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If Snape was a poet then this is what he would write. This is Lily's importance to him, even though it hurts him to remember her it would hurt him more to forget.

I hate tomorrow, I desire yesterday,

since Lily has been gone, since she went away.

I miss her, I wish for her, a wilted white flower,

because of her death, sweet things seem sour.

She was the little girl on the swing, swinging higher,

hair like fire.

To me, everything.

I should move on, I want to forget.

But I'm not strong, I can't forget.

If Lily's memories were to fade, I'd fadeā€¦ away.

I can still love, even though that little girl can't play.

It's short I know, but I like it. Snape's love for Lily is sort of like Helga's love for Arnold (out of 'Hey Arnold', a cartoon.). Helga and Snape would both do anything for the one they love, as well as do anything to hide their love from others. Snape and Helga's love for Arnold and Lily are also both unreciprocated.

If you enjoy Fan Fics about Snape and his love for Lily then I would recommend that you read some Hey Arnold Fan Fiction.

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