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I awoke to the sound of a shower; the place next to me on the bed was empty but still warm. Alec hadn't vacated it very long ago. Lazily I rolled over to get out of bed, remembering a second to late that getting out of this bed involved a very large drop. Well, at least the carpet was soft I thought to myself. I stood up and stretched my lean frame sighing in relief as my joints all popped.

"I was just about to come wake you up." Alec murmured from the doorway of the bathroom. He was leaning against the doorjamb, his arms crossed lightly over his bare chest and the leg closest to the doorjamb tilted in front of the other. A small smirk graced his features.

"Mmm, really now?" I sauntered playfully over to him, a similar smirk on my face.

"Yes, really now." He said teasingly. "You didn't expect me to take a shower without you, did you?"

"That would have been horrible! Your poor hair needs so much help." I fingered the frayed strands between my fingers. Alec laughed, the sound was slightly deeper then I remembered but still just as enticing as before.

"Yes, it would've been the end of the world had I tried to take care of my 'poor hair' all by myself."

"It would've been absolutely tragic." I grinned, happy that we had fallen so easily back into our playful banter.

"And what exactly are you planning to do to help my 'poor hair'?"

"Hmm, well it definitely needs a very good wash, with very good products. And you definitely need a trim." I mused. "I do like it this long though, so just a trim. If you don't mind."

"Just a trim is fine, I kind of like it this long as well." He smiled. Dear God he was gorgeous. "Now then," He leaned up to kiss me softly, I vaguely noted that he had gotten a few inches taller. His eyes were about level with my nose now, rather then my chin. "Shower time." He pulled me gently back into the bathroom.

I couldn't help but gape when I looked around. The bathroom was bigger then my bedroom at home. One corner held a gigantic spa tub, there was a double sink with a long counter, a large glass encased shower, and best of all a large vanity table with its own set of lights hung above it.

"Yeah, extravagant isn't it?" Alec chuckled. "Ben always told me his house was huge, but I never imagined that this was what he meant."

"How does he afford this place?" I wondered.

"Well, he inherited it from his grandparents and the house was built by them. They got filthy rich off of owning a few casino's in Vegas. And all the money they left behind, which was a shit load of cash, goes to paying whatever bills they have." Alec laughed slightly. "Johny also isn't adverse to using magic to get out of paying the bills."

"I love this house."

I let my eyes rake down Alec's body now that he had stripped himself of his cloths. He just rolled his eyes as I inspected him. He was leaner, some weight had definitely been lost. His musculature was more defined and his skin even paler then it had been before. I left his right arm for last, walking over and gently took that hand in mine. I lightly traced the three thick scars that went up the length of his arm.

"Does it still hurt?" I asked quietly.

"No, it doesn't hurt. I can't bend my elbow as much now though." Well, at least he was being honest with me.

"Do you want me to get rid of some of the scaring for you?"

"Hmm, maybe. Not now though. Right now I want to take a shower with you." He playfully yanked my boxers, the only thing I was wearing, off of my hips and let them fall to the floor.

"Oh, I guuuuuuess we could take a shower." I let myself be tugged inside the glass enclosure and into the warm spray. For awhile we just stood there, holding onto each other and kissing lightly.



"I was thinking, maybe we could stay here for awhile. Ben's offered more then once…and I, I don't know if I can handle being back in the city yet." He spent the later part of his statement staring at the drain in the floor of the shower.

"Alec," I tilted his head back up to mine. "I have no problem with staying here as long as you want. Besides, I really like it here. It's so beautiful."

"Okay." He let out a relieved sigh and gave me a quick kiss.

"Magnus, have you called my family yet?" He asked when he pulled away a few moments later.

"No, I was tired last night and I thought you might want to call them yourself."

"Have they changed?" Alec asked after a few moments of silence.

"Well, Jace is still in ass, Isabelle still sleeps with any guy she makes eye contact with, Clary is still a klutzy little artist, your mother is still strict, and your father somehow still manages to put up with all of them."

Alec chuckled at my description of his family. "Alright, well what has changed then?"

