Alternate Ending to Law Abiding Citizen. =]

Nick ran away from the tunnels. He turned back to see a huge explosion. He chuckled knowing that Clyde Shelton was dead. He walked away happily that the city of New York was now safe. He got into his car and drove back home to his wife and daughter Denise. When he got home he told his family the news. " Hes dead." Nick announced. His wife Kelly looked up from her plate. " What happened?" She asked. Denise tried to concentrate on her supper, rather than listen to her father talking about a murder. " He planted this bomb inside these tunnels he dug under the jail. We locked him and and the bomb went off." He explained happily. Denise looked up from her plate to her father. " Is that the man from the video?" She asked, refering to the movie she watched one day of a man cutting up some guy with a medical saw. Both parents looked at their daughter, they had told he that it was just a scary movie, expecting her to believe them. Kelly took a sip of the milk in front of her, letting her husband explain this to Denise. " Umm, yeah." Nick said, while putting his plate in the sink. Kelly set her glass down, " Did you guys check to make sure he was dead?" She questioned. Nick just looked at her, " No. Come on Kelly, do you think a man could survive the blast of a bomb?" Kelly rolled her eyes at her husband, " But this man isn't just your average joe! He's smart, what happens if he had this planned out as well?" Nick dropped the plate he was washing and ran to the phone. The plate broke and pieces flew everywhere. " Dunnigan!" Nick called into the phone when it picked up. " Nick? Whats up?" The man asked. Nick rubbed at his face, " Look, after the explosion do you think Shelton died?" The was a long pause, " What are you getting at Nick?" Detective Dunnigan questioned. " What if he found his way out after all!" Nick exclaimed. There was no answer. "Keep calm Nick, Me and the others will go check for his body, and I can assure you that he's dead." He hung up the phone.

He crawled through and into the jail cells. He kept running as he felt the heat against his back. He didn't look back, just in case he slowed down. He needed to stay alive, he promised his wife and child that he would avenge their deaths. He missed his wife Heather. And his little Sadie. He still had the little bracelet that she had made him the night that Darby broke in. He saw the flames everywhere, it reminded him of hell. That's where Darby was. But Clyde didn't belong in hell, he was helping New York City with the failed justice system. He finally managed to get to the back door. He saw Nick walking away. He knew he thought that he had killed him. That was a good thing. He shouldn't be the only father without his wife or child. Nick should suffer, the pain that he ws put through when he only put Darby in prison for three years. That damn man got bail! He knew his next plan, but this time, the killing was going to be face to face. He wanted to see the look on the persons face when they saw him. Revenge.

" Come on Nick, they probley couldn't find his body because of the explosion. Now will you come get some rest." Kelly nagged. Nick sighed and put his cellphone back on the night table. He went to the bathroom and brushed his teeth. He heard a knocking sound. Someone was knocking at the door. This late? He sighed and spite toothpaste into the sink. The pounding got louder. Nick opened the door to see Clyde Shelton staring at him. " Hello Nick." He said. He pulled a pair of bolt cutter out from behind his back. " You tried to kill me Nick. I thought we were friends." Clyde said, while slowly walking closer to him. Nick could tell Clyde felt betrayed, but he was a criminal! They had to kill him or else he would keep on killing! Simple logic. " Come on Clyde, don't do this." Nick begged. He could hear his daugher snoring. He didn't want to lose her. " Can't fight fate Nick." Clyde smiled. Nick was backed against the wall, Clyde's face a few inches away from his. " They'll find you Clyde! They'll kill you!" He yelled. Clyde paused, " They'll know you did it." Nick said, gruffly. Clyde took a deep breath. " Its not what you know, its what you can prove in court!" He yelled. He heard footsteps coming down the hall. No! Stay in the room! Nick prayed.

Denise stared at the man and her father. He was going to kill him. " Please, no!" She sobbed. The man, she knew his face. He was all over the news. Clyde Shelton. Clyde turned to look at her. " Don't worry honey, your daddy's going to be fine." The man cooed. Denise turned to see her mother running down the hallway towards her. Her mother gasped when she saw the two. " Nick!" She screamed. Clyde looked at the woman. " Please! Please don't hurt my husband!" She cried. Clyde pulled out a pack of ducttape from out of his pocket. " Now your going to experience what I had to go through." He snarled. Nick kicked and punched, but Clyde was much stronger. He rapped duct tape around the mans hands and then mouth. He threw him against the wall, untill he couldn't move. He was still consious. " Now mommy has to come here." Clyde mocked. Kelly pulled her daughter behind her, because she knew what he was about to do. She saw him reach inside his coat and pull out a handgun. She pushed Denise behind her and told her to go in her room. The girl cried, but did as she was told. Clyde raised the gun up and aimed it at Kelly. " Do you know why I'm doing this?" He asked. Kelly was choked up, " Because your wife and child were killed." She choked out. He nodded, " And your husband could have put both of the murders on exucution, but he was too scared to. He didn't even try!" Clyde snapped. Kelly started crying, " Please, don't kill my daugther!" She pleaded. Clyde paused for a mintue, " I do what I have to do." He replied and fired. Nick tried to scream, but it only came out as muffled noise. Clyde saw the little girl run out of her room. Clyde walked up to her and knelt down on one knee. " Sweeite. I'm sorry I had to do that, but your father is a bad man. If here to take you away from this bad man. If you come with me, I'll be a better father than he could have ever been. He didn't even go to one of your chello recitals did he?" Denise nodded. Nick saw the pain in her eyes. " Come, my child." Clyde coaxed the little girl to hold his hand as the walked out of the house. Nick watched in horror as a murder took his daughter away.

To Be Continued............