The Hand that Touches the Sun

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By: Gothic Lust

InuYasha/Naruto Crossover- Alternate Universe

Kagome Higurashi/Sasuke Uchiha


Rated T for - language, violence and sexual content, MAY go up in later chapters

Disclaimer: I don't own the InuYasha or Naruto characters. They belong to their respective creators. Dr. Emily Atsuki is my own character.

Summary: Kagome has been watching Sasuke since her father pointed him out to her that day on the bridge. "Look closely Kagome, that's the Uchiha prodigy, Sasuke. He may not know it yet but someday, he'll far surpass the power of the great Sanin's. You watch carefully, someday you'll play a part in that, so watch him closely Kagome, he's more powerful than anyone thinks." Years later that prediction of his came true. Kagome had inherited her father's powers of chakra control, foresight and the Miko ancestry of her mother- not to mention a little black book that once belonged to her father.

From that little black book she learns about Sasuke's true past. At his birth, his chakra was so high that her father was called in to seal it within the boy's body; but is it true that he's only running on a very strict limit of his chakra reserves? How can that be, he's powerful enough already. How much power does Sasuke Uchiha truly posses? And will he really save Konoha in time, or will he fall back into his dark role as Konoha's possible downfall?

Authors Note: I know that I'm coming up with a lot of ideas, but that's me. I like the ideas I come up with and I like to share them with you. I get so many that it distracts me most of the time from finishing any of my stories. But I promise to finish them. Promise!

This story I came up with late at night after watching a Naruto episode, the one where they're learning chakra control in the Land of Waves. Well Kakashi's words about Naruto having the most chakra, thus more power got me thinking. What if Naruto wasn't the only one with large stores of chakra? What if Sasuke, at a young age, had a chakra level that surpassed Naruto's? And in fear of that chakra, the Uchiha clan head (Sasuke's father; Fugaku) decided to seal it away and the only one left who knows about it is one Kagome Higurashi- the daughter of the man who sealed Sasuke's chakra years ago. And what if he left Kagome specific instructions to release Sasuke's power because he foretold an event that would need it?

Yea I know I gave away a good amount of the plot but I don't mind. It's not such a big secret. The secret is how much power Sasuke has and what this event is. Hehehe… You'll have to read the story to find all that out.


The sun was setting softly over the distant horizon to hide behind the great mountain that bore the faces of the four great Hokage's of Konohagure. I couldn't bear to see it go. With the sun's departure meant that I would have to get into bed and sleep the night away. I didn't want to do that, waste precious time like that.

My father stopped at the side of the bridge facing the setting sun. He smiled ever so slightly, it was the first smile I've seen in a long time that wasn't forced. I walked over to his side and sat down, throwing my legs carelessly over the side allowing them to swing in the light breeze.

He noticed me sitting there next to him and took a seat. He smiled goofily and threw his legs over the side as well. He kicked his feet, gently pushing mine. This pushing thus started a little war of who could push who the hardest. I won; at least I think I did.

The sky gleamed in a beautiful mix of pinks and purples. The sun changed from a scorching ugly yellow color that when you looked directly at it, it turned blue and green distastefully before your eyes, and left its mark there for minutes. It shed that ugly coat that marked the summer's hot days to an orange color that looked like a jewel or the piece of candy I had earlier that day.

I turned to my father to see his reaction to the beautiful presentation the sun was making as it descended. It was then I noticed that he wasn't looking at the sun, but a boy slowly walking by the water's edge in the distance. He pulled me closer and whispered to me, like he was telling some kind of secret.

"You see that boy there Kagome?" he asked me, pointing to the small boy at the water's edge. "Do you know who he is?"

"Hai!" I said. I was proud to know who he was. "That's the Uchiha prodigy Itachi's little brother, Uchiha, Sasuke." I beamed a smile at my father; the one he said challenged the sun on the brightest of days.

My father smiled goofily again and leaned closer to my ear.

"Look closely Kagome that is the Uchiha prodigy, Sasuke. He may not know it yet but someday, he'll far surpass the power of the great Sanins. You watch carefully, someday you'll play a part in that, so watch him closely Kagome, he's more powerful than anyone thinks."

I opened and shut my mouth several times. I blinked and looked again at the little boy who was now joined by his older brother, dressed as a Jounin at the age of 10.

"Daddy, you're fibbing." I giggled. "Itachi's the Uchiha prodigy, not Sasuke. You tell funny fibs."

He just stood and smiled again, a true smile. The sun, nearly gone in the distance still haloed his figure in its glow. It made me doubt my own words, just for a moment though.

"One day Kagome, you'll understand." he said as he stretched his arm out to me to help me stand.