"Clary and Jace are married and have a son, his first birthday is today, actually…" I trailed off when I saw Alec's eyes widen slightly.

"They have a son?" He whispered.

"Yeah, he's adorable. Curly blond hair and big green eyes, he has his mother's smile."

"What's his name?" Alec had a small smile adorning his face now.

"…Alexander." Hu…that was two kids named after Alec, strange… "Jace really missed you, more then he would admit." I added.

"Well, I'll have to call them as soon as we're done showering then. I wouldn't want to miss my nephew's first birthday."

I smiled and kissed him while reaching for the body wash. I maneuvered him out of the spray and started to massage the soap into his skin. He sighed softly and leaned into me as I worked my fingers down his back. Slowly I slid down onto my knees to work the soap along his legs. He groaned quietly as I kissed the length of his thighs.

When I was satisfied that I had gotten all the skin on his legs (and worked him into a thoroughly aroused state) I stood up and turned him back into the spray, watching the soap wash away down his sculpted body. The entire time I was gently stroking the outer side of his thighs, enjoying the occasional shiver that ran through him.

"Mmm, Magnus how long do you plan to torture me?" He mumbled, leaning against the wall.

"As long as you look this godly." I whispered in his ear, nipping at the lobe.

"Well, I guess this is going to go on for awhile then, isn't it?" His face, already flushed from the heat, turned several shades redder at his bold statement.

"Oh yes, it's going to go on for a loooooong while." I grinned evilly as I stroked him, just once.


"You're adorable when you whine." I snickered as I gently pushed him to sit on the small bench in the shower. He complied easily, letting his legs fall open in invitation. But I wasn't going to give in just yet. No, I enjoyed watching him squirm too much. I grabbed the body wash again and gently washed his feat. I enjoyed watching him jump as I lightly ran my finger along the soles of his feat. It was one of the very few places on his body that was ticklish, and I enjoyed taking full advantage of that.

"You know, I really want to hate you right now…" Alec mumbled.

"I take it you aren't succeeding in that endeavor?" I quirked an eyebrow.

"No, not really." His head was leaning against the wall, his eyes closed.

"Hmm, I'll have to try a little harder then." I mused. He cracked his eyes open to look down at me, glaring playfully. I grinned as he watched me, letting my fingers dance up his legs. He tried to keep his expression even and unaffected, but he wasn't doing to good at it. Alec lost all semblance of control when I wrapped one hand around the base of his cock. He arched slightly when I twisted my hand as I pulled it up his length.

I watched his face closely, absorbing all the expressions that flitted across it as I moved my hand. He was so extraordinarily beautiful. His blue eyes were hidden by half closed eyelids and thick eyelashes, but I still caught glimpses of the little pieces of ocean glass every-now-and-again.

I leaned down, flicking my tongue against the tip, enjoying the jolt it sent through him and the soft moan it elicited. I rolled my head forward to take him in my mouth. With one hand I held down his hips while I bobbed my head, doing all the things I knew he loved, dragging my teeth a bit, swallowing hard when I pulled him in deep.

Above me Alec was moaning softly, his hand tangled in my hair. He truly looked like a god right now, his sculpted body tense and the warm water trailing down his body as well as creating a warm steam around us. I pulled away just long enough to murmur a spell to slick my fingers with warm oil. Wrapping my mouth back around him I slid one finger inside, enjoying his sounds of pleasure when I quickly added another and started to stretch him out. But I didn't stretch him to much, he liked it to sting just a bit. I wondered if he was a little to into pain because he was a shadowhunter (it was a common thought, though I never brought it up), but I forgot the thought as soon as I pressed inside him.

He groaned underneath me, tangling both hands in my hair and pulling me down for a rough kiss. I obliged happily, letting him ravage my mouth and tug on my hair as I thrust into him. He was chanting my name softly in between kisses, completely gone in ecstasy.

I slid my hand down between us and slid a finger inside of him as well. It was something I'd only done once or twice, but I knew he loved it, loved the friction. And it felt damn good to me to.

