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Chapter 1

Bella pov

Walking the streets at 2 in the morning was NOT my idea those stupid bitches wanted to play 'Lets ditch Bella' How nice of them I mean what did I ever do to them, nothing I tell you. I no longer 'had a place in there group' since he imprinted. Like that gave them the right to treat me this way. I don't think so did they ever think that he wanted me to be there, not to mention I do have other friends besides him on the rez.

But you know I don't care anymore I'm leaving anyway my days are numbered in this po-dunk little town. Forks can kiss my ass I am going somewhere sunny. Where I don't have to worry about wolves and vampires or how they hate each other. It's not my problem anymore I just can't deal. How can tell someone that you love them that they were the most important person in the world and nothing else matters. Then go and make different plans and everything the next day.

Flash back

"Bella can we talk?" Jake asked.

"Sure Jake what's wrong you look upset?" I asked.

"Bella this isn't going to work I'm so sorry I never met to hurt. I hope that we can still be friends." Jake said.

"Hold up Jake what are you talking about? Weren't you just yesterday telling me how much you loved me? Weren't you the one talking about how our life was going to be? Wasn't it you begging me to have three kids with you? Was it not or was that some other Jake? What happened after I left for work yesterday Jake, tell me?" I begged.

"Listen to me Bella I never ment to hurt you but I am not in love with you I am sorry for all the pain but I can't return your love anymore." Jake said.

"Jake, tell me what I did so that I can fix please Jake!" I begged. Tears started to stream down my face.

"Bella, look, as much as I would like to talk to you I really need to go get ready."

"Jake, WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!" I yelled at him. Jake started to shake I knew that he was getting mad and he could change into a wolf and from what happen to Emily I know the outcome could be bad but I just knew that Jake would never hurt me. Yes something happened yesterday but we could get through it we just had to talk about it.

"Fine Jake I'll leave now but I will be back and we will talk about it. I need to go check on Charlie and I'll be home in an hour so be ready to talk." I started to walk towards my truck when Jake said the words I never wanted to hear.

"I won't be here when you get back and maybe it would be better if you moved back with Charlie." I stopped dead in my tracks turned to face Jake and when I did I cringed with the look that he had in his eyes.

No more were they the bright shiny rays of light that my Jake had no that was gone in their place was cold distant look. It was his eyes that made me realize everything that he said was true that he didn't love me that he didn't want me. There was a sharp pain in my chest it felt like a knife had just been plugged in and ripped back out leavening a big gaping hole.

I screamed out in agony holding my hand over my chest. I don't know how long I laid there on the ground it could have been hours it could have been days all I knew that I felt like I had no reason to move on. I gave Jake everything I had and he threw me away as though I was yesterday's trash. I felt to strong warm arms wrap around me. Looking into the eyes of the one person that had picked me up was not the one person that could make this better. No I was looking into the eyes of Seth Clearwater.

"Come home with me, Bella, you need to speak to Leah." He said.

End flashback

That night I learned about imprinting the one thing Jake never told me about. I found out that Jake went to the bar with the guys and that is where they found her. He imprinted and I was forgotten about. Now because Leah was called back for a pack meeting the girls thought it would be funny to steal my purse and key leaving me behind when I went to the bathroom. I don't understand why they did this to me.

I'm leaving in two days for crying out loud and I am never coming back. I love my father and would do anything for him but I just can't comeback. I know my dad understands but it still hurts that I can't be strong enough to stick around for him. I also know that I will still see my dad.

Sure I was stupid a few years ago when I quit meeting him for visits but that won't happen again. I was pulled out of my thoughts when someone grabbed me from behind. Pulling me into the alley and slamming me into the wall. This can't be happening to me. I was leaving I was saying goodbye. I never got to tell my dad that I loved him one last time.

I don't know why I'm thinking about that there's still a chance I could get away but for some reason I have a feeling deep down in my gut that I will die tonight. I look into my attackers eyes there red. His skin was as white as a sheet he was cold and hard as stone. The words ran out of my mouth before I could say anything "Vampire." it was a whisper but he still heard me.

He stopped dead in his tracks this game gave me a second to think of what I was going to do next. I remember from what Jake told me of the cold ones aka vampires that I couldn't fight him I would just hurt myself and that's not what I needed to do no I needed to think. Before I could think of something he ran his nose down my neck. Taking a quick step back the vampire looked at me and asked what the offensive smell was.

That's when the light bulb went off in my head maybe there was still a chance. "Werewolves." I spoke. With the little steps I was able to give us some more distance this was also giving me time to think of what next to do. For crying out loud I am a cops daughter but I knew that wouldn't faze him but the wolf speak seem to have him thinking.

He didn't know that I was miles away from home and there were no werewolves in the area. God I really wish Leah was here she'd rip that fucker to shred's.

"How many"? He asked.

I said "12 there's always at least 4 on patrol at a time but if they catch the scent of one of you they call for the rest of the pack to come. You still have a chance to get away before they come." He looked to be in thought for a second not even paying any attention to me.

This gave me the opening that I was looking for. I took off running for the near place that was open and had people in it. I was sure that if there was enough that he wouldn't try and kill me with witness around right. As I was running I seen a women heading in the direction that I just left there was no way I could let her walk that way I yelled for her to run there's a crazy guy in the alley.

The women stopped and as I got closer I could see that she was pale and had red eyes. Well fuck me I tired and do a good deed and it comes and bites me in the ass. The women spoke.

"James, are you playing with your food again what have we told you about that." She said.

"Sorry Victoria this one got away from me. Smell her and tell me what you think." She grabbed me roughly by the arm pulling me to her. Taking a whiff of me then scrunching her face.

"Ewe, what's that god awful smell."

"That's not it James said. Now smell the air."

Victoria took a whiff of the air and scrunches her nose again. She looked at James to ask him again but I figured that I would speak so that I could get her as freaked as he was. If this works, I could make it out of this alive and get the hell out of here. I know I should worry about Charlie but he never comes out here to Seattle and maybe just maybe I could scare them off to somewhere else or at least send the pack out here to get rid of them so they don't kill anyone else.

"Werewolves. There are 12 of them. They patrol this area quite often to make sure there are no vampires in the area." I told Victoria looking her dead in the eye trying to convey the real threat.

Victoria hissed at my words I seen the brief flashes of fear run across her eyes that ran across James. Victoria turn to me then asked.

"How do you know them? Have you ever seen them kill a vampire? How many did it take if or when they did?"

"First, I am an imprint which means I am the soul mate to one of the wolves. Second, yes I have seen them kill a vampire before. Third, it only took one but there are always at least 4 on patrol. But most of them show up not long after they find a vampire. You have a chance to walk away now I promise not to say anything if you leave but if you kill me you will have the whole pack after you. They will hunt you till they find you. They can live forever as long as they don't quite phasing. From what I have heard from the legends is that if the imprint is murdered by a cold one that they wolf will live as long as it takes to get revenge."

God I hope this works. I thought to myself. Victoria let go of my arm looking at James again for the second time I have a chance to get away and I take it. I didn't get as far as I hope. Victoria grabbed me from behind pulling flush against her. Turning me around to face her she ran her nose along my neck again and then said the words that I was not counting on.

"I think it will be worth it by the way you smell." Never taking her eyes off of me she speaks to James again.

"James, do you want or her or can I have her."

"Oh I want her but maybe we should take this a few miles away so that I'm not interrupted". Faster than I could blink I was out of victoria's hand and into James arms running somewhere to my death.

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