"Geez Kaito! You don't have to be so angry!" Kamui whined.

Kaito glared."Well don't try that again! It was uncomfortable."

"I thought you'd like it!"

"Well you thought wrong!"

"But you liked the other things!"

"Yeah! They weren't painful."

Kamui sighed and kissed him."Sorry. I won't try it again."

Kaito nodded kissing him again.

"Hey! Have you guys seen Le-"Rin walked in stopping mid-sentence. "Uh..wow! When did this happen?"
"Call the others..." Kamui sighed."It's time we told them."

Kaito nodded."It didn't take long for everyone to gather. Kamui and Kaito stood next to each other. Kamui and I have something to tell you."He said nodding to the former.

"For the past two years Kaito and I have had a relationship. An intimate relationship."

Everyone gasped in union. Miku burst out laughing."I knew it! I always heard noises from Kaito's room and Kamui was never in his. Then I'd hear Kamui's vice from Kaito's room."

Kaito blushed as Kamui smiled."Sorry about that."

"Don't be."Miku smiled.

Kamui put his arm around Kaito, who had been moving closer to him."Well, i'd love to stay, but we have a surprise to plan." He said.

"Right." Miku smiled.

"Yeah. Len you're coming too." They said in union.

"O-okay.." Len said confused.

"What are you doing?" Len gasped.

"C'mon! At least try it before you down it." Kamui said.

"No! If you want a threesome, fine but I am not wearing those stupid outfits!" Kaito yelled.

"Right! No clothes needed." Len said.

Kaito sighed."This is your plan Kamui?"

"Yes. So do you accept?"

"Sure." Len shrugged.

"I'm up for it." Kaito smiled.

"Well, then I hope both of you like it rough."