When Peter and Sarah Jane first met, how their relationship started, and what would happen if he didn't die. Enjoy :D

"Oh sorry" Sarah Jane said when she bumped in to man about her age while looking for a new pair of boots

"It's okay it was entirely my fault" the man said bending over and picking up the boots she had dropped when she bumped into him

"Thank you" she said when he handed the boots to her "I am Sarah Jane Smith" she said holding out her hand

"Peter Dalton" he replied shaking her hand "Let me buy you a coffee" he said thinking of something to say

"I am not sure I have a teenage son to get back to" she said

"So Dad is the problem" he replied

"Oh no, I am not married I adopted my son" she said, smiling when she thought about Luke

"So you won't mind having a coffee with me then" he said smirking

She smiled at him "Ok but I can't stay to long" she said paying for the boots and then walking out of the store with him.......

......"Here you go" Peter said setting the cup of coffee down on the table in front of Sarah Jane, "So tell me about this son of yours?" Peter said

"Well I adopted him about 3 years ago, his name is Like, he is 16 and the smartest boy in his grade" she said

"Really, it seems like you think the world of him" Peter said

"Yeah but enough about me what do you do?" she asked curiously

"I am a Lawyer" Peter replied, "What do you do?" he asked

"I am a journalist" she replied cheerfully taking a sip of her coffee........

....... Sarah Jane and Peter talked for ages and long after they had both finished their coffee's

"Oh my God" Sarah Jane said looking down at her watch, "Luke will be waiting at home for me, I have got to go, thank you for the coffee" she said grabbing her bag and getting up

"Wait, here" he said writing something down on a piece of paper and handing it to her.

"What is this?" she asked reading the piece of paper, a bit confused

"It's my phone number" he replied, "I had fun talking to you with and I would like to get to know you better Sarah Jane"

"Thanks, I might call you, but at the moment I really have to go before my son gets worried, bye" she said walking off out of the store

"See you" he called back

"Where were you?" Luke asked when Sarah Jane walked in the door an hour and a half after she was supposed to be home "I have been waiting an hour and a half for you to come home, I thought you might be hurt, or aliens might of captured you" he said with a worried look on his face

"Sorry Luke" she said dropping her bags next to the coffee table "I just lost track of time, I am sorry I didn't mean to be so late home"

"It's okay" he said coming over and hugging her, "I am starving can we have dinner now" he said walking into the kitchen.

Sarah Jane sat in her room she got out her bag and looked at the piece of paper with Peter's phone number on it; she laid back and put her head on the pillow still holding the piece of paper in her hand. She heard a knock at her door "Come in" she said as she sat up shoving the piece of paper under her pillow.

Luke walked in the door and sat next to his Mum, "Are you okay?" he asked her taking her hand in his

"Yeah fine" she said "Why wouldn't I be, I am just a little distracted" she replied answering his question

"Are you sure, you were very quite tonight" he said wrapping his arm around her shoulder

"I am fine, Lue" she said "Shouldn't you be in bed now?" she asked with a grin on her face

"Yeah" he said kissing her on the cheek before walking out the door "Night Mum"

"Night Luke" she replied lying back down on her bed and pulling the piece of paper out from underneath her pillow

She stared at it for awhile "Nah" she said putting it back in her wallet and the putting her wallet in her bag. She turned the light off and rolled over to go to sleep.

2 weeks later

Sarah Jane was buying a coffee on her way back from dropping Luke off at school; when she felt someone tap her on the shoulder, she jumped and turned around to see Peter smiling at her.

"I thought you were going to call me" Peter said a little disappointed

"Sorry, didn't have any time, it has been a busy couple of weeks" she lied, she had a fairly quiet couple of weeks, no alien interruptions, nothing

"Oh okay, how about you join me for a coffee now instead?" Peter asked

"Oh no sorry, I can't I have things to do" she replied quickly

"Aw come on, you can't spare half an hour" he said sweetly

"Fine, but only for half an hour, I have got some stories to do" she said sitting down at the table next to him with her coffee

"So what are these stories you are talking about?" Peter asked sounding interested

"Well nothing bug, just some little things" she said trying to come up with an answer to his question.....

