Chapter 16: Heaven Help Me

My eyes drifted from Sookie's chest down to her legs, which were about five shades darker than mine. I raised a brow, at the thoughts sifting through my head. On one side I was preparing myself for the meeting with the Magister tonight, and on the other side, I wondered if it were possible to fuck on a helicopter. I looked up at her face which was engulfed in massive headphones to help communicate over the roaring propellers.

Probably unlikely.

However, being on a helicopter wouldn't stop me from imagining sex with Sookie.

My phone vibrated and I cursed Pam for texting me while I was fantasizing. Sookie looked at me and I wondered just how much she could feel of my emotions. What a curious attachment this blood bond created. I could sense her fear at being in the air, her nerves for our upcoming meeting and her confusion, to which I could narrow down to our moment in her bedroom before we were in the air.

I had sworn my fealty to Russell, but only when I reunited with Sookie, did I realize my loyalty was really to her. I wasn't sure if I should be outraged or deliriously happy. Happy.

I couldn't ever remember feeling this way. I shifted toward the window and stared below at the landscape bathed in darkness. We would be landing soon.

I could feel the helicopter lowering and felt the jolt of alarm run through my companion. I glanced over at her and she held onto the side of her seat tightly. Maybe if I felt calm she would feel it. I tried to send my emotions of ease to her and she gave me a confused look, so I assumed it worked. When the engine turned off I pulled open the door and Sookie struggled with her buckles and belts. I helped her with the last one and jumped out. She hopped to my side and I looked over across the landing pad and into the night where two of Russell's guards stood waiting for us.

I had to withhold my look of scepticism when she pulled on the dress she first wore when I met her at Fangtasia. Besides the fact that I was doubled over with an animalistic urge to be inside of her in that dress, I also wondered if it was her upbringing that gave her the delusion to dress like that in a high tension situation with vampires. I shook my head and looked away from her, forcing my fangs to retract.

She stayed close to my side while we were escorted into Russell's mansion. The last time we were here, I remembered us in one of the rooms. I glanced down and got the sight of her cleavage. My arm, against my better judgement, snaked around her waist, pulling her close to my side. She let out a delicious noise and looked up at me. She saw my teeth and my eyes, which caused a blush to rise to her cheeks. My fantasy in the helicopter was begging to become real. We were both tangled in our own lust for a moment before we were interrupted.

"Do you two need more alone time? I can smell the leech all over you Sookie, surely he doesn't need another gallon of your blood?" I looked away from my lover to my child. Her lazy smirk and lack-of attire told me of her early evening fun.

"And what makes you think I'd want to hear your voice when I'm in such a mood Pam?" I said slowly.

"Oh, I know you don't. Your annoyance is like blood to me, I only want more."

"I can see that."

She looked from me to Sookie. "He wants to fuck you in that dress."

"What?" Sookie jumped. "You don't have to talk nasty Pam." I smirked at her choice of words.

"All I'm saying is my vault remembers that dress when we met you. And if I know my master he'll want to claim you in that flowered-chastity belt. Especially since you were with Bill the last time you wore it."

I raised a brow, wanting to see Sookie's reaction. She was flushed and spluttering at Pam. "Never mind," Pam rolled her eyes. "Russell is a bit busy at the moment. I'll show you to where tonight's plans will take place."

"Leave us be. We'll be there soon," I said. I heard the sounds of moaning throughout the mansion. Just another regular night at Russell's. Besides that, it was relatively quiet. I figured Russell was enjoying himself, so why couldn't I.

I moved my hand from Sookie's waist and held her hand. I pulled her into the dark hallway to our left that ended shortly with a door. No one was in that room, I listened. I pushed her into the corner and she looked up at me, her eyes dancing with a desire that I was sure mirrored my own.

