It was an terrifying night, for the rain pattered dismally against the window panes of Oaklyn orphanage, It was a thunderstorm, and it was the worst the small town of Oaklyn had in years. The thunder roared so loud it would make a lion quiver in fright. That would be the best way to describe Miles Prower right now.

Miles was a fox who idolized a renowned hero, Sonic the Hedgehog, who went missing while inspecting a nearby tower. They never found a body, so they just concluded he was dead. This devastated the fox cub, but he still strives to be just like him.

He was currently hiding underneath the quilts of his bed, shivering and shaking in fright. There were also 4 other children there , including a red echidna, a green hawk, a purple chameleon and an albino hedgehog. They were trying to comfort the frightened fox.

"Don't worry Miles, the storm will pass, I promise you." the albino hedgehog told the fox, while the other three stood close, as if shielding him from the lightning.

"H-how do you know Silver?" Miles asked, still shivering in the quilts but seemed calmer. Silver then replied.

"Its because every time I see the lightning, I count how many seconds pass until I hear the thunder, then when I see the lightning again, I count again, if I count higher each time, that means the storm is moving away from us." Silver explained, he then looked at Miles to make sure he understood. Miles nodded in response.

"Do you want to give it a shot?" Silver asked, trying to sound like he knew what he was doing. When in reality, he was also scared, what if the lightning was coming closer? Will they have a chance to count? The poor fox cub would have a heart attack. But the fox said he would try it. So Silver and the other four children looked out the window, all of them spotted the thunder, and they began counting.

"1, 2, 3..." They all counted slowly and calmly, waiting for the thunder.

"…4, 5, 6-" Then the thunder rumbled in the sky. They stopped counting, and looked out the window again, and spotted the lightning and started to count…

…That is, if they had a chance to, the thunder rumbled almost instantly the lightning was sighted. That only meant one thing. The storm was right above them. All five of them knew this and the older children huddled closer to Miles for he started to cry very hard now.

"Don't worry man, it's going to go, it's going to go," The red echidna tried to reassure Miles, but his voice was shaking in fright so it did not help much. The lightning was flashing faster then ever, and the thunder was much louder, as if god was disapproving of an act of injustice near the building. The boys all shielded Miles from the lightning.

Then they all gasped at what they saw…

…A pair of milky white eyes staring right back at them. The figure grinned, and disappeared at the next flash of lightning. Then, as if by magic, the storm was reduced to just rain pattering against the window pane.

The children were mortified. They all stared wide eyed in horror at the window, then as if in unison, thought;

"What the heck was that?!"

Well, here's my crack at a horror story, sorry if it wasn't scary, if you want me to, I'll continue it. But for now, i'll wait to see what you think of this. Help would be very much appreciated. Since this is my first horror story.