.....Once again Sarah Jane lost track of time and before she knew it; it was noon, she gasped looking down at her watch. She had been so distracted talking to Peter. "Crap, we have been her for 3 hours, I have got to go" she said grabbing her bag quickly.

"Wait" Peter called out after her, "Why don't I take you out to dinner on Friday night?" he asked hopeful

What could she say she was shocked by the invitation and didn't know what to say "Um...I am sorry, I would love to but I can't, sorry again" she said walking out the floor.

.......Sarah Jane was sitting at her desk staring at the blank computer screen. She got out Peters phone number from her wallet and stared at it. She thought long and hard "Why not" she said to herself picking up her phone and dialling Peter's into it.

"Hello Peter Dalton" Peter said when he answered the phone.

"Hi, uh, it's Sarah Jane Smith" she said nervously

"Hi, what can I do for you?" he asked surprised to hear from her.

"I don't suppose you're still free Friday night for dinner?" she asked hopeful

"Yes I am still free, what made you change your mind about going out with me?" he asked surprised by her offer to go to dinner with him after she said no

"Great, I don't know, something just clicked" she replied happy with his answer

"Good well I am sorry but I have to go, my boss doesn't like me gabbing on the job, I will meet you Friday night outside the cafe where we had coffee today" he replied

"Okay that is fine, what time though?" she asked

"I will meet you there at seven, got to go now, bye" he replied

"Okay seven it is, see you" she said before hanging up the phone and sighing, leaning back into her chair.

'I have got a date' she thought to herself 'God I haven't had on in years', 'I don't remember a single thing about dating, this will be harder than I thought'

"I don't want to tell Luke yet, it wouldn't be right to just dump this on him." She said to herself looking down at a picture of Luke on her desk

"What was that Sarah Jane" Mr Smith said pulling Sarah Jane out of her thoughts

"Nothing I was talking to myself, goodbye for now" she replied wondering how much she had heard over the last 10 minutes.

"Mum are you okay?" Luke asked later that night at dinner

"Fine, why wouldn't I be" she said

"You haven't touched your food, are you sick?" Luke asked

"No, I am fine Luke, just thinking, I am not very hungry" she said cheerfully

"What are you thinking about?" Luke asked curiously

"Nothing you need to know about" she said not wanting to tell Luke that what she was thinking about was her going on a date with Peter.

"Mum" Luke admonished "Why won't you tell me?" Luke asked upset his mother wouldn't tell him

"Because it is none of your business" she replied sternly

"Fine, but I will find out eventually" he said smiling

"I highly doubt that, by the way I am going out to dinner with Sir Alistair on Friday night, at 7 pm" she said lying about going out with Sir Alistair

"You mean you are going to leave alone, with nothing to do, when will you be back?" he asked trying to get his mum to say that he could have Clyde and Rani over while she was away

"I don't know, but before you start getting more pushy yes you can have Clyde and Rani over while I am gone" she said

"Thanks mum" he said getting up and hugging her

Friday night 6:30pm

"Hi Sarah Jane" Rani said when Sarah Jane opened the door to greet her

"Hi Rani, where is Clyde?" Sarah Jane asked looking around

"Right here" Clyde replied walking into the house

"So I heard you are going to dinner with Sir Alistair" Rain said curiously

"Yes, but it is nothing, just two friends having dinner together, hold on a second" she said "Luke, Rani and Clyde are here" she said calling out to Luke who was up stairs at the time

"Hey" Luke said when came downstairs

"So what are you three going to be doing while I am gone?" Sarah Jane asked

"Watching these" Clyde said pulling the DVD's out of his bag and holding them up

"These don't look to friendly" Sarah Jane said looking at the DVD's curiously

"Don't worry Mum, you let us fight Aliens, so why not a few scary movies" Luke asked

"Fine but be good, I have got to go now" she said kissing Luke on the cheek and hugging him goodbye

"See you Mum" Luke said waving goodbye

"Love you, see you later" she replied hopping into her car

Sarah Jane was extremely nervous when she arrived outside the Cafe where they had coffee earlier on this week. She felt her throat go dry when she saw Peter waiting outside for her. She slowly got out of the car, locking to behind her and walked over to Peter.

