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Seth's pov

I'm running in wolf form as far away as possible, from the sounds my sister was making, it was driving me insane! As I continue to run I notice that the other wolf is following me, I couldn't help but wonder who was this mystery wolf, what pack did he belong to, was he friend or enemy? I was about four feet from the forest line when I stopped and turned to see if the mystery wolf would stop or continue to run, I wanted to change from wolf to human but even though I could feel this wolfs emotions I still couldn't hear his thoughts which worried me a bit.

I didn't wait long before the big over size wolf barreled through the trees halting to a stop. I scan this wolf, he has to be an easy ten to twelve feet standing on his hind legs, he would be bigger then Sam or even Jake. While this could be a very good thing, I can't help to wonder what kind of danger this wolf could bring to my sister. Bella doesn't have the best luck with the supernatural world. I reach out with my mind and try to speak to the yellow eyed wolf.

"Can you hear me?" I ask hoping that he could hear me.

The wolf eyes widen for a second, then his head tilts to the right. I tried to hold back my laugh as I can't help to compare this wolf to Bella, she always turns her head to the side when I do something, or say something weird. I tried again.

"Shake your head if you can hear me?" I ask the wolf, while I watch to see if he shakes his head.

The wolf doesn't shake his head but continues to tilt his to the right. I'm beginning to wonder if it has something to do with the different packs and maybe the communication is different. Then it hit me if I can feel his emotions maybe he could feel mine, now just to think of how to do it, and then it hit me.

The Cullen that tried to use his gift on peter in the hospital. I think his gift has something to do with emotions. I know he can make you feel things by sending out what he wants you to feel. I wonder if I push my feelings of trust to him if the wolf would respond by shifting so we could speak. With this thought in mind I close my eyes and shift while sending the message that I trust him with my feelings.

As I open my eyes and I glance at the figure in front of me as I reach down and grab my clothes and quickly dressing. I notice that he has cocked his head to the other side but his eyes have gotten wide as he watches me dress, I could help but laugh as the thought of Bella giving the same look if she had been here and it had been her instead of the wolf.

"You can change if you want I'll turn my back if you would like?" I say in a smooth tone as I turn my back and allow the wolf time to change.

As I turn my back on the wolf I get a weird feeling, the wind blew from the north, the forest had went silent then all of a sudden.

"MINE!" Peter snarled as the scent of Bella's blood flow threw the breeze.

Third person pov

Marie and Billy had sit at the kitchen table all night plotting and planning, once they were happy with the idea, Marie smiled as she skipped over to Billy sitting in his wheel chair, kissing his cheek, Marie headed to Jakes room where she was going to be staying since she wasn't allowed to be with Jake.

As the news of Leah's and Paul's imprinting ran wild among the pack no one paid much attention to the very fact that Marie and Billy would leave the rez everyday at four pm and wouldn't return till way past ten pm, no one noticed that something was brewing in the distance as the rumors of the legends being true ran ramped among the tribe, slowly a few of the wolfs from Jake's and Sam's pack started to head in the direction of Leah. This pissed Jake off more everyday, Jake and Billy and Marie hit there breaking point one night at the last bomb fire, instead of the normal stories of the old legends it was of the legend of the Immortal Wolf, everyone was asking Leah what she thought was gonna happen when Bella returned, how soon would Bella be able to fix the tribe and set it on the right path, it was question after question about Bella and even Bella's mate.

Jake got up and left, he didn't even stay for the hole thing, instead he walks off into the woods where he quickly shifts into his wolf form running off. Leah , Paul and Embry went looking for him three days after he had been missing, though they were unable to find him, they thought that maybe he had gotten to his location and shifted back, if that was the case they knew they wouldn't find him till he shifted back. Leah decided to post a wolf near Billy's house patrolling while Jake was away and to see if and when he came back. Marie and Billy continued on there daily trip off the rez, still no one noticed or even thought that Billy and Marie were up to no good, they actually thought that they were starting to accept the change becoming more active and giving a helping hand, all the while the change was taking place on the rez something more important was happing to Bella….

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