probably the only doctor I will probably be able to fully trust.

From Naruto

P.S. If I find out Jiraiya or Kakashi puts porn on this device thanks to the internet connect I have to Earth, I will skin them alive, have you heal them up before dumping them into the woman hot springs after sending out free hot spring tickets to the most violent woman in Konoha and give them free weapons to boot before castrating them.

"…" Both Jiraiya and Kakashi were pale as their hands went to their lowers at the thoughts of their student doing that.

"…That brat…" Tsunade sighed, somewhat relieved Naruto was alright, but mad at the blond at being so carefree… But, maybe the blond's mind was possibly a bit weird if it was true the blond was an experiment. "Hey, how-" All four ninja sweated when they saw the nurse was gone. "…Wow… Oh, well, I'll figure out how to send Naruto a message with this… I think…"


"Naruto are you sure we should go to this other School? Wouldn't it be better to find another way?" Sakura asked, playing with her now red hair as the four were flying. She was kind of shocked to find everything was so different so high in the sky. It was probably one of the few up sides of being a genetic freak with wings.

"Sadly, this world has too many fake ways of ninjutsu and other chakra means to tell from the real stuff, so there is no possible way for us to find a way through ninjutsu form. The only other way is through the machines they use to keep ninjas from sensing them crossing over the dimensional barriers. Worst, once they get through with my fake trails, those Erasers will be on our tails like moths to flames. Hence why we got to hurry and get to our world. Since the Schools are more based to here, there is a better chance of escaping in our world than this world… Well, unless you go into hiding, but even then the chances of fully escaping are slim." Naruto sighed spinning around. "But, I missed my wings… Not being able to fly… I made me feel empty… But, I'm sorry I got Sasuke and you turned into freaks like me."

"…It's alright… I probably would have done something stupid like left the village to kill Itachi and oddly enough this stupid curse mark I had also went away." Sasuke sighed, rubbing his shoulder as he kind of gotten a little too used to that mark, but that feeling would go away as it was always a nuisance. "But, Naruto, you have powers thanks to being a mutant, so is it possible for us to have them as well."

"Possibly one power, but that's usually it. Sometimes two or three may come up as well. However, they are usually not all the well too useful." Naruto shivered, zipping up her jacket. 'Man… Is it me or it got colder?'

"Well, one thing I am glad for is they corrected my sight." Itachi said while flying up to the group. He was wearing a gray hoodie with black jeans and black tennis shoes as Naruto called the shoes. Sasuke was wearing a black coat with a purple shirt, blue jeans, and white and black tennis shoes. Sakura was wearing a pink coat with a red shirt with white stripe, a short blue jean shirt with black legging pants and pink, red, and white tennis shoes. "Down side, I can't active the Mangenkyou Sharingan anymore, but I say good ridden to it as it destroys my sight."

"Really!?!" Sakura gasped as Sasuke moved away from the loud redhead.

"Yeah…" Itachi sighed while sweating. "Yesh, that was loud..."

"Nani!?! What did you just say!?" Sakura glared at Itachi.

"Huh!?" Itachi only blinked. "Did she just read my mind!?" Itachi thought as Sakura and Sasuke's eyes widen.

"Heh heh! We got a sender!" Naruto laughed as Sasuke raised an eyebrow. "Oh… There are technically two types of telepathy. One is reading minds or receiving and the other is sending which is delivering messages into someone's head or even influencing people. You probably have both ways like me."

"So, basically you all can hear my thoughts?" Itachi thought, experimenting.

"Yep. I heard that." Sakura sighed.

"Great… There goes my privacy. And the one thing that kept me from insulting my fangirls…" Itachi sighed while slumping.

"Yeah… Oh, if you need a way to keep people from hearing your thoughts, you just need to concentrate to form sort of a barrier. The same if you want to hear other people's thoughts. But, if that doesn't work, I'll buy you a cheap MP3 player and mod it to get some music you like to help drown out the thoughts of other people… But, it seems you're a Subject as well." Naruto sighed.

"A Subject?" Itachi asked.

"Yeah. I'm Subject Thirteen. Any experiments that show psychic powers are instantly labeled Subjects as they could develop even more powers. If I remember correctly as it's really rare, you could be Subject Ten."

"Huh? That's not right. Shouldn't he be fourteen?" Sakura frowned at Naruto.

"The experiment system goes up in the number scale while Subjects go backwards from one hundred because of how rare it is to find one and it is usually added to the barcode of that experiment and goes back to hundred once zero is reached. I remember with the little bit of info I did managed to get out of the heads of the whitecoats back at the School we were in that there was a Subject Eleven who escaped four years ago with a group of other mutants of the same type. They are currently trying to locate him or her as well."