"I wanted to say something," she whispered. Her hands rested on my chest and I moved in closer. I could see her face perfectly and I wondered how much she could see of mine in the dark. The foyer's light barely reached us in the corner. Her fingers trailed upward and danced along my neck. My eyes closed and I breathed in deep, her scent enveloping me, comforting me, drawing me closer. Her nails dragged along my jaw before both her arms clasped behind my neck. I lowered my head to hers. "About Russell and Sophie-Anne."

"What," I breathed. My body was hard. Her blood rushed through my veins and screamed at me, wanting me pressed up against her and finding her pleasure.

"Thank you." I was absorbed in her words, her ease, her charm – I was in a difficult position, one that left an aching to drop to my knees again and beg for her acceptance. And yet, I had too much pride and a need to keep my head higher than hers; although it was becoming increasingly difficult to remain aloof around the telepath. "Thank you," she continued, "for finding me. For making the deal with Russell. I know it was probably hard for you and to make yourself so vulnerable –"

"I'll have you know, Miss Stackhouse, I protect what is mine. You were in New Orleans under the assumption that you were safe and I failed you." The words escaped me before I could think them through. What I knew was that I couldn't let her finish her thanks, I knew I wouldn't like what she was about to say.

Her head tilted to the side and I felt a shudder go through me, I leaned against her for support – I needed to feel something real. "Eric," her voice purred. "Why won't you let me thank you? I was being stupid earlier. It's just...I can't promise I'll always be happy with it. But know that I truly am thankful."

I nodded numbly and watched her smile light up her features. I couldn't help myself from angling my lips to hers. Her fingers dove into my hair and my hands grazed her sides settling on her hips. I pulled her up tight to my erection. Nothing else felt like Sookie's lips. They caressed mine with gentleness, almost as if she were afraid to hurt me or that I might leave. I felt her concern through her need and I held onto her firmly, wanting no doubt in her mind.

My hands pushed up her dress to her waist and lifted her up the wall. She wrapped her legs around my waist and I quickly worked the button and zipper on my pants. Our moans were silenced with our mouths. She would be the death of me.

I was inside of her. I moved within, deep, watching her expressions of ecstasy as I furthered into her soul and offered mine.

I couldn't see me leaving. I couldn't see this ending. The groan that escaped me shook our bodies as I let go of myself, no longer shocked by the owning she had of my sanity.

My name was her breath. It felt as if no matter how many times I delved deeper into her offering, it still wasn't enough. I wanted her to consume me. I wanted her to have my dead heart and accept it – my blood was already hers. My mouth dropped to her neck and I sucked on her skin, teasing it between my teeth. She wanted me to bite. She wanted us connected in every way possible. Her neck moved for me to have more room and I slowed our pace in the dark.

"Sookie," I rasped against her skin. "My lover." She moaned in response. "Tell me what you want." Her gasping was at my ear, her breath tickling my skin as she held on tighter.

"You. Please, Eric." I was powerless – all I desired to do was obey her.

I surged deep and her gasp thrilled me. Her orgasm was building to a climax that would break me into a worship of her body. She trembled, trapped between the wall and my expanse. I held her gently as I could in my passion, my need to dominate and mark her in every way as mine weighed my desperate craving to treasure her fragility.

Her lips pressed against my ear as she whispered, "I love you." I lost any form of control I might have deluded myself into believing I had. I wasn't sure how loud the roar was that drifted out of my body, which arched and pushed Sookie further up the wall as she clamped around my pulsating erection, exploding unfathomably.

I held her tight to me as her head rested at the crook of my neck, her hands calming my shuddering. She made no noise, just shallow breaths.

"Beautiful." Sookie shrieked and I hid her body as best I could. I was ashamed at how my absorption of her blinded me of the arrival of the king. She pushed at her dress and I dropped her to the ground. She leaned against me. I looked over my shoulder and gave Russell my calmest of smiles. He stood, his eyes aglow, taking in our predicament.

"Your majesty, have I over stepped my bounds?"