I felt him tense around me and I started to move faster, more erratic, as I felt myself coming close to bliss as well. I changed the angle just slightly and pressed into the spot that made him arch back and moan loudly.

A few more thrusts into that same spot and Alec was shaking beneath me, his head tossed back as his cum coated both of us. One more thrust and I was shaking just as much. When we were both spent I pulled out and slid to the floor of the shower, pulling him with me. He curled up in my lap, his arms wrapped around me.

"I love you." I whispered into his damp hair.

"I love you to." He leaned up and kissed me. After several lazy moments of kissing and enjoying the still hot water, I snapped my fingers causing several bottles to appear on the bench. Alec rolled his eyes and obligingly moved out of the spray so I could work on his hair. I couldn't help but grin at the fact that I had become so predictable to him, at least with this kind of thing.

Selecting one bottle I squirted a generous amount in to my hand then rubbed it into his hair working carefully to coat every single strand. He sighed softly, enjoying the feeling.

"You need to shave to, love." I said as I waited several moments before leaning him back to wash his hair out. "Then again, you look kinda adorable with a little scruff…" I mused.

"Oh, I do, do I?" He looked up at me, his head still tilted back under the spray.

"You do." I gave him an upside-down kiss.

"Well, I'll consider that when I do get around to shaving."

The rest of the shower was spent with me washing Alec's hair with a multitude of products, and then giving it a quick trim before washing one last product into it. We both stepped out of the warm shower reluctantly, shivering at the rush of cooler air.

Alec moved to the sink, taking a razor with him that I had conjured up. I myself went to the vanity table and covered it with my favorite products. I hadn't gone full out with my appearance since Alec disappeared, and I planned to make up for that. I stared with my favorite black kohl then smudged on some dark blue eye shadow with purple around the edges and a coat of silver glitter. After I had applied a generous amount of mascara I went with a simple, shiny lip gloss, one I knew was Alec's favorite because it tasted like apples.

When I was satisfied with my face I moved to my hair. It was so long now that I couldn't spike it so I went with something akin to what the lead singer of Tokio Hotel always did (a wonderful band, I greatly enjoyed their music); a shit load of volume with streaks of outrageous color. I applied the blue and purple with a simple spell then went to work at adding the volume. It was hard, but it was so worth it.

I grinned happily at myself in the mirror before I decided on what I would wear. After a bit of careful deliberation I snapped myself into an outfit from my closet at home. It was a dark purple button up with a high collar, a snug silver vest, black skinny jeans with silver threading and neon purple boots. The outfit was accented with a silver sequined belt that had a rainbow target for the buckle as well as a generous amount of jewelry dangling from my neck, fingers, wrists and ears.

"Nice belt buckle." Alec snickered. I turned to face him, he had finished shaving long ago and was dressed in the tight (but not skinny jeans tight) black pants and the sleeveless button up black top I had given him. He had shaved his face almost completely, leaving only a small amount of scruff on his chin, and it looked damn good on him. His hair had taken back much of its healthy shine, and I was proud of myself for succeeding in that endeavor, and he had most of it pulled back into a ponytail at the nape of his neck. I swept my eyes over him appreciatively, enjoying how good he looked.

"You know you love the belt buckle." I teased.

"Yeah, I do." He rolled his eyes and walked over to me, wrapping his arms around my neck and giving me a quick kiss. Reluctantly I let it end and we wandered out into the hall, hands entwined. We ran into Eric who was just walking down the spiral steps that led to the third story and then the finished attic of the large house.

"Hey…Eric, why does this closet smell like chlorine?" I asked as I passed the hall closet near his room. The smell of chlorine was so strong; I was surprised I hadn't noticed it sooner.

"Well," Eric smiled as he opened the door to reveal the last thing I had expected, a water slide. Or the top of one anyways. "Let's just say that Johny and Ben are NEVER allowed to get drunk unsupervised. Ever."

"You're kidding me?" Alec said in between laughs. "Where does that thing go?"

