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Almost A Patriot

By Liam

She hadn't spoken in five minutes. Five long, chilly minutes. She just sat there, leaning against the headboard, smoking her second cigarette. The look upon her face was... Well, there was really no singular word to describe it. But he recalled a similar expression on Amanda Witmer's face back in 8th grade biology when Mr. Stevens told her she had to dissect the frog if she intended to pass the course. That look was made incredibly discomforting by the fact Chuck suddenly felt very froggy.


"Sarah, there are really no words..."

Without even glancing his way, Sarah held up a hand to silence him. She shook her head slightly. No, dude. Don't.

She took a final drag off her cigarette and snuffed it out. With her hand already in the neigborhood, she grabbed her cell phone. Scrolling through her contact list, she tapped a number, flipped her hair aside, and placed the phone to her ear.

"Carina, hi!"..."Yeah, this is THAT phone call."...Sarah finally turned to face him. With perfect annunciation, she said, "Thirty-two seconds."

From his own sitting position, Chuck slid down, trying to disappear into the mattress.

"Well, at least there wasn't much of a mess to clean up."

Chuck lifted the sheets and disappeared beneath them.

"Yeah, well, Chuck's difficulty with trigger control seems to extend beyond firearms."

Chuck groaned as the phone conversation continued for another couple minutes. Chuck finally heard Sarah disconnect the call, followed a moment later by another cigarette being lit. He chanced pulling down the sheet below his eyes.

Sarah quietly puffed away, her head cocked down and eyes fixed upon him. She took a deep drag and exhaled smoke as she critically eyed him. "Three years," she finally said. "That's how long astronauts wait for their shuttle mission. Three years waiting for blast off. And your freaking space shuttle explodes on the platform."

"Wanna snuggle?" Chuck asked, hoping to placate his still-not-quite lover.

Sarah's only answer was to press out the cigarette on his chest. Chuck howled in pain, but Sarah immediately shushed him with, "Quiet, bitch!"


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