"… It must be so hard… To be so different and being chased because of it…" Sakura frowned while looking down.

"It's better than being experimented on in the school. All the years of loneness I spent as the container of the Kyuubi is nothing compared to the feeling I had being locked up in a cage and in fear." Both of Naruto's teammates looked at Naruto with shock. "It's better to be free and on the run then being locked up and awaiting death."

"…" Sasuke gripped his fists before relaxing. "Naruto, is it possible for us to find these other mutants and bring them with us back to our world and Konoha?" All three looked at Sasuke who had a determined look in his eyes. "You said it was easier to get away in our world, so why not also help out others like us."

"…It's not that easy…" Naruto sighed. "We could be caught and them as well."

"What are you talking about!?!" Sasuke shouted, shocking Naruto. "You are always risking you life to help others! How can you just leave people who knows what you have gone through to be hunted and killed!? This is you! The real you wouldn't play it so safe! The real you would charge forward and never look back!!"

"Sasuke-kun!" Sakura whined as she never seen Sasuke in such fury.

"…" Naruto let out a sigh. "I guess since I always had to take care of myself and be so careful in this form, I never thought the same as being a blond normal human with a fox in the gut… Now that I was back to normal, I just wanted to get back to Konoha with the two people I trusted the most and to safety." Naruto grinned at her teammates. "Alright! It's time for Mission: Mutant Rescue!"

"Hm… That's the Naruto I know." Sasuke sighed.

"Hey, Itachi, catch me in a minute." Naruto sighed.

"Heh!?" Itachi and the two pre-teens looked at Naruto in shock before the blond spread her arms out and sent a massive ESP wave that covered miles and went through all the thoughts before catching one.

'Thanks, Ella… Thank you both, for everything… Angel, I'm on my way at last…' Naruto got the connected memories to that thought before collapsing and falling out of the sky before Itachi caught her.

"Pant… I know where she is… She had been captured by the School we are heading just as her flock is heading the same ways." Naruto panted, very exhausted.

"What the heck did you just do and what the heck do you mean by flock!?" Sakura shouted in worry.

"I just read the minds over everyone within over one thousand miles…" Naruto groaned as her stomach roared and she wrapped her arms around Itachi neck to help him balance. "I'm so hungry…"

"We just ate a couple of hours ago!" Sakura shouted only to blush as her stomach growled as well.

"Doesn't matter… We have to eat more to maintain our body's thanks to the extra muscles and high metabolism… Why did you think I ate so much before?" Naruto whined. "I want something to eat! Next town, dumpster dive at a fast food restaurant!" Naruto cheered as everyone shivered.

"Ewww…" Sasuke paled. That was totally grossed in the Uchiha's book.

"Hey! You'll be amazed how fresh stuff is in a dumpster and all the good food they waste in this world and ours. That, or you find a gas station with no camera!" Naruto puffed her cheeks out.

"A gas station?" Itachi blinked before seeing something down below. "Wait, you mean that?" Itachi pointed at an old building with some kind of metal roof where vehicles similar, but more metallic, Team Seven saw before in certain countries in their world.

"Yes! And its old, so no camera! Down now!!" Naruto shouted while Itachi sweated.

"Are you always thinking of your stomach?" Sasuke sighed as they began to descend near a forest so they could pull their wings through the holes Naruto made in the coats and get something to ear.

Ch.1 End

Okay, here's my question. What powers should Naruto and the gang have? You can suggest your own powers, but here's a list here to choose from as well.

Naruto: Kotodama user(make stuff with words she says), astral projection (pushing soul out of body and can possess other people), intangibility(go though walls and other solid objects),telekinesis(moving stuff with mind), aerokinesis (air and wind verison of pyrokinesis), and psychic empathy(feel other's emotions)

Sasuke:lighting verison of pyrokinesis(Izzy and Gasman's favorite), pyrokinesis(another Izzy and Gasman's favorite) superhuman speed, remote viewing(basically seeing things far away like seeing something hundreds of miles away), and Illusion-pyschic powered verison of genjutsu like the Tsukuyomi and you all know who is going to be Sasuke's first victim if he gets this.)

Sakura:immune to toxins(self-explaining), superstrengh, astral projection, and x-ray vision(kind of like the Byakugan, but she can only use it for a short time and can't see chakra)

Itachi: Illusion(to replace the Mangenkyou Sharingan and Tsukuyomi), telekinesis, remote viewing, and gravity control(since we all know Itachi is a defense guy, why not make it so he can make the baddie hit the ground?).

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