'Oh James…'

Never have two little words ever made him stop in his tracks. House narrowed his brows at the sudden sound, confusion written on his face. His fingers haven't even closed the door fully to his shared loft when they stilled. The place was empty, the lights were turned low.

Slipping his bag lightly to the floor, House clicked the door shut silently before making his way down the hall. A trip to New York cancelled early. He didn't like the idea of spending a night in a hotel room when he could just spend the hour driving back home and sleep on his soft mattress and wake up to surprise his room mate and in exchange. Get breakfast.

A win-win he believed, but it wasn't going as planned.

His feet were careful, the soft 'thump' of his cane masked by the steady 'bump' he heard. Of all the years he spent in front of his TV, watching one DVD after another, surfing one web site after another. He knew what to make out of a sound like this.

A sharp sound, a muffled sound. Like a piece of wood was knocking on the wall in a steady rhythm. Oh no, he wasn't stupid. It seems Wilson was having a little late night fun in House's absence.

Rounding the corner, House found himself coming to a stand still, his shoulder slumping against the hall frame. Why? His lips a frown. Why, did he suddenly feel betrayed? Scared? This was not the first time he walked in on his friend doing the nasty and he highly doubted it would be the last, but this time, it hurt him. Why?


House closed his eyes tightly, his cheek pressing into the wall. He wanted to drown them out, he could hear, why? Why did he feel like Wilson was punching him in the gut with every thump he heard or every breathy moan? Why did House suddenly want to rush towards his friend's room and slam the door open, to embarrasses, to startle, to STOP what Wilson was doing… Why was House hurting?

Perhaps he was scared, because this meant Wilson was moving on. Squeezing the handle of his cane tightly, House's lips twisted in a bitter sneer. Why did Wilson have to move on? They were happy, right? They lived together and they didn't cause each other that many problems. Wilson got his neediness fix with House's demands and House got to feel like he was loved and cared for with Wilson's endless nagging and lectures. Why? Why did Wilson have to take a step and move on? Did he know what this meant? Did he know what he was risking?

Wilson would kick him out! He'll fuck the woman, grow to love HER like Wilson did with his past wives and then turn around and tell HIM to get out! House would go back to his apartment and be alone again. He would turn to drugs just to keep himself from feeling the numbness, to lie to himself that he didn't lose his best friend, that he wasn't going to have to fight the new girl to get his friend's attention. House closed his eyes tightly again, his mind replaying, flashing back to what had happened already before.

Amber, the non-stop fighting, bickering. One-upping, trying to sway Wilson, to keep him close. Almost losing the friendship and then finally….

House raised his hands to his face slowly, covering his ears to the sounds. He didn't want to hear it, he didn't want to accept this. Wilson promised, PROMISED! It wouldn't be like before! House wouldn't have to fight and try to hold onto Wilson's friendship, not again!

Opening his eyes, House noticed his vision was blurry, his cheeks suddenly cold. With a brush, he cursed to himself silently. He was pathetic. Crying… Letting his arms slump to his side, his weight bearing down on the wall, he sighed. He wanted Wilson all to himself. He never liked sharing and he didn't want to. If Wilson was going to make someone moan, then it was going to be House. If Wilson wanted to give all his attention to someone, it was going to be House. If Wilson was going to love someone, it IS going to be House.

Suddenly, the pain, the hollow spot he felt began to fill with a new emotion, a new wave. Rage. With a glare, he stared at the closed doors of Wilson's bedroom, where the sounds, the movements, the beginning of the end lay. Wilson was a moron, not knowing what a good thing he had. If he was to stupid to notice then House would have to be the nice guy and make sure Wilson doesn't repeat his past mistakes?. Make sure that Wilson KEEPS his promise.

An ugly smile crept along House's face. Oh yes, House would make sure Wilson lived to regret taking his step. Tomorrow, when the love birds wake up basking in the new morning, whispering sweet nothings into one another's ear. Kissing one another with promises and daydreams, they will exit that room and there House will be waiting. With a smile on his face, he'll tear that relationship apart before it even began. He'll fight harder this, he'll make that slut run away screaming. He'll make sure Wilson stays his, and only HIS.

'Uh, yes!'

'Oh yes Wilson, enjoy it now' House thought, pushing himself back to his feet, making his way to his room. He began to plan, he began to mark out. What scheme? What trick? What could he do differently now that would make sure Wilson would stop trying to take that step forward?

'Oh James…'

"Oh Wilson." House muttered, shutting his door silently behind him.

"You're in for it now."




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