I gladly accepted the hand and didn't comment on his words. As we finished the walk across the bridge I took one more look at the prodigy my father claimed he was as he turned the corner of the ramen shop into the Uchiha district laughing and smiling up at his older-stronger-brother.

I smiled at his back and thought, maybe, my dad could be right. Sasuke could be a prodigy. I'll do as he said, I'll watch and wait.

I hiked up the hem of my pink kimono with paper cranes painted into the collar, ends of my sleeves and at the bottom near my feet to catch up to my father who had walked ahead of me. I was now regretting my choice of wearing the blue getta, it slowed me down.

"Daddy, wait for me!" I called to him, hurrying my steps as fast as I could. He turned and smiled at me, extending his hand out for me to grab.

"Come on Kagome, let's go home."

Again his figure was haloed by the fading light but I could see clearly the form of his dark green jacket that signified him as a Jounin of our village and the ninja head band he wore on his forehead shined, nearly blinding me. But it couldn't hide the goofy smile he held on his face. I grabbed his hand and we walked home together, the whole time laughing and smiling.

It was the last time we spoke of the real Uchiha prodigy, and one of the last times I saw that goofy smile. He died not too long after, along with the Uchiha clan. It was also the last time I saw Sasuke give a smile like the one he gave his brother as they rounded the ramen shop entering the Uchiha district.

Chapter One:

I sighed once again as I listened to our sensei lecture on about chakra and how it can be used to heal or destroy. I knew where the lecture was going. It was going to lead into our lab, where we were going to practice healing on live subjects with minor wounds. We've heard this lecture every time before a lab.

"Alright, now place your coats on, were heading into the hospital." Sensei Dr. Emily Atsuki said.

I walked over with the rest of the class that consisted of a various age group. All the students however were older than me. The oldest was a woman of 25. She was assigned to take this course for her ninja group. Many of the other students were forced to take this class as well, most of them females. As I grabbed one of the light green coats of the apprentice Medic-nins, Dr. Atsuki called to me.

"Kagome, could you come here please."

"Just a second." I called back. I hurriedly placed the coat over my jeans and pink tee and grabbed my purse before heading over to her desk.

I stood there as she watched the students file out of her classroom. It wasn't until the last straggler, a young man with unruly red hair, left the room did she turned to address me.

"Kagome, you're a great medic. When it comes to knowledge and skill you're unrivaled," She began. Her tone didn't reflect the comment she bestowed upon me. I understood though. I looked down at my feet, the thin strap sandals I wore exposed my toes, which I painted a shocking blue the night before.

She sighed and placed a hand to her temple, trying to rid herself of the migraine I knew she had.

"But, when it comes to putting it to use on a human being instead of a corpse or doll, you choke up. Why's that Kagome?"

I didn't look up from my feet. I wiggled my toes to see if it would relieve some of the anxiety I was feeling. It didn't work.

"I don't know." I whispered.

She looked at me as if to call a bluff but she shook it off and stood from her swivel chair and grabbed her purse.

"What ever it is I know you'll overcome it this time. Just clear your head and focus on how much better the person's life will be once they're healed." She turned, gave me a brilliant smile and placed a hand on my shoulder. "That helps me whenever I get nervous or anxious."

Together we headed down the hall and out the door of the school in silence. It took only five minutes to get to the hospital but I wish it took longer.

We were given a room filled with chairs and exam tables. I noticed most of my classmates where already working with doctors and patients alike. Most were ninja with small injuries like sprains, cuts and bumps.

At the end of the room was a small child with sandy blonde hair, gorgeous blue eyes and pale skin. He was crying over a scrapped knee he must have gained while accompanying his grandmother here. Nobody took any notice of him, the grandmother insisted he was alright; after all it was only a scrapped knee.

I smiled and pulled the tie of my bag apart. I remembered when I was a little girl, whenever I scrapped my knee I would cry. My mother would scold me for being such a child but my father would just smile and tell me funny tales to distract me from the sting of the antiseptic he used to clean it.

I crossed the room and approached the child. He looked up at me with large brown tear filled eyes. He sniffled and turned his head down in shame. I just smiled and kneeled down to his level.

"Hi there, my name's Kagome. What's your name?" I pulled out a lollipop from my bag. I was planning to keep it for my walk home, but it seems he needed it more than I did.

"Sinichi," he sniffled, rubbing one eye with the sleeve of his shirt.

"Nice to meet you Sinichi, would you like a lollipop?" I asked holding it out for him to take.

He turned to look at his grandmother, who had been looking down at the two of us from her examination table, then to me and the lollipop. She gave him a nod and he gladly took the cherry flavored sucker from my hands.

I gave him a bright smile, grabbed a package of cleaning cloth. "Would you like that cleaned?"

