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"Come one harder you bitch." Vlad grunted as he pounded harder into Henry. Henry was lying on his back his legs on Vlad's shoulders and his hands were pulling at the shields. His face was sweating and he could feel Vlad pumping into him and the sound of flesh hitting flesh. Vlad was gripping Henry's hips pounding into him trying not to hurt him with his vampire speed.

"Stop...holding back...just...do it." Henry got out between breathes wanting Vlad to go as hard and fast as he could.

"What...if I...hurt you." Vlad kept trying to control himself not wanting to hurt Henry.

"I want...to feel...the pain..." he moaned as Vlad flipped him over. "and...the pleasure."

"Fine then. You asked for it." Vlad made a barely human noise as he let his strength loose pounding into Henry who was moaning and cursing between breathes of air. For anyone who might have been watching Vlad would have looked like a blur. The bed kept rocking against the wall scrapping away paint the room was filled with moans, the sound of skin slapping skin, and grunts. The two were so into the moment neither saw when the door was opened. Vlad's hair was sticking to his forehead, his eyes kept flashing purple, and his fangs had elongated.

The specters had their mouths wide open as Vlad continued to pound into the moaning Henry who was breathless now.

"Hit it again." Henry moaned out. The specters had began to touch each other the smaller feeling his way down the strong abs and unbuttoning the bigger once pants. The bigger one had taken the others mouth with his own and had began to passionately kiss each other.

"I'm going to come Vlad." as Henry's orgasm went through his body and his seed onto his heaving chest. He's walls tightened around Vlad sending him crazy and his pumping into Henry became much more harsh then it was before until he came spilling his seed into his best friend. Vlad fell on top of Henry and bit down on Henry's shoulder drinking a couple gulps of blood.

The smaller one heard someone coming up the stairs and turned around to see some guy gasp at what he saw.

"What are you doing here." asked a lust filled Joss who kept touching his older cousin.

"Um." the boy said confused as to what was going on.

"Your supposed to be writing this story not in it." Joss was being stripped by his cousin who were both still standing at Henry's door.

"Well I must be going now." the author's face was red and he was running out the door before he became to lost in his own story.

"Oh well. So where were we." Joss and his cousin continued to watch Vlad buck a couple more times into Henry before he pulled out to see Henry's cousin and older brother looking at them. Vlad's face became red and he grabbed for something to cover himself only to pull Henry up and in front of himself as a cover. Henry was so out of it he didn't notice he was being watched.