"Hi" Peter said nervously after he kissed on the cheek

"Hi" she replied back not knowing what else to say

"I got the for you" he said handing her a red rose wrapped up in clear cellophane and pink tissue paper, with a red piece of string tied into a bow at the bottom.

"It's gorgeous Peter" Sarah Jane said taking it from his hand and examining it

"Just like you" he blurted out, he immediately blushed after he said it

She looked up at him surprised by the compliment, she smiled and said "So where are we going for dinner?"

"It's a surprise, follow me" he said putting his arm around her waist and leading her down the road......

....... "This place is amazing" Sarah Jane said once they were sitting down at a table for dinner

"I know, I found this place when I went out for a company Christmas party, and I said to myself that night that I would take someone special to this place the next time I came, which is today" he said taking her hand in his and squeezing it.

She smiled at he rubbed her thumb over his fingers. Sarah Jane and Peter had been here for two hours and Peter knew he was falling for Sarah Jane as soon as he saw her tonight, she looked amazing. He brought her hand up to his mouth and kissed it.

By the time Sarah Jane and Peter had finished the dinner and payed the bill, it was 11:30pm Sarah Jane knew Luke would be wondering where she was, but she didn't want to go home, because she was having such a good time with Peter. After Peter payed the bill he walked Sarah Jane back to her car.

"Sarah Jane, I really like you, and want to go out with you again" Peter said after she had unlocked her car door

"Well I like really like you too, how about next Wednesday afternoon" she offered

"Sounds perfect, I will think of something special, I will meet you here again, at 4pm" he said grinning at her

He hugged her goodbye before he watched her drive off in her car. When Sarah Jane got home it was quart to 12 and she could see the lights still on in the living room but couldn't hear the T.V, she figured that Rani and Clyde had gone home and that Luke was still awake waiting for her to come home.

When Luke heard the lock in the front door click her turned around to see Sarah Jane walk in, she smiled at him weekly knowing he would have been worried sick about where she had been. "Hi" she said coming and sitting down next to him.

"Hi" he replied turning away from her

"I am sorry Luke" she said placing her hand on his shoulder

"Mum, this is the second time in 3 weeks that you have been late home, I know you have been with the brigadier and you were just catching up, but it is nearly midnight and you are always home at the latest by 10pm, you have never been home this late before, I thought you might of been hurt by aliens or something" Luke said in a worried voice

"I am really sorry Luke, I didn't mean to take so long, but I lost track of time, I meant to leave 2 hours ago, I really did" she said squeezing his shoulder

"I know Mum, I was just worried, you are the only family I have got, I can't lose my Mum" he said turning around and hugging her

"Come on, we both should get to bed now" Sarah Jane said getting up and grabbing Luke's hand

"Yeah" Luke yawned "I am tired"

Wednesday morning

"Luke" Sarah Jane said when she was making her cup of tea at the kitchen bench

"Yeah Mum" he replied sleepily, Sarah Jane had pulled him out of bed, he had stayed up late last night and was exhausted

"I have a meeting with an editor this afternoon at 4 o' clock, so I will only have time to quickly pick you up from school and get us home before I have to go, so you have to be ready when I come to pick you up, okay?" she said taking a sip of her cup of tea

"Uh-huh" Luke said trying to wake himself up by splashing water on his face

"Come here" Sarah Jane said laughing, whipping his face with a cloth and kissing him on the forehead

"Mum" he protested as she whipped the water off his face

"Next time don't stay up after I have gone to bed and you won't have me whipping the water of your face that you splashed on yourself" she said putting down the cloth and picking up her cup of tea again.

