I woke up to a weight across my stomach. It wasn't heavy, but it was enough to get my attention. I groaned and tried to roll over, thinking it was one of my cats, but it wouldn't move. I opened my eyes to try and figure it out since my cats always moved when I started to roll over, only to come nose to wet nose with Elethan.

"How the fuck did you get in here?!" I yelled, scowling when it looked like the damn dog was laughing at me. How the hell was I supposed to tell John that his Hell Hound, the dog that Abe kept telling him would never leave his side, decided to wander into my damn room?! That felt like betrayal to me! "Get the hell off of me ya dumbass. John'll be pissed if he thinks I took his dog!"

"Dumb teddy bear key holder. Who do you think let me in? I can't open the door by myself… Stupid." I heard a slightly growly voice in my head, making me jump a mile in the air out of my bed, flinging the dog off of me too.

"What the ever loving fuck?!"

"Ow! I'm telling Master when he comes back! Meanie key holder threw me! Master should have let me eat you!"

"Let you… Never mind! How the hell are you able to talk to me?!" I had to admit, I was a little freaked out here. This dog had been with us for almost a week now and he'd never talked to me before! "And I'm not a teddy bear!"

"Ugggghhhhh why do I have to explain this to dumb teddy bear key holder? I talk to you because I'm made to protect you… What kind of protector would I be if I couldn't warn you? And Master says you're a teddy bear under the dumbness… but you are still dumb… and mean!"

"Says the little shit that scared me to death!" I growled at him. "And you better not have hurt my cats."

"I didn't!" He snarled indignantly. "I like cats!"

"Elethan? Are you bothering Hellboy?" Came Scouts soft voice from the doorway. "I asked you to wake him, not scare him!"

"Scout! Did you know your mutt can talk to me?!" I asked as I stood up, ignoring the fact that I was in my boxers, and walked to my dresser to get some pants.

"I-I.. uh-hmm… He'd mentioned something about it last night. I think it's a good thing though." Came the stuttered response. I turned to look at him just as he was facing away from me, but I was able to get a small peek at his blushing face. "So Manning had a meeting this morning and told me to fill you in. Your breakfast is over there." He said shyly as he pointed toward my couch. "That's why I sent Elethan in here."

"Ok." I said and I walked over, still in my boxers mind you, and plopped down. I patted the couch next to me. "Pop a squat Squirt. Eat and fill me in."

"Umm, wouldn't you rather get some pants on first?" John asked, his face pointed toward the floor. I smirked and wrapped my tail around his waist to pull him over.

"Not really." I said calmly as I popped a piece of bacon into my mouth. I watched him sigh and sit down resignedly. "Good, now spill kid."

"Ok. We're getting new recruits in today and Manning wants us to be there to train them."

"To scare them you mean."

"Well… Yeah I guess if that's how you want to look at it." He said with a chuckle. "But if they're going to work here then they need to get over whatever fears they have regarding what they think isn't real. We work with it on the regular too often for them to freak out over it all the time. Abe will be there as well."

"Well, when does big Papa get to see the new children?" I asked leaning back with a chuckle. Clay had given John and me the names of Big Papa and Mama when it came to the recruits. John was patient, but firm, with them. He would keep constant watch over them in training and kindly correct them when they made a mistake and punish them fairly when they caused problems. To John's calm though, I was the fire. When one of the new kids made John upset to much I was the one to deal with them, and my punishments didn't come with a warning, nor were they necessarily seen as "fair". When I was in training with them the normal bullshit wasn't allowed. They could tease Scout, they knew they could, because he'd just let it roll off and order them to pay attention or they'd be punished. Me? Fuck that. They messed with me too much and they had to spar with me. I once told John that it was a Demon thing, seeing someone younger and weaker then you trying to get into your face was seen as a challenge for a dominant position. Challenges were met with swift and harsh punishment to put the uppity kid in its place.

John had scowled at me, wagging a finger under my nose and told me that it was unacceptable to treat younger agents that way. I just smirked at him and asked if he thought he could beat me. He'd snorted and told me he wasn't that stupid, but that I hadn't had to beat him to a pulp to get that across. Clay had walked into the conference room as we were having this particular conversation and shook his head, telling us that we were like a Mama and Papa pair when it came to the trainees. Then suddenly the newbies were calling John Mama and me Big Papa. It's kind of stuck since then.

"Against Mama's request," Clay joked as he came in with Abe following close behind. "You see them as soon as you're done eating."

"Again with the Mama crap? Why am I the feminine one?!" John whined sarcastically.

"Well, you are smaller than me… and you're kinda girly… it'd be weird to call the manly one in our relationship the girl name." I smirked while I ate my pancakes. That always got John in a huff to be called a small. In reality, he really was smaller than most of the agents here, only a few being able to claim the same height. At five foot four inches he was one of the smallest men in the Bureau… but he was the only one besides Clay who could handle me… go figure.

