A/N: I got the inspiration for this thanks to digitalrewind, a comm on LJ dedicated to rewatching the five, soon to be six, Digimon seasons. We are currently rewatching Frontier.

The journey to Venus Rose seemed to take forever. When the children finally stopped for the night, they set up camp and decided on who should take the first watch.

Junpei was unlucky enough to get stuck with the first watch. He looked around as everyone started to settle down for the night and sighed, he was always first. Sometimes it wouldn't bother him, he was the oldest in the group after all and he tried to be responsible for the others. He picked up a stick off the floor and poked at the fire.

About an hour into his watch, Junpei picked up a left over meat apple, hovering it over the fire. To his right, he could hear Takuya's snores. To his left, he could see the outline of Izumi and Tomoki. Bokomon and Neemon were nestled up in a nearby tree, Neemon's snores almost rivaling Takuya's.

Kouji was nowhere in sight. The older boy turned around, and sure enough, Kouji was propped up against a tree, his eyes closed.

Junpei let a smile slip onto his face as he turned back to the fire. He twisted his meat apple so the fire could cook the other side. He was so focused on his midnight snack that he didn't notice until someone sat down next to him.

Another meat apple joined his.

Junpei kept his eyes forward, "I thought you were sleeping."

His companion shrugged, "Waiting for the others to fall asleep first. We haven't had any chance to talk lately."


There was a poke on his side, "Your apple's burning."

Junpei let out a yelp as he yanked his apple out of the fire. Its skin was burnt crisp with smoke rising from it. Takuya's snoring stopped for a moment before starting again. Junpei began to blow on his half ruined apple, but still gave it a bite. "Mmm, curry." He glanced sideways as the second apple was brought out of the fire, perfect and steaming.

Kouji gave his apple a few puffs before taking a bite. He made a face, but still swallowed. "Lamb."

The older boy frowned, "You don't like lamb?"

Kouji shook his head, "Dad..." He looked down, "Dad tried making it once. It didn't turn out so well."

Junpei remained silent, chewing on his apple. It was rare for Kouji to mention anything about his home life.

The other boy seemed to sense the oddness of the situation and clammed up. Then he looked over, eying the apple in his friend's hand. Before Junpei could react, Kouji leaned over, taking a bite of the curry-tasting apple. He pulled back, some of the juice sliding down his chin as he smiled.

Junpei pretended to be scandalized, "That was mine!"

Kouji swallowed as he ran his thumb up from his chin to his lips, licking the juice from his thumb. "Yes, yes it was."

Junpei let out a grin and, without caring that they were in the open, leaned over and pressed his lips against Kouji's. He could taste curry and lamb but didn't care. Kouji returned the kiss, dropping his stick and latching onto Junpei's sleeve.

He felt himself being pushed to the ground, Junpei's tongue managing to find its way into his mouth. He pressed his tongue forward, trying to catch the other boy's tongue with his own when he felt solid ground against his back. Kouji pushed away at that, trying really hard to catch his bearings.

"Wait, Junpei wait."

Junpei didn't stop, instead trailing kisses onto Kouji's neck. "Mmm."

Kouji tugged on the other boy's sleeve. "Junpei, Junpei I'm not doing this."

The trail of kisses froze as Junpei looked up, "What? Why?"

Kouji looked up at the sky, not daring to look at his... friend? in the eye. "I don't... I'm not going to be the bottom. I only top."