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A little behind-the scenes-all I had to work off to create the origin for this character, (The Music Meister) is these lines he sang in his Debut episode, (Mayhem of the Music Meister):

Bullies used to pick on me because I sang in choir,
But something very strange occurred as I kept singing higher:
The ruffians around me quickly fell into a trance,

And it was then, with wicked glee, I made those puppets dance!

Now the moment the world's been waiting for; Without further ado, the Origin of the Music Meister! (At the very least, my interpretation)

Chapter 1: Left Out (Shinedown)

Cliff Meisters. All of his life his mother wanted him to be a singer. An actor in an opera group. A member of the church choir. As long as he could earn money from singing, it was what she wanted him to do. That's why, in his freshman year at Gotham High School, half of his class schedule is devoted to the school choir.

He never wanted to be in the choir. His mother, however, insisted on him going there. When he asked why, he remembers her saying:

"Because when you sing, you remind me of your grandmother. She was a great singer in her day. She had a voice that was so beautiful, you could swear she was some sort of…Siren."

He knew better than that. He was no Siren. He couldn't hypnotize men with his song, and lure them to their deaths. He never even wanted to be associated with singing. His mother assured him that the choir would at least be a great experience. If only she could see him shortly after the school year started…

Pretty much after their first session, a gang of 'tough guys' made it their business to bully, and jeer at, every single one of the choir members. Cliff got the worst of it, since he was the highest-singing boy in the group. Everywhere he turned, there was always someone waiting to call him gay, a weirdo, a guy who literally has no balls, a girl; you name it, he got called it.

Why, earlier one day, he got slapped on the butt after one of them called him a squeaky-singing girl. The guy who slapped him said "Damn, bitch! Y' looking sexy t'day!" What's more, they did it while the security guards were right there looking at them! (A rumor was going around that the guards had been gassed by Professor Crane, (a.k.a. The Scarecrow,) last Halloween, and the bullies terrified them out of their wits. These rumors are not that widely believed, as people who are exposed to fear-gas opt to go into rehab rather than go back to work.)

Later that day, as he was packing up to return to school, he reflected on the events of the past few months. The only real thing he had going for him was his voice; it was almost like he could hit any note of any High-Tenor part. He was able to sing Bass parts, too! Music came naturally to him. So, it's only natural that when he has a problem to express, he expresses it in song.

Where's that space of fear you hide? He asked himself.

Have you gone way beyond the center,
Out there in space?

I know you need to get even. He said, as he thought about those bullies getting what was coming to them, sooner or later.

Before he even fully realized it, his brain turned into a DJ's mixing table, his stringy muscles became guitar strings, his heartbeat a set of drums...and he began to sing:

Tell me the one about the hand that holds you down,
Because the bruise on your face, it always seems to stay around.
And tell me the one about the hand that holds you down,
Because you seem to be lost, with no intention to be found!

So how does it feel?
How does it feel??
To be the one who's always in the way;
(To be the ones that never made the page)
Be the one who's always...Left Out in the Rain?!?

Cliff sang on as he walked down the halls, as if he were singing from his soul. And he was, because the song reflected how he felt at the time. He was so absorbed in his singing, that he almost believed he was alone in the dark hallways...

Tell me again, about the spark that met the flame,
And tell me again, about the man who went insane.
Is there place within for redemption?
Is there a voice inside with a decision?
And if so, when, and if so, then

He almost screamed that line, and unbeknownst to him, his singing has attracted a lot of attention...

So how does it feel?
How does it feel??
To be the one who's always in the way;
(To be the ones that never made the page)
Be the one who's always...Left Out in the Rain?!?

Be the one who's always...Left Out in the Rain?!?

Just when people thought he was done, he continued on...

I know, that you need to get even.
And I know, it's for all the right reasons;
And I, well I know, that you're staring at the edge-
And I, well I know, that you need to get even!!!

So how does it feel?
How does it feel??
To be the one who's always in the way;
(To be the ones that never made the page)
Be the one who's always...Left Out in the Rain?!?

Be the one who's al---

All of a sudden, he was rudely interrupted:

"Aw, man! Look at the poor likkle kiddie singing for his supper!"

"Here's a dime, hungry boy.." and a guy in a turban (He was wearing it in order to dare the security guards to come after him) offered him a few coins.

"Wh-what's the big Idea?!?" asked a startled Cliff.

The larger one of the group finally responded: "We now know why you're such a good singer, kid: Your dad was such a bar-hopper, he sung his throat out with the Karaoke machines! All before he up and did yo' mommy!"

Everyone who wasn't a member of that gang suddenly gasped. The sentence struck a few nerves with everyone, but not so much as Cliff, who couldn't help but remember what his mother told him:

Mr. Meisters was an alchoholic. He spent nearly all of the family money on his precious drink, and eventually died of alchohol poisoning. He left the Meisters household with little-to-no credit, and Mrs. Meisters was left to raise Cliff all by herself. She only told Cliff what happened with him when he asked why he wasn't going to a private school with a good singing tutor, given that she wants him to be a singer so much.

And now the people who picked on him regulary knew it. As he processed the thought, he screamed. And it wasn't the artistic musical scream used by heavy metal/emo groups; it was a genuine scream. They had succeded in getting to him, and he couldn't take it for one second.

In a fit of rage, he rushed out the doors, and hopped on his bike. He rode away, leaving his bags at school. Where he was going, he wouldn't be needing them....

The gang laughed as he left, but the rest of the student body knew what was going on: Cliff Meisters, the most talented kid in school, was off going to commit suicide.

Next time, as Cliff speeds off to his fateful destination, what will happen? And what song will be sung?

This will definitely be an emotional story, and I encourage you to tell me if I'm stepping over any boundaries!

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