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I woke up like everyone else, except I had a horrible taste in my mouth. A wiggly, slimy taste.. I looked around dazed, the lights blinding me as I tried to figure out what was in my mouth. It tasted kind of like earth and mud.. But it was moving.. My eyes shot open wide and I quickly opened my jaw, maggots falling out of it. Good lord that was the most disgusting thing I have ever felt..

It got worse.

I looked down and I was covered with bugs, full of them. And I didn't know where the hell I was either.. I tried to send out a burst of chakra to kill off the bugs, but my chakra wasn't working. It seemed that nothing was working. I couldn't move, I was paralyzed.

I opened my mouth again and more bugs wormed their way out, senseless gargling came out of my mouth instead of the words I wanted.


My eyes adjusted as the light that had been blocking my eyesight dimmed, and I found that I was back in the Akatsuki base. There were shadows of people around me.

Why was I here now?

I remembered the light of the ball in the Kyuubi's hand, the way it hurt when it hit me. The pain that radiated through-out my body the whole time that it touched me.

But I wasn't there anymore, how did I get here?

A boy walked over to me with grey-ish white hair and slanted eyes. I didn't know who he was, and it didn't help that I couldn't exactly see anything but his face anyway. But I would go with him anyway, because I knew he had answers.

The room was covered with shadows, and I still wasn't used to the strange light that seemed to envelop small corners of the room from the windows. He took me into another room somehow, my legs wobbly as I tried to walk. I needed to be fixed apparently, I needed someone to 'stitch me up and clean me out.'

I could feel the eyes of the other members on me, eyes of pity once they looked at me, eyes of confusion when they turned away. It was already something I hated, already something I wanted to be rid of.

The boy layed me on a metal table, closing my eyes for me and shining another blaring bright light in my face.

"You'll be up and running in no time."

I tried to speak again, to say anything. But I sounded like Frankenstein as he rose from his metal platform as his doctor laughed maniacally. I looked like Frankenstein as the stitches where shown all over his body. Before I had been stitched up like this, but it wasn't ever anything like this. And now I had been brought back from the dead? I might as well change my name to Frank.

I opened my eyes again, narrowing them against the light as he worked over me on my body. I wasn't exactly scared, I knew they wouldn't kill me again if they just brought me back to life. It would be a waste of power.

I felt invaded as the boy shoved his hand down my throat, pulling out bugs and half eaten pieces of thread by the handfuls, whistling cheerily as he went. I wondered how he could be so happy doing something so morbid? And then I wondered where Hidan was. I didn't remember seeing him anywhere as I had limped across the lair with the boy.

But I guess the real question was, Who was the boy in the first place?

I squinted my eyes up at him, trying to focus more-so on his face, but only catching glimpses of his cloaked hood and arms. It was aggravating.

"Too answer the question you can't seem to ask, My name is Kabuto."

I stopped squinted as he moved the lamp away from my face, walking off to go wash his hands.

I tested my jaw, opening it and closing it, breathing in and out.


Talking still wasn't exactly working.

"You can't really speak yet, your voice box was the most infested by bugs other than your lungs. It should be better by the beginning of the war in a few months."

I looked at him, jaw set in an demanding sort of way.

"And yes, every organ you have has been repaired enough for usage which is all we want you for. And Yes, you still have your five hearts which were replaced by "donors."

I smiled at the way he sarcastically said donors, this kid and I were going to get along.


The meeting we got together for was strange, odd like some hadn't expected us to show up. But why wouldn't we? It wasn't like we had anywhere else to go.

I sat next to Kisame who was shooting daggers at Itachi with his eyes. He had been rooming with me because him and Itachi 'were on an outing' and Hidan hadn't been found. I had an idea where the idiot was, but I couldn't exactly speak still. Only small words like yes and no, and that was all anyone else needed from me.

Madara babbled on about battle plans that we had all heard before and I looked at the other members who were looking back at everyone else. It was like a family reunion where no one had seen their family for fifty years and they were so shocked by change they didn't have anything to say. No one was paying attention to Madara, just to eachother. I, myself, was looking at how they'd changed physically. I would have to catch back up with them.

