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Rated: K

Genre: Romance

Summary: Little did you know that one word could make a change.

A/N: This is my second HA! fic. I appreciated you guys who had reviewed or read my first fic or left it after reading without reviewed or just look at it and click that 'Back' button. I really am happy and I feel welcomed in this new 'world'. So, hope you like it. Sorry if it's as bad as my first.


Written by V. Vichi L.

"I do care about you, Arnold," I said.

He just smiled. "Me too."

"It's been years and, honestly, I missed you."

He just shrugged. "Same here."

I blinked. "I love you. You know that obviously, don't you, Arnold?"

He just stared at me, his face was blank. Then I turned my back and walked away, before a hand caught mine.


WAS THAT VERY SHORT?! I don't blame you if you hate me. Well, it just popped into my mind and I couldn't help but wrote it. I don't know if I should continue it, but well… So, tell me your opinion!


V. Vichi L.