"Quite the contrary, Mr. Northman. I'm very pleased that you feel so...comfortable in my abode. Please, if you and Miss Stackhouse could follow me?" He gave us a laugh and turned his backs to lead. I glanced back at Sookie who brushed at her flowered dress and walked past me, embarrassed at being caught. I smirked and followed the blond woman of my affections.

Her hands slid over her ass, still self-conscious of our tryst. I forced my fangs away and looked from her body over to Russell who was greatly amused at what he witnessed. We entered a lounge that had the Magister sitting in wait. He stood to his feet at our arrival.

"Her again?" The Magister's nose scrunched up in distaste, looking Sookie up and down. "Should we make it a law to have no affiliation with Sookie Stackhouse?" He knew her name now. I wondered how many other vampires were now aware of her.

"Come now, Magister. If we did that, you'd be bored at home knitting," Russell laughed at his own joke. I smirked and sat down across from the two of them, with Sookie next to me, our knees touching. The King turned to her and gave her a chilling smile. "I like you Sookie." He said her name as if he was mocking.

"You don't know me," she said. Her voice was strong, despite her deep fear. I admired that about her.

"I know a lot more than you may think," Russell raised a brow. "I know our friend Eric here would do almost anything for you. In fact, he might do everything."

Before I could intercede, Sookie lifted her chin and gave the King an indignant look. "Eric's smarter than that. I know he'll only ever do what he thinks is right." I wasn't so sure that was true when it came to her. I'd proven that several times. Bringing her here was not right. Loving her was not right. And yet, I was still doing it when I knew it to be wrong.

"Oh, Eric. I think I understand her appeal," the King snickered. The Magister, in his normal look of discontentedness, glared at the three of us.

"We're not here for a social call. We're here for very serious matters. Eric, you left your designated area."

"My fault, Magister," Russell said immediately. "I will defend mine. Eric has sworn his fealty."

The Magister gave me a look of mild surprise. "What made you decide to do that Eric? As I understand you've been very stubborn for the past few centuries."

"You see, Magister..." Russell inclined in his seat, giving me a smug expression. I remained still and uninvolved in the conversation. My opinion, my voice meant very little in the situation. "I had been trying to force Eric to my will for so long when all I had to do was wait for him to fall in love. Isn't that right, Sookie?"

Sookie's eyes were on me. As much as I wished to remain focused on the situation at hand, I couldn't help my gaze from shifting to her brown eyes, staring at me with a trust I wasn't so sure I deserved. I was reminded of the two of us in front of the mob in the Fellowship of the Sun. I smiled at her slightly and gave her a swift wink. She looked away over to our audience, both of whom looked uncomfortable with our stare.

Before she opened her mouth, I saw her determined look and was cautious and yet eager to see what she would say. "Eric had to get me out of there. The Queen was abusive. I am my own person. I am not a pet and that is exactly how she treated me. I know you may not have much respect for humanity and in return I have no respect for your laws. I will never go back to Sophie-Anne again." Her look of superiority never wavered.

This woman.

"Huh. Interesting," Russell mumbled.

The Magister looked annoyed. "You are an insolent little girl. You are hardly even a fraction of my age. I don't care what you have respect for!" He stood up and his eyes pierced at Sookie. Without even realizing it I was at my feet as well, my fangs were down and I was prepared to kill him and then make a run for it with Sookie and Pam.

I saw flashes of our lives away from the South. We would travel on ships, in cargo, I'd done it before and survived, we would do it again. We would go through Europe, maybe back to Scandinavia. No, that would be the obvious choice. East. We would go to Asia. I knew a Tibetan Sherpa in the mountains who owed me...

"Now, now. The girl has balls Magister, you can't hold that against her," Russell said. His indifference was not an issue. I would kill him too if I had to. It would get me out of this arrangement. I would owe nobody except my loyalty to Sookie and Pam. They were all I needed.

"I can hold it against her if I wish it!" he hissed. I growled low in warning, angling myself. She would not be taken from me again. "Nobody speaks to me that way. I am the law!"