"It goes to the pool in the basement which is also a result of that same night we left them alone with rum and whiskey." Eric elaborated as he closed the closet.

The three of us walked down the huge grand staircase together to find everyone spread out around the living room on various phones, all calling their families. Ben was curled up with Andy on the couch, talking happily. I was slightly taken aback when I saw that the pink streaks in his hair were even brighter, as were his eyes, and both were glowing just slightly.

"It's because he's part fey, the color of his hair and eyes changes with his mood." Alec whispered in my ear. Well, that was definitely an interesting trait. What was with this family? Ben had glowing hair and three types of blood (and just barely made it to five feet tall if he stood really, really straight), Andy and Eric were both werewolves even though only Andy had been bit, Johny was a genius warlock for his young age and his brother was a vampire. Oh yes, a very interesting family.

"Allie!" Ben said happily from his perch on Andy's lap.

"Hey, Ben." Alec smiled.

"Come on, I wanna talk to you." He said eagerly as he stood up, pulling Andy with him towards the kitchen. Alec and I followed at a slower pace then Ben's hyperactive bounce.

"So, what is it that you wanted to talk about?" Alec asked as he grabbed a large green apple from the bowl on the table and bit into it happily. Alec's hand was still clasped in mine and I pulled him towards me so that his back was pressed against my chest, my arms wrapped loosely around his waist.

"Well, I wanted to ask again if maybe you would want to stay here and live with us for awhile." Ben looked like an eager little puppy waiting to be given a treat.

"Actually, yeah, we both want to stay for awhile. Magnus and I talked about it this morning." Alec told him. Ben jumped up happily and gave Allie a tight hug which somewhat resulted in him hugging me as well.

"Hu," Andy tilted his head to the side with a playful smirk. "I can see why you two slept together, you're adorable."

"Ha! You're just saying that because you want us to sleep together again and let you watch." Ben shot back teasingly, his hands on his hips. He ended by sticking his tongue out playfully.

"How could I not want to watch that? You're both hot as hell and the idea of you together is rather enticing." Andy smirked.

"Hmm, maybe we should let them do it then…" I grinned down at Alec. I had to admit, I didn't like the idea of him sleeping with Ben alone, but the idea of all four of us… well that put some rather pleasant images in my head. I'd only been able to convince Alec into a threesome on one occasion with that guy Jinx. But Jinx had been a stranger, and Alec knew Ben so maybe it would take less convincing.

"Oh great, now you two are teaming up on us." Alec said as he wiggled out of my arms.

"Hey, Alec!" Ian and Marty chimed from the entry way to the kitchen. They both wore devious grins and had their hands behind their backs.

"What are you to doing?" Alec narrowed his eyes suspiciously. Before any of us could react all four of us were covered in a web of silly string. Ian and Marty were roaring with laughter as I snapped the web away. As so as he was free Alec shot forward and tackled both of them to the floor before wrestling the silly string from their hands. He made sure to empty both cans on their heads before he let them up and tossed the cans in the trash.

"Nice you two, very nice." Ben snickered.

"Have you two called your parents?" Alec asked as he helped them back to their feet.

"Yep. They're on their way," One of them started.

"I bet they can't wait to get their loving sons back." The other finished.

"Their sons, yes. Their son's pranks, probably not as much." Alec corrected playfully.

"Have you called your family?" Ben asked.

"I was just about to." Alec answered him. I smiled and handed him my cell phone. He nodded his thanks and stepped onto the back porch, away from the chatter of the inside of the house. I followed him out as Ben and Andy walked back into the living room. We sat together on one of the stuffed chair's adorning the porch, the one near the koi pond. Alec stared at the phone for a moment before smiling and dialing Jace's number. The phone rang several times before Jace picked it up.

"This must be damn good if the high and mighty Magnus Bane is calling me at noon, because last I checked you didn't even consider rolling out of bed until around four in the afternoon." Was Jace's way of answering the phone.

"Sorry to disappoint you Jace, but it isn't Magnus." Alec laughed.

