Kiara threw herself to the ground and sobbed. It wasn't fair! There was no way Kovu had been a part of that trap! He had been protesting his innocence the whole time! Why hadn't her father listened? Didn't he think that Kovu might have been telling the truth? What had happened to Kovu to delay him so long from coming back? Where had that scar come from? Where was Kovu going to go now? What was he going to do? What was she going to do?

And where was that light coming from?

There! An opening! A way past the guards she would undoubtedly be given should she leave. She had a way out after all. She could go. Go and find Kovu.


She glanced back. Her father, despite what he'd done…he was still injured. Her family. Her people. The Outsiders would come. She should stay…She should help…She should…wait…


She faced the light. Kovu. That was all that mattered right now.

"Hold on, Kovu."

Waiting was over.


This marks the end of Waiting, It was great fun doing this, as it was my first multi-chaptered story that I've finished so far. Also, the first Lion King fanfiction, ever! Of course now I'm, doing Lion King fics all over the place, but this was the first. Thank you thank you thankyouthankyouthankyou for reading my work. Getting those e-mails about a favorite or an alert or a review…for a first time writer, there's nothing better. I am so happy about the people who took the time to tell me what they thought about this; even if it was just to say: "This is too short!" Seriously, you guys rock.

Once again, thank you all so so much. More to come, thought not on this story. I'm not done with this movie just yet!