"Yeah, well you have awful manners!" Sookie piped up. I was shocked to see the wildness behind the Magister's eyes. "You're not any better than any other vampire I've ever met. What makes you so special?"

If I could. I would shut her the fuck up. I should. She was digging us into a hole. "Sookie," I whispered in warning.

The Magister's eyes flashed to me. "You have no control of your human, Eric. You have no control of yourself around her! You're becoming a simpering moron who has a death wish!"

I felt Sookie's fury as if it had become mine. She jumped to her feet by my elbow. "You don't talk to him that way!" My hand lashed out and pushed her back into the couch. Russell was on his feet too. The air crackling with a tension I wasn't sure how to break. Fangs were out and the bloodlust was raging.

"We have a trial to address," Russell reminded us through his fangs.

"Eric!" I vaguely heard her. The Magister took a step forward.

The Magister wanted death. I had never seen him lose his management. He threatened idly beneath his words, "Never, have I seen such irrationality from a group of vampires as I have courtesy of you Miss Stackhouse. I predict more if this continues."

A bell of warning rung in my head. Every instinct I had urged me to move. To go. Something big was going to happen this night. I had spent a millennia trusting my gut. Now, I was ignoring it, staying put in front of the telepath who I predicted may be my end.

"I would not take another step if I were you." It did not sound like my own voice. I had crouched. I was spitting, ready to gouge, to end.

"Are you really that foolish?" his voice was quiet. I didn't ease.

"Eric," Sookie said again.

"Eric," Russell added. "Let's not make this into a situation that you misguidedly think was a threat to your human."

"Hardly misguided, Russell. I see more trouble with Sookie Stackhouse in the future," the Magister said.

I felt Sookie touch my hand. I pulled away from her and moved toward our perilous enemy.

"You are a fool," the Magister repeated his sentiment of disgust. "I'm not the only one who wants her dead, Northman. And as soon as everyone finds out she is no longer under the roof of Sophie-Anne, people will be out for you. And I will do nothing to stop it. I will encourage..."

I let out a bellow, infuriated by his words. Never, had I been so out of control. Never. I reached forward and the magister whipped out his cane which turned into silver. He hit me over the head, the burn reaching my temple, his strength knocking me to the ground.

"ERIC!" Sookie screamed. All at once, the Magister's men moved in on me. I heard Russell's outcry. I was shadowed by the men. I felt Sookie's fear as someone grabbed onto her and I could almost see, although my vision was blurry after being hit with silver. In a roar, I burst to my feet. I lashed at anyone who got between me and the Magister and his guard holding Sookie hostage away from me.

Someone jumped on my back and I roared in rage. Sookie screamed and reached out to the Magister who closed in on her, his multi-faceted cane looking dangerously close to a sword that would cut into her flawless throat – mine.

All at once, everything turned bright. I was blinded. I dropped to my knees, shielding my eyes as I heard the Magister's screams of agony. I tried to see through the light but could not. I felt for Sookie and was overwhelmed with a power like none I had ever experienced. I stayed on my knees, grounded.

I felt the light ease up, but I stayed still. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Sookie staring in horror at the scene around her. Tears streamed down her face and I saw what she must have done. The Magister was limp, lifeless on the ground, bleeding from his head. I looked around at the attackers. They were out cold, and so were Russell and his own guard who must have interfered at the threat of their King.

Why was I still standing?

Sookie shook. "Oh my God," she whispered. "Oh my God." I felt uneasy on my feet as I staggered toward her, drained of energy. I fell to my knees before her, taking her hand that was still outstretched toward the Magister and brought it to my chest. I stroked up her arm to her shoulder. She looked over at me, her mouth still open, her devastation, her confusion tugging at my being. "Eric. What did I do?"

My hands gripped her at their own accord. She winced as I saw the future I had imagined only minutes before this unforeseen circumstance arose.