"Dear Angel, ALEC?" Jace exclaimed after a moment of silence.

"Yeah, Alec." He smiled softly.

"Are you okay? Where the hell are you?" Jace rattled off several more questions before Alec managed to cut him off.

"Relax! I'm fine and completely safe; I'm with Magnus in northern California." Alec told him.

"Northern…what the hell are you doing there?" Jace sounded rather confused, and a little peeved.

"I'm enjoying the fact that I'm no longer being held captive by a vindictive warlock." Alec was leaning back against my chest and I was softly playing with the hem of his shirt as he talked. "Can your phone get picture messages?" He added as an afterthought.

"Umm, yes, why?"

"Well I'm going to hang up and send you a picture of where we're at then, and Clary can open a portal for you." Alec told him.

"Oh, alright, that works."

"Oh, and Jace?" Alec said before he hung up, "You better bring my nephew, I want to say happy birthday." He hung up before Jace could answer and pulled up the camera to take a quick picture of the porch. Once it was sent we waited for his family to appear. Alec sat up, managing to somewhat disguise the excited look on his face.

Isabelle was the first through the portal and before she could even completely appear Alec had jumped up and wrapped her in a tight hug. She laughed and hugged him back. Jace came through next and joined the tight hug. Clary was last with baby Alexander on her hip. Maryse and Robert had retired to Idris several months after the baby was born so they would have to be contacted later via fire message.

"Oh, my, god! Alec you look so different!" Isabelle said once she pulled away.

"I do?" Alec quirked an eyebrow.

"Only a bit, love." I stepped up behind him, kissing the top of his head lightly.

"So, this is my nephew, hmm?" Alec turned his attention to the squirming child in Clary's arms.

"That he is." Clary smiled, handing baby Alex over to his uncle. Alec took him happily, smiling at the little guy. It was an adorable sight.

"Happy birthday, little guy." Alec grinned.

"Oh great, now he's got two gay uncles to corrupt him." Jace quipped.

"Shut it, shadowhunter. If anything's going to corrupt him it's his father's ego." I shot back.

"Oh, can't you two just play nice for once?" Isabelle gave a long suffering sigh.

"No." We both answered at the same time.

"Where are we?" Clary asked now that she had actually taken the time to look around. At her small outburst Isabelle and Jace took the time to look around as well, both of their mouth's falling open at the sight that greeted them.

"We, are at a friends' house." I answered.

After a short conversation where Alec gave his family a basic outline of the events of the last two years (Jace and Isabelle both growled when they heard that Artemis had gotten away) we all walked back inside to find everyone laughing happily with their families. I expected Alec to smile when he saw his friends so happy. But he didn't, he frowned and sighed sadly.

"Alec, what's wrong?" I shooed his family out into the living room so I could be more alone with him.

"I wish we could've brought everyone home." He whispered.

"Alec, what do you mean?" I asked worriedly.

"The first day we were down there, five people broke off from our main group. Mike, Jeffery, Zach, Erica and Amanda. I never wrote about it in my journal, or told anyone about it, but Jared and I found all of them dead of starvation on one of our hunting trips." He sighed softly, "And we lost John and Paul, they were killed by the…thing that attacked us and gave me the scars on my arm." Alec's tone implied that he knew exactly what the thing was, but I didn't press it.

"I'm so sorry, baby." I wrapped him in my arms, gently stroking his back as he rested his head on my shoulder.

"It's not your fault. At least as many of us survived as did." He pulled away after a bit, putting on a smile that didn't quite reach his eyes. "Come on; let's go meet everyone's family." I nodded and let him pull me out into the crowd of people.

We first walked up to a man who was introduced as Derrick. He looked in his late twenties and his arms were wrapped happily around a petit Chinese woman who was covered in runes. She was introduced as his wife, Coral. Alec smiled and gave the woman a quick hug before moving on to talk to the others.

Next we went to Ian and Marty who were being playfully chastised by a very elderly couple for having silly string in their hair. Ian and Marty introduced them as their grandparents; they hadn't lived with their real parents since they were very young. Alec smiled and blushed as the grandparents thanked him thoroughly for keeping their boys safe.