"Shut up Red! I'll hide your grinder for a week this time." He growled at me. I wish I could say that it was funny, but last time I pissed him off he hid it for three days. I looked out of the corner of my eye at Elethan, who just growled at me from his spot on the floor by John.

"Aw, this is why I call you Mama." I teased as I ate my last piece of bacon. He sighed and stroked Elethan's head. "You're all cute when you're huffy!"

"Damn it Red!" He yelled at me with a blush painting his face. I laughed as I pushed myself up and stretched, walking over to my dresser and pulling on a pair of my leather pants and tugging a tight black tank top over my head. I grabbed a cigar from my box and the packet of matches on my desk to stick in the almost invisible pocket on my left hip.

"Welp! Let's get this party started!" I said with a smirk as I stuck the unlit cigar in my mouth. This was gonna be the most fun I'd had in weeks!

~~ John POV~~

I looked around at the group of twenty or so new recruits, frowning a bit when I saw how most of them looked like they'd rather be anywhere else but where they were currently standing. I couldn't fault the ones looking around and wondering if this place was really for what the name of the department said it was, but these cocky bastards were the ones who thought they were too good to be here, that this was just another training that they were a part of that they 'really didn't need'.

These were the types that were going to get their team mates killed in the field because they'd be too busy shitting themselves at their new reality to help anyone.

"Good morning everyone!" I said with a gentle smile as everyone stopped talking. "Welcome to the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense. My name is Agent John Meyers, one of the senior agents here at the B.P.R.D., and I'll be one of your trainers. Now before we get into the grit of the training, does anyone have any questions?"

"Yeah, what the hell are we doing in a fake facility?" Asked a tall blonde haired male agent. I narrowed my eyes marginally. "This is a waste of my valuable time and skills that I could be putting to good use elsewhere!"

"Shut up Stoneman!" I heard a collective groan from some of the trainees in the back. I smirked.

"Agent Stoneman. What is your first name?"

"Why should I give it to you?"

"Because as your senior and as a higher up Agent it's a sign of respect to do as you're told. Your name. Now." I said sternly. I had to bite back a growl as he rolled his eyes.

"It's Roy."

"Roy, do you know why you haven't heard of the B.P.R.D. before? Never in training or in your introductory classes for the F.B.I.? It's because most of you newbies can't handle having your world turned upside down. You would literally run screaming from the training room."

"Oh please." He scoffed, looking at the other human Agents behind me and then staring me right in the eye. "I could take you down with my eyes closed." I smirked at him.

"Maybe." I said in a thoughtful voice as I walked back towards the doors. I heard him laugh as my hand hit the door push for the gym doors.

"Aw, did I scare the poor sissy Agent?"

"Not a bit, but I want you to meet some of my friends and your future charges. They are more important to this Bureau then any of us and your main objective is going to be to protect them as well as yourselves." I opened the doors and stepped to the side. "First, Abraham Sapien. He's our on and off site research lead and telepath. He's also a great strategist." I said with a smile, watching the ranging facial expressions; shock, surprise, fear, and disbelief. "And our second one is our head field Agent. He's the guy people call on to take of the things that go bump in the night. Everyone, meet Hellboy."

Red had a lit cigar hanging from his lips as he walked in, followed closely by Elethan who stopped next to me and sat. He reached up after pulling in a puff to take it out of his mouth and looked over the new recruits. "This them?" I nodded and he blew out the smoke in a chuckle. "They ain't gonna last a week Scout."

"Hellboy stop it." I frowned.

"Look at 'em! I'm pretty sure at least two of them want to shit themselves… and I'm not so sure someone didn't. You think they'll last on the field? Keh, more like they'll get their trainer killed while you watch their asses in a 'scary' situation."

"Enough Red." I said sternly while glaring at him. "They'll do great. After they pass their training they'll be ready for the field." I turned and smiled gently to the newbies. "Now, I need to know who is better at research and who is better at combat. If the researchers would please go to the right and the combatants go to the left." I turned and looked at Abe and glared at Hellboy. "Meeting." I whispered and walked a little way away. "What the hell was that Red?!" I whispered angrily.

"What? They won't make it Scout. I don't want you getting your hopes up that they will. The researchers have a chance because even in the field they'll be around armed agents at all times and they'll be out of harm's way most of the time. Those other shit heads won't last a minute with us in the field Meyers. It's like signing their fuckin' death warrants!"

"You said that about the last training class too, and all of them are fine! Dang it HB can't you show them a little support here?!"

"That is why all of your last trainees called you Mama John, because you always stood up for them when Hellboy was wrong."

"No one asked you Blue Boy!" Growled Hellboy around his cigar. "And what the fuck is that kid still standin' in the middle of the God Damn room for?" I slowly turned around and there, in all his egotistical glory, stood Stoneman. Hellboy growled and straightened his shoulders a little more. "The hell are ya lookin' at twerp?! Ya too dumb to follow instructions? Get yer ass in gear!" He shouted as he moved a little closer to my left side while Elethan growled from his position on my right and Abe moved closer to my back. I frowned a little. Why were they protecting me from a kid barely past High School? God, I wasn't so pathetic I couldn't handle a twenty year old.

