After his brutal vengeance against the Pizza Batt corporation for murdering his best friend, Travis Touchdown laid down his sword out of pure disgust for the ranking matches. The United Assassins Association had officially pulled the plug after Travis' second ascension to number one, and Travis himself swore only to fight for his own definition of justice.

Due to the death of Pizza Batt's CEO at the hands of Travis and the subsequent destabilization of the company, many other corporations have reappeared in Santa Destroy in an attempt to save its failing economy. The city became a new breeding ground for assassins as corporate executives are at each other's throats, using freelance assassins and killers as their tools.

Travis, however, has chosen to sit on the sidelines and avoid the battles around the city. However, rumors are flying around of an underground revival of the United Assassins Association, this time recruiting twenty-five skilled assassins within their ranks. But rumors, as they say, are still just rumors.

But now Travis has settled down. His days as a killer have long since come to a close. But an assassin's lust for combat seldom dies, and the "No More" Hero may be forced to once again pick up his sword to compete against others like him. The call of the tiger has sounded once more.

"And here…" An arm flew into the air.

"…we…" Another arm went airborne.

"…go!" This time, a head was sent flying in a fountain of blood. All that was left was a torso with legs that collapsed to the ground in a broken, bloody heap.

Travis Touchdown stood amidst a gang of thugs in a back alley, clutching his trademark beam katana, the Blood Berry, in his right hand. The thugs that flanked him were armed with crowbars and other assorted metal objects, and due to the way they weaved in and out hesitantly, Travis could tell that they were complete amateurs.

"Now hold on just a second," Travis said, apparently not talking to the thugs. "In what sad, misshapen universe do you live in trying to tell the readers that I'm through doing what I do best? I'm on a fuckin' roll today!"

One of the thugs made a lunge towards Travis, who responded by calmly dodging the attack and swinging his katana through the thug's midsection. The entire upper half of his body flew off, spewing blood and gore everywhere. Travis kicked the still-erect legs down to the ground.

"Oh, and for you readers out there," Travis continued, slowly raising his beam katana in the air. "Sit back and relax. I can still kick ass even in a fanfiction. Enjoy the show!"

Another thug attempted to rush Travis, who was still holding his beam katana high in the air. Travis brought his arm slightly back, took one step forward, and brought the katana straight down in a clean slice.