The next man we greeted appeared to be the oldest of the people who had been held captive and was cradling a brunette shadowhunter in his arms. The woman smiled and sat up and gave Alec a kiss on the cheek, thanking him for bringing her husband back in one piece.

Jeremy looked about the same age as Alec, but his arms were wrapped around a boy that had to be his son, he was an exact miniature of Jeremy. Alec and I both grinned and gave the excited little boy a hug. Apparently his mother had died in labor so Jeremy was the only family he had left. The child had been staying with friends for the past two years.

"Alec, I like you to meet my husband, Damien." A woman, who Alec introduced as Elizabeth, beamed. She was the mother of the little girl named after Alec. Her husband was dressed in a mundane army uniform with his little girl his arms. She was squealing happily and playing with her father's hat. Her cute brown hair was in little pigtails and she had on a pair of child's overalls and a white t-shirt, the socks had been lost somewhere.

"Awec! Dis is ma daddy." She said happily, waving her little hand at Alec.

Damien chuckled and held his hand out to Alec, "It's a pleasure to meet you, sir. Thank you so much for taking care of my wife and little girl for me." Oh yes, the man was definitely military, very, very military.

"Just Alec, no sir necessary." Alec laughed as he took the hand and shook it. We talked with them for several more minutes before moving on to see the others.

Jessie was next; she was wrapped in her mother and father's arms crying happily. Both of her parents hugged Alec tightly saying thank you repeatedly. Alec had given up on trying to not have people thank him, so he just settled for a smile and a nod.

Kim and Taylor were off on their own, neither had any family and they were planning to find a house to rent together, and Kim was going to train Taylor as a nurse. We left them chatting happily after Alec had introduced me.

Sarah was the last adult we were introduced to, she was happily hugging a ten year old girl in a wheelchair. The little girl had been in a bus crash on the way home from a field trip and it had robbed her of both of her legs. But she seemed happy enough as she hugged Alec, thanking him for bringing her mother home safely.

Last we moved to the children who were all playing together on the floor as their parents talked. When they caught sight of Alec the parents all came and hugged him like everyone else had. Some were even tearing up as they thanked him.

"They worship you, all of them." I chuckled once we had pulled away from the crowd a bit. Alec's own family was milling around with the others, picking up more bits of info about what had happened.

"Apparently more then I thought, if the way their families greeted is any proof to go on." He agreed.

"Well, from what I've overheard you deserve the praise. It sounds like things would've been a lot worse if you hadn't kept everyone together." I smiled warmly at him. Alec opened his mouth to reply but was cut off when Johny stood on the coffee table and whistled to get everyone's attention.

"Alright, now that everyone is happily back with their families, what do you say we all go out on the porch and have a little barbeque?" Johny grinned. Everyone cheered happily at the idea and moved to the back porch. Johny and I worked together to create a warm 'bubble' around the porch and a good part of the yard. The snow in the bubble melted away and the grass sprouted as the BBQ flared to life with burgers and hot dogs as well as all manner of other barbeque-able food appeared on it. After just a few minutes it looked like a beautiful summer day, not a chilly winter one. Ben skipped over to a stereo and turned on a light tune as Andy and Eric moved to tend to the food.

Everyone was smiling and laughing happily, the kids running around in the grass. A few couples even started dancing around to the music.

"Happy?" I asked Alec as I stepped up behind him and wrapped him in my arms again, I couldn't get enough of holding him.


Once the food was done I conjured a huge picnic table for everyone and we all dug in quickly. It was an interesting meal, with so many people that all seemed like family to one another after what they'd gone through.

"Alright, enjoyable as this meal has been, I would kind of like to know why this guy took my wife captive." Damien spoke up. He was across the table from Alec and I, his daughter on his lap.

"Well, the warlock who took everyone is a man by the name of Artemis. He's about four hundred years old and he's always had a temper, and he's extremely dangerous. He's done stuff like this before, always to shadowhunters, but he's somehow managed to deceive the Clave. Most of his stunts have been pulled under fake identities that made it hard to track him down." I explained to him.