"Don't worry I won't from now on I am going to go to bed when you tell me to and turn out the lights" he said taking the piece of toast out of the toaster and bitting it like it was going out of fashion.

"Come on" Sarah Jane said picking up her jacket and keys "Time for school"

"Aw what I am only just awake" Luke protested

"Luke, you have got to go to school" Sarah Jane said putting her hands on her hips

"Fine" Luke said grabbing his bag and walking out the door

3:15pm Wednesday

"Come on, Luke I will be late if you take this long to get in the car" Sarah Jane said while waiting for her son to put his bag in the car

"Okay, okay" Luke said hopping in and kissing his mum on the cheek before she drove off

"How much home work do you have?" Sarah Jane asked when Luke and Sarah Jane were home

"I have got a bit, how long will you be gone?" he asked hoping she would be home on time tonight

"Um....Probably around 6:30pm I will pick dinner up on my way home" she said not really knowing how long she and Peter would be out

"Okay, can you get chicken?" he asked

"Only because you are my favourite son" Sarah Jane said playfully

"Mum I am your only son" Luke said with a smile on his face

"I know doesn't mean you still can't be my favourite" she said cheekily

"How often do you go to the park?" Peter asked Sarah Jane after he had kissed her on the cheek and he had started taking her to the place they would have their date.

"Huh" Sarah Jane said confused by his question

"I asked you how often you go to the park" Peter said repeating his question

"With being a journalist and having a teenage son; the last time I probably went to the park was about 10 years ago now" she replied not realising why Peter had asked this question

"Great" Peter said confusing Sarah Jane even more

"Ta da" Peter said holding his arms out when they arrived at the Park with a river next to the beach, where Peter had prepared a picnic for them

"This is fantastic Peter" Sarah Jane said laughing a bit when she saw what Peter had organised for their date

"I am glad you like it" he said smiling at her "Come on, I have made something special, I don't think you will want dinner tonight after our date" he said leading her over to the blanket on the grass and the picnic basket.

"Here try this" Peter said holding out a fork to her mouth with a piece of chicken on it

"This is really good" Sarah Jane said after he fed it to her

"I thought you would like it, I spent all last night making it" he said proudly

"You spent all night making chicken for our date?" she asked flattered that he would do this for their date

"I spent all last night and today making all of this" he replied loving the way she smiled at him when he said this

"Aw, you are the only guy I know who would do this for a girl he likes" she replied taking his hand and squeezing

"Well I would do anything for you" he said squeezing her hand tightly and running his thumb over the top of her hand

"Okay now you are just being extremely sweet and cheesy at the same time" she said.......

...... "Come with me" Peter said getting up and holding his hands out to her. She grabbed his hands and followed him down to the beach. It was 10 past 6 now and the sun was setting over the water, it was breath taking view.

Peter laced his fingers through Sarah Jane's and started walking through the wet sand, "Sarah Jane" Peter said when they stopped

"Yeah" she said turning around to face him

He put his hands around her waist and pulled her closer to him; she looked up at him and smiled. Sarah noticed he was saying anything just staring down at her. "Are you okay?" she asked

He didn't say anything he just leaned down and kissed her, she was surprised by the kiss but she definitely didn't mind it. She put her arms around his neck and kissed him back, the only man/boy she had kissed in the past 10 years was Luke and that was only ever motherly affection whereas this was something completely different.

Peter pulled her in closer to him so her body was pressed up against his and kissed her gently, savouring the taste of her lips against his mouth. She twisted his hair through her fingers feeling the soft texture between them. Peter pulled away catching his breath, he looked down at her and smiled; he put his hand on her cheek and tucked her hair behind her ear.

She kept her body close against his and kissed him again, tightening the grip around his neck. After 5 minutes they broke apart again just as the sun was setting, he put his arm around her waist and they walked down the beach.

