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Kamui grabbed Kaito by the arm. "Come on! They won't even know we're missing."He pouted. "They all leave when their done!"

Kaito sighed. "Kamui," He said."This is wrong."

"No it's not!" Kamui pouted."We'll be at home."

"Kamu.." Kaito started, getting cut off by the kiss Kamui gave him. He melted into him and wrapped his arms around him. Kamui pushed him against the wall, sliding his hands down Kaitos moved them behind his ass and squeezed, making Kaito moan and wrap his legs around him, rubbing their groins together. "I can fell your arousal."Kamui moaned into his ear."You're making me even harder for you." He moved away, getting a disappointed groan from Kaito and began to strip.

"Kamui!! We're still…"He started only to be cut off again, this time because of the fact that there was now a fully erect naked Kamui before him. In quick movements he stripped didn't take long for them to be in the same position. "Happy?" Kamui breathed. Kaito moaned."Much." Without warning Kamui picked Kaito up and thrust into him getting a loud moan in response."K-Kamui! H-Harder!" Kaito screamed out. Kamui laughed."You always liked it rough." He said obeying. With every thrust they banged against the wall behind them, though neither noticed the noise. As Kaito kissed Kamui passionately the frames on the wall began to shake and there was a distant noise of peoples voices. Kamui grabbed Kaito and began pumping him hard and fast. Kaito was caught between shoving into Kamui's hand or onto his erection. Kamui smiled."You remember how flexible I am right?" When he only got a grunt in response he bent down and took all of Kaito into his mouth,his eyes raising to meet the bluenettes. Kaito moaned."Wh-why are you doing this?"

"Because I love you." Kamui replied.

"Y-you do?" Kaito gasped."I thought I was just your fuck buddy."

Kamui smiled."Of course not. Now shut up and cum."


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