Deidara didn't have his hair up anymore, and he'd ditched his scope. But otherwise he was still short and short tempered, mouths on his hands. But I guess he was different physically anyway, Considering his body was fake. Made out of elements apparently because he had exploded his own body.

Itachi didn't look different except his eyes were gone, something that everyone in the Akatsuki ridiculed Madara for. Giving his eyes to Sasuke to make one person with better eyes was the equivalent to two men with so-so eyes. But at least the second choice gave us more man-power. NOw Itachi was useless.

Kisame and Zetsu were the same, same eyes and same robes.

Pein was no longer known as Pein though, his true name was Nagato. Apparently he had been controlling six different bodies with his immense power.

Konan was still gone.

Hidan was still gone.

'Tobi' wasn't Tobi anymore. He was Madara.

Sasuke, Karin, Jugo and Suigetsu were new members.

Sasori didn't look different.

But then we had me. I didn't wear my mask anymore and let my shaggy hair hang in my face. I still towered over everyone except for Kisame and Zetsu, and I still had strange eyes. The only other difference was that I had more stitches and I couldn't talk. Nothing much.

Madara slammed his book down on his desk, Sharigan eye glaring out at us.

"Pay attention."

We snapped our heads in his direction, some of us glaring and some of us looking in fear.

But the other part of us, just didn't care.


The war was horrifying, people attacking each other mindlessly, members being dragged away. I found myself protecting my friends, sending shadow creatures out to block attacks and destroy attackers. That was the hard thing about a ninja battle. You had no time for finesse, no bother to hide your hand-signs because it just didn't matter. It was too much work.

But atleast I could form sentences now, atleast I could do that.

My threads wrapped around multiple throats as Deidara ran ahead of me, leaning forward and arms flailing behind him, ball of clay in his hand. A flash of worry shot through me, and I opened my mouth to speak as my threads tightened and pulled, stabbed and wrenched.

"Deidara. Your body is fake do-"

I was cut off by another ninja who jumped at me, his foot smashing into my stomach, and I was forced to let go of the ninja's I had been killing.

I looked to the left and saw their Hokage fall down at the feet of Pein, Zetsu biting into her leg, a great victory. But not great enough..I saw Konan go down, an attack that was made for Pein hitting her instead.

We were losing.

But I still fought, and fought hard. It was all I could do as I saw fellow members being taken away. And then eventually myself.

I was the first brought in for interrogation, maybe because I had volunteered. I knew that if I went first, they'd be less likely to take anyone else and beat the shit out of them for information. It was a sacrifice for the team, I guess. I didn't exactly agree with the way Madara was running things, Pein was better, but I went along with it for the nostalgia. It wasn't like I'd feel it as much as they did either. My body was numb most of the time, probably because most of the nerve endings were damaged when the Kyuubi hit me with his Rasengan. The boy, His name was Kabuto apparently, had told me that his attack had cut me at the cellular level.

A man, named Ibiki, walked around the chair they had sat me in, pacing. I had refused to answer any of his questions, what could I tell him that would make him happy anyway? Oh sorry, I kind of wanted to destroy the Leaf village because I lost against the battle with your First Hokage? Or I wanted to destroy the Leaf because Madara does? Like that would work. I'd get punished either way, and hell I might as well die with pride.

"Tell me what you know!"

Ibiki slammed a folder down on the metal table infront of me, sneering as he flipped through page after page of the death our war had caused. But I wasn't really effected, I'd seen it all before.

But then again..I couldn't help but cringe when I saw a child impaled on a blade, tears still fresh on his face.

"I don't know anything."

His patience was wearing thin, and he looked at me like he was ready to kill me. Well.. he probably was.

"Tell. Me. What. You. Know."


He grabbed me by the hair and ripped the cuffs off of me, dragging my by my hair into another room across the hallway. A hot bed of coals, red and searing hot, awaited me in that room.

And they would leave scars unbelievable to anyone else but me.

He had smashed my face into the plate, cracking my jaw in the impact and burning my skin. It hurt like hell, even though my feelings had been toned down. I could only imagine what this would be like for anyone else.

Then he threw me into a cell with the other members after what felt like ten minutes of excruciating pain, my head hitting the cement ground with a thunk.

"Hello Kakuzu." Madara croaked