Sarah Jane shivered it had gotten dark quickly and she was starting to get cold now, "I have got to go" Sarah Jane said she only had five minutes to get home, and she still had to pick up dinner

"Are you sure you have to?" Peter asked putting his arms around her waist

"Sorry, I promised Luke I would be home by 6:30 pm today, he has be worried about where I have been lately and I don't want him to get suspicious, plus I still have to pick up dinner" she said

"Okay, when will I see you next?" Peter asked

"When is your next free night?" she asked smiling up at him

"My next free night is Sunday night" he said "How about then I will take you out for dinner"

"Perfect, I will see you then, here is my number" she said handing him a piece of paper "Call me when you can"

"Thanks" he said taking the piece of paper and putting it in his pocket

"Bye" she said kissing before walking off to the butcher

"See you" he replied

"Luke I am home" Sarah Jane called through the house, 'only 5 minutes late' she thought to herself

"I am in the kitchen" Luke called back

"Hi" Sarah Jane said putting the bag with the meat on the counter and kissing Luke on the cheek

"How did it go?" Luke asked curiously

"Huh?" Sarah Jane said forgetting what she had told Luke about her whereabouts

"The meeting with the editor" Luke said confused with the way she reacted when he asked about it

"Oh, it went well" she said thinking about Peter and her date

"Did you buy chicken?" Luke asked eagerly

"Yes, I did, but I am not very hungry so we will have a lot left over" she said getting the chicken out of the bag

"That's fine more for me" Luke said sitting down at the dining table

"Are you alright Mum?" Luke asked at dinner "You've been acting strange the last couple of weeks"

"Yeah fine, I didn't realise I was acting strange" she said feeling her throat go dry when Luke said something about her acting strange

"But Mum, you have been coming home late, you have barely touched your dinner and you have been staring into space for the last hour" Luke said sounding worried

"I am just thinking that is all" Sarah Jane said

"What are you thinking about?" Luke asked trying to find out what his Mum was thinking about

"None of your business" Sarah Jane said biting with her bottom lip

"Fine, Fine, I am going to do some homework" Luke said getting up ad putting his plate in the sink

"Yep" she said, just the Sarah Jane's phone rang, she got up and walked into the living room, Luke turned around and tried to listen to her conversation through the door.

"Hi" Sarah Jane said, Luke could only here half of the conversation and could make out most of it

"I missed you too" she said into the phone

He heard her laugh, "Yeah so 7 on Sunday night" she said laughing again, "It was only an hour ago, I got back" she said sitting down on the couch. "Have you decided where you are taking me yet" Sarah Jane said

"Oh I love that place" Sarah Jane said getting up and walking over to the bookshelf

"Okay, I have got to go now" she said into the phone, "Yeah, Love you too, okay bye" she said before hanging up the phone and walking out into the hallway.

"Ooo" Sarah Jane said when she opened the door to find Luke pressed against the door "What are you doing?" she asked Luke a little bit angry Luke had been listening in on her conversation to Peter.

Luke just stared at her "Who were you talking to?" he asked

"I asked you first" she said not knowing how to answer Luke's question

"I was listening in on your conversation" Luke said honestly "Now who were you talking to?" Luke asked again

"Um...I was talking to an old friend from Unit" she replied thinking of the first thing that came to her mind

"Why, were you talking to him?" Luke asked full of questions

"We are going out on Sunday night" she replied "We were just having a conversation and organising dinner for the two of us"

Luke became more and more suspicious of his mothers behaviour over the next couple of weeks , she was coming home late, she spent 3 hours doing the grocery shopping by herself which he would normally always do with Luke and yesterday she spent all day out somewhere and didn't come to pick him up from school until 4 o' clock an hour after she was supposed to pick him up. He thought about getting a lift with Rani, and just thought she would be 10 minutes late not an hour.

Luke wanted to know what his Mum was up to so he put a tracking device on her car and follow her to where she was going, he knew it was rude to follow her but he was worried about her and wanted to know what she was hiding from him.