"Agent Meyers," Roy said in a low voice as he started walking toward me, ignoring the fact that I had three demons around me. "where should I go? I have marvelous skills in both research and combat."

"Where ever you feel your skill set is stronger is where you should go Stoneman." I started getting a little frustrated when he glanced at Red and stopped just shy of three feet away from me. "Problem?"

"I just want to know which category you are Agent Meyers." He said with a sly smile. "I want to know what you makes you so special that three demons follow your order without question. I want to know what makes you tick. You fascinate me for some reason and I want to know why. But, since the Red guy-"

"Hellboy, Agent Stoneman." I barked.

"Right. Anyway, since he said you were in the field I guess I know where to go." He said as he started walking back to the group of future field agents.

But not before looking me up and down with a smile.

There was something not right with this guy. I felt a chill go up my spine as I looked at his brown eyes. There was something under the surface that didn't sit well with me, there was a glint that reminded me of Rasputin in those eyes. That madness of wanting to rule, to have complete power over the world no matter what the cost or who it killed. How did he get into the Bureau? How in the hell would they have passed him on his psychological evaluation?! I knew one thing for sure though; he had his eyes set on me. But I'll be damned if I let some trainee with an over-sized ego and creepy eyes get the best of me.

Even if he did creep me out a little.

~~HB POV~~

Who the hell did that little fucker think he was staring at John like that?! Mother fuckin' newbie!

I do not like the Stoneman human. Growled Elethan in my head. I nodded. I didn't like him either. He stares at Master much too long. Any longer and I will eat his face!

Maybe this mutt and I could get along after all.

"Alright, listen up Princesses!" I barked out in my, as Scout calls it, Sargent voice. "Training starts tomorrow morning whenever Meyers tells you. If it's seven, be here at seven, and if it's at fuckin' two in the morning your ass better be in here at two in the God Damn morning! You do NOT want me pounding on your door at two in the morning, you understand me?!" I waited until everyone nodded. "Good. You will NOT respond to any red lights until further notice. I see any of you on any red alerts when you haven't been told to be there or until after your training is complete I'll start knockin' heads together!"

"What Hellboy is trying, and failing, to say in a more gentle manner is that you could get hurt or killed. Or, for those who shall be my protégées in research, you could get someone killed." Came Abe's softer voice. I shrugged and puffed on my cigar. I liked my version better. I looked back over at Stoneman only to have to bite back a growl. He was still staring.

That little fucker was still staring at my John!

Okay fine, he wasn't technically my John… but still! I slipped my tail over John's shoulder and pulled him to my side, my arm resting gently on his shoulder. Mine! John glanced at me, raising his eyebrow at me a little, and looked back forward. That was the beauty of John. He didn't ask, just went with the flow. I growled at Stoneman a little and then turned away, still holding onto John as we turned, ad said "Get the fuck out of here. Get used to the rooms in the facility for the rest of the day. Mommy and Daddy need to have a chat." I snapped as I pulled John with me, surprised a bit at the fact that Elethan stayed sitting by Abe with what could only be a dog grin on his face. I thought about that the whole way to my room and as I sat John down on my bed, pacing.

"HB, what's wrong?"

"That little fucker was starin' at you!" I growled as I paced. "Mr. You-Fascinate-Me-Agent-Meyers nearly got his face bit off by your dog… and pummeled by me!"

"Oh Red, come on. Do we really need to go over this again? He wants to suck up to me to pass him. That's all."

"Oh he want to suck something up alright. Like your cock!"


"Oh come the fuck on!" I roared at him, stopping and shoving him in the chest with my normal hand just hard enough to knock him on his back so I could pin him there. "You don't think there have been trainees that have wanted to get in your pants?! To see if you look just as hot when you cum as when you train them? You don't even know!" I leaned my forehead to his and took a deep breath in. Bad idea. I could smell him, that sweet honey and vanilla scent that drew me in every time. I sighed and opened my eyes that I didn't even know I had closed to stare into his surprised eyes. "You don't know Scout." I whispered as I leaned into him closer, my lips almost touching his. "God damn it I wish you knew." Our lips were just barely touching when I heard a knock on my door. I growled and turned to yell at the little shit at my door when I went totally still, my mouth hanging open at who was standing there.

"Now Red," Liz said with a grin as she walked in as her eyes scanned over John leaning up in my bed. "I thought you promised me you wouldn't play while I was gone." She chuckled a little, usually a sound that got me hard… but now it just sent a chill up my spine. This was SO not good. "You knew I was coming back… and to use your charge like that until I did? I'm disappointed Red…"

SHIT! "John, that's not-"

"I'll just leave you two to catch up." John said quietly as he moved around us and walked out the door. I watched him, wondering if I would ever get the chance to talk to him or be near him like that again before turning and glaring at Liz.


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