He sniffled again, tears still trailing down his cheek though much less know. He pulled the sucker from his mouth and asked "Will it sting?"

"A little." I said truthfully. "But, I know you won't feel it. Do you see that man over there?" I asked him pointing to a ninja at the other end of the room.

He nodded and stuck the sucker back in-between his lips one cheek swelled were he placed the candy to rest. He eyed the ninja with a twinkle in his eyes. I smiled. I bet he had a dream to become one of those ninjas.

"Well, if you want to be like him, you need to stop crying okay." I leaned closer in and whispered to him. "But between you and me, I bet he cried when he sprained his wrist like that."

He held the stick of the lollipop as he giggled, then shook his head as if to deny my words. The tears stopped and he never noticed that I had cleaned his wound as I told him that.

"You see, I told you you wouldn't feel it." I said as I showed him the lightly bloody cloth.

He looked at the cloth then at his scrapped knee that was covered with a band-aid decorated with cartoon ninja's. He gave me a goofy gap-toothed grin that reminded me of my father. I placed my hand gently on his sore knee, we both watched as it glowed a soft blue as the cut healed.

"There you go. Now you can tell your friends about your battle wound and still play without the pain of stretching it." I winked at him and he smiled even bigger. He jumped from the chair and nearly tackled me with his bear hug.


The rest of the day went rather well. As each of us reached to fill our quota of 100 patients, I never once got nervous. I healed everyone with perfection. It seems Dr. Atsuki was right, today I was cured.

I was working on my final patient, an elderly man who came in with several cuts and one gash to his arm he got while gardening, when someone unexpected came in, rather reluctantly though.

Sasuke Uchiha held his shoulder tightly, blood seeping though his fingers gently. Behind him was a pink haired Kunoichi, her hands on his back as she pushed him.

"Quit it Sakura! I'm fine." he growled out and tried to resist her shoving.

"No your not! You got hit with a kunai in the shoulder. Do you know how many ligaments are in the shoulder? Do you know what would have happened if it tore a muscle or one of those ligaments? What if it hit the main artery running though your arm?" she practically yelled at him and pushed him even harder.

Behind the two arguing ninja's came the rest of team seven, Naruto Uzumaki and their sensei Kakashi Hatake, the copy ninja.

I was the last one left except for Dr. Atsuki who was only here to watch over me and the old man I was tending.

She led them to an exam table and began to set up a tray of things she would need. I sighed, saved. As I finished wrapping the old man's arm I could have sworn I saw him smirk at me.

"You like that young fellow over there?" he asked as he hopped off the table.

"N-no. Of course not. I don't even know him." I said.

"Ah, of course." he mumbled gently and left the room.

I was about to take off my coat when Dr. Atsuki called me for a second time that day.

"Kagome could you come here a moment."

I shrugged, thinking it might be nothing. I continued to peel off the coat and turn at the same time when I noticed Sasuke was still sitting on the exam table, his wound undressed, and his shirt gone.

I blushed lightly. He is beautiful. Finely chiseled abs, strong broad shoulders and hairless, like most of the men in Konoha.

"Could you dress his wound Kagome? I know it's one more than required but I'm off duty today, I'm not supposed to touch any of the patients." she asked, but in her eye there was a small twinkle.

'No way, she set this up.' I thought. I sighed and fixed the coat, but as I did so I vowed to get her back for this.

I crossed the small distance between me and the patient- Sasuke. I could feel the nervousness wash over me with every step. My anxiety boiled under my skin.

"Look closely Kagome, that's the Uchiha prodigy, Sasuke. He may not know it yet but someday, he'll far surpass the power of the great Sanin's. You watch carefully, someday you'll play a part in that, Kagome, he's more powerful than anyone thinks."

As I touched his shoulder to examine the wound my father's words flooded back to me. 'Great, no pressure!' I thought as I took a cleaning swab from the tray that Dr. Atsuki so generously prepared for me and touched it to his wound. He hissed as the antiseptic stung.

"Sorry." I muttered. I couldn't even lift my eyes to meet his. I'm such a coward.

Once the wound was cleaned the hard part came- healing it. 'So much for curse cured!' I thought as I placed a hand delicately on his shoulder. I could feel everyone's eyes on me as I did this. I took a calm deep breath. 'What if I screw up? What if instead of healing it, I blow him up or something? Oh god! What would my father say if I did that? He would turn in his grave.'

These negative thoughts changed the color of my chakra from the soft blue of healing to a deeper blue of destruction. I was so lost in my thought that I didn't notice until Dr. Atsuki yelled out my name.

I yelped and nearly fell off the chair I was sitting on, eyes wide. If it wasn't for the quick reaction of Sasuke Uchiha catching me with is good arm then I would have had a nasty tumble to the floor. Not to mention embarrassing.