"Well, that's all wonderful, but why my wife? Why these people?" By now everyone was listening to us.

"I don't know, honestly. It could be a lot of things; Artemis doesn't always have a reason for what he does."

"No, he took us because we're some of the best shadowhunters, or the children of. He was trying to cripple the clave." Alec corrected quietly. Ben was sitting next to him and looked very confused at his statement, but he didn't ask.

"Yeah, that makes sense; Artemis has always been strongly against the Clave." I stepped in before any of the other's could voice their evident confusion. Alec looked like he really didn't want to go into it.

"Okay, but Artemis got away, right? Who's to say he won't come after us again?" Someone spoke up, I didn't see who it was.

"No one can say that he won't." Alec answered. As soon as he opened his mouth he had everyone's attention. "There is a very good possibility that he will come after us again. Because of that, we all have to be very careful. We'll tell the Clave everything that has happened, and hope that with our entire race knowing of what he's done, Artemis won't have the guts to come after us again, or that he will get captured." All the people at the table nodded at the end of the short speech.

"Alec's right. Going to the Clave is the best way to deal with this, but right now I say we enjoy a few more hours of partying." Johny said in an attempt to break the now somber mood. It worked and everyone fell back into the happy chatter and laughter of earlier. But Alec remained subdued, despite Ben's attempts to make him smile. Once he was finished with his food I pulled Alec away from the table and over to the side of the porch running parallel to the canyon, there was no one else there and it was much quieter.

"What aren't you telling me, Alec?" I asked as I brushed my fingers along his cheek.

"I…the thing that attacked us in the woods, it was Artemis. He came back, Magnus. I never told anyone, and the only two people who did know took it to their graves." Alec took a deep breath. "After he attacked us, I was still conscious for awhile. He came over and taunted me, told me why he'd taken everyone. How he only took me because he was angry that you were with me. He felt it was wrong that you had come into the city he was high Warlock of, he felt you'd stepped into his 'territory' by helping us so often."

"Alec, I," He interrupted me by placing his fingers against my lips.

"No, I don't want any apologies or sympathy. I just want you to promise me that you will help me find Artemis and make sure he never does anything like this again.

"I will." I promised. He nodded and leaned forward to rest his head against my shoulder, his arms pulling me close.



"Is there anything else you haven't told me about what happened down there?"

"Just, just one main thing." His eyes drifted off, not looking at me anymore. "But I don't really know how to tell you."

"Alec, what is it? You know I won't be mad." I coaxed. After a minute of searching my eyes with his own he sighed and stepped back a tad.

"Alright, but I'll tell you right now I don't understand this at all. No matter how much I thought about it, I've never been able to figure it out." He told me. I cocked my head to the side in confusion, not understanding what he meant. Alec lifted one hand so that it was between us, the palm facing up. I was about to ask what he was doing when I saw the magic sparking between his fingers and swirling around his hand, it was the same blue as my own magic.

"Alec! What, what?" I couldn't find the right thing to say. Alec should not be able to do that.

"I don't know, Magnus. I've only been aware of it since after I was attacked by Artemis and he ripped up my arm. When I went to heal the cuts with my necklace as much as I could, I realized I could heal them completely. Ben and I spent a lot of time trying to figure it out, but we never could. All I know is that I can seemingly do any type of magic, even if I've never heard of it before." Alec stopped the flow of magic and dropped his hand back to his side.

"Alec, come here." I said gently as I pulled him back to me. He complied and stepped forward, letting me press my hands against his chest. I hadn't seen it before because I hadn't been looking for it, but Alec had the same network of magic tracing along his veins as a warlock would have. But what made even less sense was the fact that his body hadn't rejected his runes because of the magic.

"Magnus, what is this?" He asked pleadingly.

"I…I don't know, Baby. But we're going to find out. I promise." I kissed him softly, pulling him tightly against me. We were going to figure this out, no matter what.

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