Edward vs. Seras

I do not own Hellsing or Twilight, this is purely fan made.

Edward is before Alucard taking his judgment as a vampire.

"You are so not a vampire! What, are you kidding me? You honestly call yourself a vampire?" Laughing hysterically, Alucard begins to choke, it's too much...

"I am a vampire! I drink blood, make teenage girls swoon and everything!"

"Sure, sure, Edward Cullen, sure…"

"I'll prove it to you then!"

"Fine, I'll just call in a favor just to prove to you that you aren't a vampire." He pulls out his cell phone, "Yes, Anderson? It's Alucard…Don't freak out! I'm only asking for a small favor…what? Sure…yes, yes, I'll let you decapitate me again…just get over here. We have someone who is claiming to be a vampire…haha, yes, Edward Cullen, you were right." He snapped his cell phone shut. "This will prove it.