"I am going now" Sarah Jane said to Luke while they were up in the attic, she grabbed her bag and went over to kiss Luke on the cheek

"Yep, have a nice night" he said faking working on his homework

"See you later" she said closing the attic door behind her and walking down the stairs, she got in the car and drove off......

......As soon as Sarah Jane was down stairs Luke picked up his phone and called Rani "She's off again" he said as soon as she answered

"Okay we are on our way" they said as they crossed the road just after Sarah Jane drove off......

....... "Where is she going?" Clyde asked when he got up to the attic where Luke was

"I don't know, Mr Smith I need you" Luke replied

"What can I do for Luke?" Mr Smith asked

"Activate tracking device Mr Smith" Luke said

"So what was the story this time?" Rani asked

"She said something about going to the town hall for a motorway extension meeting" Luke replied

"Her excuses are getting lamer and lamer" Clyde said stretching the word lame

"Why is she lying to us?" Clyde asked walking around

"She's heading into town" Rani said moving closer to Mr Smith

"Am I to understand that you are using my tracking device to spy on Sarah Jane?" Mr Smith asked

"It's the 5th time she's done this in a month Mr Smith" Rani said sounding concerned "We've got to find out what she's really doing"

"She's stopped" Clyde said looking up at Mr Smith

"Nowhere near the town hall" Luke said

"There she was lying, knew it" Rani said shaking her head......

......Sarah Jane got out of her car and walked over to the restaurant where she was meeting Peter; she smiled when she saw him and walked with him to their table. He kissed her on the cheek before sitting down.........

........... "Scan for alien activity in that area K-9" Clyde said

"Negative alien activity Master Clyde" K-9 said

"So what do we do, follow her down there?" Rani asked

"Come on" said Luke grabbing his jacket "2 minutes to the next bus"

"There's her car" said Luke while they were hidden behind the wall sticking their heads around the corner "But where's Mum"

They walked out from behind the wall and started walking along the road; they got to the end of the road and looked across the road at the park. Clyde was the first to notice when they crossed the road and walked along the foot path next to the park, Sarah Jane lying down on the grass next to a man, she was propped up on her elbows, there was a picnic basket at the bottom of the feet and they were sitting there talking.

"I did not just see that" Clyde said pulling Luke and Rani behind a bench

"What?" asked Rani sticking her head around the tree

"Be careful" Clyde said sticking his hand in front of Luke

"Oh my God" Rani said when the three of them were peeking over the top of the bench

"Oh no there not gonna" Clyde said when Peter got on top of Sarah Jane and kissed her

"Wow just wow" Rani said when they were walking back up the street

"No one over 22 should be doing that in public" Clyde said "Make that at all"

"Shut up Clyde, oh that's brilliant she's got herself a man" Rani sighed

"What are we going to say?" asked Luke

"Were not going to say anything, she wasn't to keep it a secret so until she wants to tell us what's going on then we keep our mouths shut about what we just saw" Rani said in reply "Yeah?", "Luke"

"Yeah, and we thought she was hunting aliens" Luke said

"He looked really posh, I bet his name was Harry or something" Clyde said to Luke and Rani while they were sitting around the computer talking about what they had seen

"She's coming" Rani whispered when she heard Sarah Jane's footsteps coming up the stairs, they all quickly picked up the booklets that they had in front of them, for revision for their exams.

"What are you all doing up here?" Sarah Jane asked surprised to find them up here

"We have exams coming up, so Luke's helping us revise" Rani said cheerfully

Sarah Jane looked around the room and noticed Mr Smith was out, "What's Mr Smith doing out?" she asked crossing her arms across her chest

"Information Luke, Sarah Jane's car is now parked outside the house" Mr Smith said

"What Mr Smith" Sarah Jane said while Rani put the booklet in front of her face so Sarah Jane couldn't see her

"Hello Sarah Jane, I have been tracking your position as instructed by Luke" Mr Smith said

"You did that on purpose" Clyde said

"K-9 what have they been doing?" Sarah Jane asked

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