I am so sorry that I haven't wrote another chapter for this story in forever! I hope this chapter makes up for it. :)

Clyde sat there, he heard sirens go off all around him. He smiled, knowing that they found his 'masterpiece'. Anyone that had ever hurt Denise would die. Now Kaylie's death was quite complex, he had hooked up a tank full of poisonous gas that was timed to go off at a certain time. Now, this gas wasn't just a gas that would knock you out before you died, it slowly ate pieces of your lungs with every breath you took. Pure genius. See, he knew about Kaylie bullying Denise a long time ago, he had even seen it with his own eye while he was watching her play on the school grounds. She would grab Denise's hair in her hands and pull as if it was a tug- of- war rope. The worst thing that he had seen the bitch do was actually push Denise off the very top of the monkey bars. The small girl fell to the ground and ended up with a broken arm. That was the day Clyde knew she needed to die. Now he didn't consider himself a mad man, nor was he. He was just taking away all the evil in this cruel, cruel world. He saw the jail guards coming towards his cell. He chuckled quietly, this was all going according to plan.

Denise sighed and got into her car. She would have to talk to Clyde once again. She knew he would ask that same question again. If she liked him. She knew she wouldn't be able to answer him. She drove up to see her father running towards her already. " Denise! Denise!" He called. She quickly undid her seat belt and threw open the car door. He ran up to her and hugged her, " I'm sorry to tell you this, but last night Clyde killed your old friend, Kaylie." He exclaimed. Denise looked at the ground, she had never told her parents about Kaylie, she had simply lied and said that she was her friend. Denise nodded, " I know I watched the news last night." She said solemnly. " I know why Clyde's doing this dad." She said while shifting her eyes away from him. He looked at her in a questioning manner, but she just started walking towards the building.

Inside, Clyde was already inside the cage like area. He sat comfortable on the chair and watched her walk in. She motioned for everyone else to leave. "Couldn't stay away from me, eh Denise?" He said, with a smile. Denise rolled her eyes, knowing that her job was to get a confession out of him. " Did you kill Kaylie Thompson?" She said while sitting down in a chair in front of him. His eyes searched down her body. He nodded, " Yes." He replied while leaning back in his chair with his hands stretched behind his head. She knew she should be disgusted by his actions, but she wasn't. " Why did you murder her?" Denise asked while looking at the camera above her. Clyde laughed, " Because she hurt you Denise." He said, huskily. Denise blushed, then got up off the chair. She couldn't handle talking to him on camera. She walked out and slammed the door shut. Her father walked up to her in a questioning manner, " What does he mean by that?" He asked while walking with her. Denise shrugged, " I have no idea." She lied. Nick nodded, believing it.

It was night when Clyde finally got back into his cell. He laid down and put Denise's ear phones in and listened to music. He smiled when he heard the song, ' Eminence Front' by The Who. He remembered listening to that song while eating that steak with his cellmate. He wiggled his finger to the beat. His iPod was the only thing he actually missed, but he loved Denise's. And he loved her. He could admit that much. Lying there, all of his thought spiraled together. The night that him and Denise kissed, the night when she was so young and he had held her captive. That last thought made him think back to that very day. Denise hadn't screamed or cried, she had even hugged him! He thought back to her watching him as he was taken away by police. Her eyes offered him comfort. She was all he would ever need.

Denise didn't want leave that night. She went to the guard and asked if she could talk to Clyde. The man shook his head, " Are you crazy? He committed murder a day ago, and you want to go talk to him!" The man rolled his eyes. She nodded and stepped closer, " Its my job to put an end to his murders." She smiled "Now if you excuse me, I have a job to do." She stiffly while pushing past the guard. He sighed but let her go past.

Clyde's cell was always easy for Denise to pick out. When she reached it, Clyde was sitting on the cell's floor. She pulled out the key that she had snatched from the guard and unlocked the door. Clyde looked up with interest. " Hey babe." He said, quite cocky. She took a deep breath and closed the door behind her. Clyde rose to his feet and walked towards her, a smile plastered on his face. " Why, Clyde?' She asked him, almost sounding like a beg. Clyde held her hand and rubbed her shoulder, " I know what she did to you, I watched he do it Denise. People need to understand that they accountable for actions." Denise shook away his hands, " Accountable for their actions? What about yours!" She scuffed. Denise turned away to walk out, but Clyde grabbed her shoulder. Not gently, but rough. " You like me, right Denise?" He asked, is voice no longer loving. " Your staying with me, whether you like it or not." He growled. Denise stared at in in fear. She saw something glisten in the corner of his pocket. She almost screamed when she realized what it was. A knife.