A twelve year old girl sat alone.

Sun stretching far above the trees that towered over her.

Tears in her eyes.

Hugging her knees close to herself, she rocked back and forth.

Their taunts rang in her ear, making her want to cry more.

But she wouldn't cry…


But she couldn't help it.

She was sitting in the middle of the forest, all alone.

She had ran away from the other children, ran as far as her petite legs would carry her.

So she bawled.

But the whole time she cried, she repeated the same thing. "I'm a twelve year old girl, I don't cry when I'm teased. I'm a twelve year old girl, I don't cry when I'm teased. I'm a twelve year old girl, I don't cry when I'm teased…" She repeated over and over again.

And she was ashamed of herself. Wasn't she suppose to be a ninja?

But again, she couldn't help it.

The teasing had gotten harsher.

As she cried and said her mantra she failed to notice the young man around 18 approach her.

Itachi knew Sakura from when his mother, Mikoto, would invite Sasuke's team over. He was always surprised by the girl's manners, while Sasuke and Naruto showed none what's so ever. The two would also always tease Itachi by saying that if he ever liked their teammate he would basically be a pedophile

"Sakura?" He asked. He didn't use the suffix on her name be she had insisted that it made her sound like a little girl.

She snapped her head up. "Itachi-san!" She exclaimed. She turned her head. "Go away!" She exclaimed, trying to hide her tear stained face from the young man.

He ignored her command, and made his way to her. He kneeled down next to her. "What's wrong?" He asked the girls, brushing back a few of her bubblegum pink locks with his hand.

She bit her lip. "It's nothing." She said.

He raised an eyebrow ever so slightly.

"If it was nothing I don't think you'd be crying." He said.

She paused again. "It's silly."

He let out a sigh. "Are you going to tell me?" He asked her.

She put her head back down, letting her bangs cover her face. "I… I was being teased again." She began. "But everyone was more harsh than usual. It wasn't just about my hair and forehead. They also began to go on about how I didn't deserve to be on a team with Sasuke and Naruto, and about my family…" She trailed off, tears welling up in her eyes.

Itachi, not really being one who comforted people, awkwardly pulled the young girl close. "I think you deserve more than anyone to be put on that team. Who else could deal with those two?" He asked, earning a small smile from the girl. "Besides, no one has a perfect family." He said to her.

And finally, after a while of anxious waiting on his part, she smiled that he so loved. "You're right Itachi-san!" She exclaimed. "Thank you!" She exclaimed, wrapping her arms around him.

Little did she realize that he was thinking about what was happening.

He could feel the heat spreading to his face.

'after thinking for a second, he came up with a conclusion. 'This most defiantly makes me a pedophile.'Oh my god am I blushing?!'

Of course soon enough she pulled away, and he quickly got rid of the blush.

"Neh, I have to go now! See you tomorrow Itachi-san!" She exclaimed before getting up and running away.

The next day Sakura arrived on the Uchiha's doorstep all smiles and in a cute lime green dress. Itachi immediately felt his face heat up when the girl began to wave rapidly at him.

Sasuke saw this to. Before Itachi could stop him, Sasuke was shouting. "Mom! Itachi's a Pedophile!"

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