"Eric, let go. You're hurting me." I could barely hear her as my brain turned, spewing out ideas, consequences, challenges.

"We must leave at once," I uttered. I looked around, wondering how long this silence would last. She was numb, unmovable. I got to my feet, dragging her unresponsive legs with me. I lifted her under my arm and made a beeline for the door.

"Eric, we can't leave," she whispered. I looked around the foyer and saw Pam descending from the stairs.

"Is the trial about to begin?" she asked, looking at her maker for instructions on what to do next.

I had always been prepared for any moment and Pam knew of the possibilities of us one day having to up and leave at a moments notice. Every vampire was prepared for this.

"We are leaving the country immediately. Make the final arrangements," I fired in my native tongue to her. My child, calm, accepting, did not question, did not ask why. She obeyed me. She pulled out her phone and placed it at her ear, instantly doing as I said.

"Eric, what did you say? Eric, we can't leave them all in there!" Sookie's voice was a background noise as I ushered Pam out of the mansion. There were Weres on Russell's property tonight. I held onto Sookie tighter, her cries of panic no longer my concern, only mine of keeping her alive. Pam closed the phone and wrapped her arms around my neck and with both my women in either arm I shot into the night sky.

It was rather difficult to fly with two of them more so then I was used to. But I had to get us as far away from here as fast as possible. Pam was still and accommodating to my difficulty in flying with two, Sookie on the other hand flailed against my hold.

"Are you stupid?" I hissed. "We're way up here and if I drop you..." She froze and I felt her hand on my forearm, her nails digging in. She would not let up. I looked around.

"Eric we're not stopping," Pam said. Over the howl of the wind moving us through the night, there was no way Sookie could hear her. "Eric. Don't be an idiot. We can't stop so you can explain to her!"

I dropped down to the nearest roof I saw after we flew for a while. We probably only had a minute. I set Sookie down and she fell to her knees, breathing heavily, her hands on the roof. I wasn't surprised when she threw up. Pam looked away in disgust, her lips curling over her teeth.

"Sookie," I said.

"Where are we going?"

"We have to leave the country," Pam interjected before I could break it to her gently.

"We have to?" Sookie balked. "I didn't mean to kill him!" she cried, peering up at me. Pam gave me a curious look, no doubt wondering who exactly Sookie had killed.

"I know you didn't, but it's done. We have to leave. Or we will be found and killed."

She scrambled to her feet, wiping her mouth, her hair was windblown and her eyes dancing with fear. Her emotions were erratic and I tried my best to shut them away from me. I stared at her, emotionless – after what had just happened. I would not be withheld from my instincts because of her once again. She would not break me down.

"I can't leave the country. I know it's my fault. Eric, you and Pam should go. I can't. I just got back. What about Jason?" Her eyes overflowed with tears again. I heard Pam sigh. I withheld myself from cuffing my child over the head. "What about Sam?" A flare of annoyance at the mention of that bothersome shifter could not be ignored. "What about Tara? Eric..." She moved forward and gripped my arms. "I know. I know it's my fault. I know I shouldn't have provoked anyone. I was stupid. So stupid. It's my fault. You and Pam shouldn't have to sacrifice everything for me. I killed him. It's all on me. We'll go back and explain. I can't run away without a word. I need to return. I need to tell them what I did. I need to say goodbye to Jason and my friends." Her hands cradled my face and she brought me down to her level, her eyes boring into mine with a sincere intensity. "I don't know what will happen to me. I don't know if I'll be locked up again or killed, but I can't run. I just can't. Don't do this for me. Don't." Her lips pressed against mine desperately. "I love you, but I can't ask this of you. I hope you'll under–"

I pinched at her neck and she grew limp in my arms as she was put to sleep. "Love you too," I said.

I lifted her into my arms, cradling her to my chest. Pam laughed slightly and got on my back as I shot into the air, continuing on with our escape.


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