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"Paige, come on, you've been at this all day. We can continue this tomorrow. You know, after a good night's rest and a big breakfast." Piper pleaded with her newly-found younger sister. Paige had just decided that she was going to work more on her Wicca duties. Piper and Phoebe kept trying to get her come to bed, but Paige just wouldn't have it.

"This could help my niece, Piper. I mean, we have to be prepared. She's going to have millions of demons after her. She is the daughter of a Charmed one and a White lighter." Paige said for the millionth time that night.

"Honey, we get it. We really do, but you've been mixing potions all day. Don't you want a nice long hot shower and go sleep in the big comfy bed upstairs?" Phoebe asked, also trying to convince her stubborn sister to give it a rest. Paige sighed a defeated sigh.

"Fine, but let me make one more potion." She said as she got a new cauldron and put it on top of the burner. Piper sighed, but nodded nonetheless knowing this was the best offer she would get.

"At least let us help you." Phoebe said. Paige nodded, but she wasn't really listening. She was actually listing ingredients out loud to herself.

"Okay, we need some Burdock Root." Paige said as she put it in the pot. Piper walked around the counter to help more. Phoebe went to the other side of Paige. "We also need some Rosemary." She continued as she put the ingredient in. "Oh yeah and some Lavender." Everything happened in slow motion. Hypothetically speaking of course.

Paige dropped the Lavender in the pot, while Piper and Phoebe shouted 'No!' together. It was too late though. Red slime blew up in Paige's face. It was all over her hair, and covered the top of her shirt. Piper and Phoebe burst out laughing.

"Oh, should look at your...face!" Phoebe shouted in between laughing. Piper nodded her head in agreement.

"Paige, you look ridiculous." Piper told her. Paige smiled as if to say 'I'm glad you find this so amusing.'

"I think I'm going to go take that shower now." She said as she stomped out of the room. Piper and Phoebe continued to laugh, but then Piper realized something.

"You clean up that slime missy!" Piper shouted.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." They could hear Paige retort.

"Let's go into the living room." Phoebe said to her still giggling sister. Piper nodded and they went to the living room.

Paige stepped out of the steamy shower, and grabbed a towel. When she was done drying herself, she put her pink fuzzy robe on. She grabbed the towel again and wiped down the mirror. What she saw was something she did not expect. Instead of her light chocolate hair color it was a bright orange. It looked good, but it still scared her to death. She was so shocked that she stupidly screamed. Of course screaming in the Halliwell house was never good. Half a heartbeat later, Phoebe and Piper appeared.

"Where's the demon?" They got a look at her and just stood there. Leo heard Paige's distressed cry and just Orbed in.

"Uh, Paige why is you hair color orange?" Leo asked stupidly. Paige shrugged her shoulders helplessly.

"I bet it was that potion. This must be the side effect." Phoebe explained. Piper noticed Paige was only in a robe and ushered everyone out.

"You get dressed and meet us downstairs." She said before she left Paige to stand alone. Paige got dressed and went downstairs to face her death known as embarrassment.

I'm not sure if that potion would actually do that. Probably not, but for my sake lets just pretend it could really happen.

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