'Then again with his arm around my waist like that, I think I'd prefer to hit the floor, and then maybe I could pass the blush as extreme embarrassment.' I thought.

When I was once again steady in my chair he released me. I didn't dare look into his eyes now, or anyone else's for that matter. I could have destroyed his arm just a second ago.

I cast my eyes down in shame and embarrassment. I was ready to get off the seat when I felt a hand on my shoulder stop me.

Dr. Atsuki looked down at me. Her eyes didn't say what I thought they would. I thought she would chew me out for nearly doing the unthinkable. She just gave me a smile, god I hate that smile.

"Try again, this time, clear your mind." she said soothingly.

Now the others were looking at me, the Kunoichi was fingering her kunai holster, ready to unleash a deadly rain of pain on me if I did that again. I could swear she was out for my blood.

"I'm sorry. My mind was somewhere else." I apologized, still not looking at Sasuke.

"That's alright? You didn't blow him up, so, no harm done." I looked at Kakashi in disbelief. How could he so easily forgive me for nearly destroying his best student?

"What are you saying Sensei! Did you just see her hand? She could have-" the Kunoichi yelled at Kakashi.

"Yes, well. She didn't so, no harm. Right Sasuke?"

It was the first time I truly looked at him since he walked into the room. I was just waiting for the 'what are you talking about' line any moment.

Sasuke was so beautiful. Even as I waited for the line that would completely hurt me I couldn't get my mind off that. His raven hair had a shine that rivaled my own dark locks. And his onyx eyes drew me deep into the depths of his soul, a journey that was sightless. I saw and understood nothing and everything about him, I felt connected to him.

I waited for the stupid line but it never came. Sasuke just "Hn." and allowed me to touch his shoulder once more.

This time I was determined to get it right. My hand glowed a light blue that verged on the border of becoming a silvery white. Everyone watched in awe, even Sasuke, as his wound closed, the torn muscles and ligaments repaired themselves and the skin slowly began to regenerate. What was left behind when I pulled away my hand was a strong flawless shoulder of one Sasuke Uchiha.


I blushed the entire way home. For years I watched Sasuke from afar, never once confronting him of the knowledge I knew. But today, today was the first time I was actually face to face with him. The first time I actually touched him, spoke to him. Even if it was a word or two, or a sound…

The nervousness that I had when I healed him did not leave when he walked out the door, no it got much worse with Dr. Atsuki's teasing.

"Kagome likes Sasuke. Kagome likes Sasuke" her little song flooded through my mind once again.

When had I become the stalker who watched him because I promised to, to the stalker who fell in love with him because she watched him like she promised to?

"Stupid promise." I mumbled, fetching my keys from their hiding spot inside my bag.

I went through my nightly chores like nothing happened earlier today. I showered, brushed my teeth, washed my face, dressed in my PJ's which consisted of a large Tee and panties, then cleaned up from the mess that I made in the morning. I'm not a morning person.

Pulling back the covers of my large bed, the only luxury I could afford with my waitress salary, grabbed my fathers black notebook from the bedside table and went to reading the only page that had writing in it, like always.

Kagome, if you're reading this then I must be gone from this world—yes I it is cliché, I'm rushing right now since I'm on a very important S-class mission—I'm sorry that I'm not there for you and your mother, but the world isn't like Konohagure. There are evil men in the world, and right now, it is my job to see that the next generation has a chance to survive the war I fear will come.

I left this notebook for you to read and use. At least, you will when the time is right.

In this book I've left my legacy. You know of what I speak. You may or may not remember it now, but you will. And I trust you'll do the right thing.

Do you remember what I said on the bridge? I hope you will my dear Kagome, because it is your duty to fulfill what I cannot.

Please try to understand. Everything with make sense to you w one day my darling. For now promise me you'll watch him, because one day he's going to watch over you and all of Konohagure.

I love you Kagome.


I placed the book where it rested every day on my nightstand. Tears stinging in the corners of my eyes. I flipped the switch to my tableside lamp, and lay in the dark, crying to myself- like always.

This was something VERY old that was sitting on my pen drive. I decided to post the first two chapters just for the heck of it, especially since I haven't posted anything in about a year. I know, life is sad, but oh well…

I hope you enjoyed this crappy crappy beginning to this fan fiction. Chapter two will be up shortly. Please ignore any grammar and spelling errors that may have occurred, I have not edited this in any way other than giving it a quick read through.

--Gothic Lust

Ps. Don't expect frequent updates on this fan fiction, I have not fully planned it out, and whatever was planned is going to change most likely. If you wish to co-author this with me, you can drop me a message.