The Doctor and Amy ran into the TARDIS. He darted straight over to the central console where the screen was and began playing with the controls his face fell.

"It's gone…" He said.

"What's gone?" Amy asked.

"The other TARDIS!" He said, slamming his fists down onto the console "The other TARDIS is gone!"

"How do you know?" She said, slightly confused.

"I set the TARDIS, the proper TARDIS, this TARDIS, to scan for others. I found it right as it faded away." He said "And it was a type 117, they were invented in the time war for covert ops. Can't be tracked, not even by other TARDIS'."

"Great." Amy said, before pulling out her phone "Hold on, I've got a call."

"That's not possible." The Doctor said, taking her phone from her and flipping it open "Hello?"

"Hello Doctor." The familiar voice of Jonathan said from the other end of the line "By now I presume you've discovered that my TARDIS is gone. Those type 117's, marvellous, aren't they?"

"Jonathan?" The Doctor said, sitting in the chair and leaning back, putting his feet up on the console "What do you mean your TARDIS?"

"I mean it's mine." Jonathan said from the other end of the line "Though, my name isn't Jonathan Jones. He was but an invention, one the fear eater helped me maintain magnificently, with the help of a chameleon arch of course."

"Who are you then?" The Doctor asked "Rassilon? Omega?"

"No, try again." The other man said down the phone "Here's a hint, first time you found me after the war, you were with miss. Jones, hence the surname of my invention, Jonathan was of course for that John Smith name I know you love so much."

The Doctor sat up. It couldn't be. It just wasn't possible.

"Master…" He said "But you died. I saw you die…"

"No, you saw me pulled back into the war with Rassilon and the other Time Lords. But I escaped once, why not again?"

"But you were only able to die." The Doctor said "How did you regenerate?"

"I had access to the facilities on Gallifrey to give myself a new regenerative cycle." The Master said "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have other things to do. I'll let you go since you gave me back my TARDIS. This time…"

Before the Doctor could say anything else, the phone went dead. He slammed it down on the control panel, pulling a stethoscope that looked to large to fit from inside his jacket, putting the metal circle at the end on the phone as he put one of the two earpieces in his ear with the other.

"Damn it!" The Doctor said, putting the stethoscope away and moving away "The signal's too far gone, I can't trace it! He's got away!"

"Who's got away?" Amy asked "Doctor, who was it?"

"It was that Jonathan guy, only not him." The Doctor said, sitting in the chair "You remember I told you about that guy, the Master? Jonathan was him. Just he'd done what I just did."

"That was the Master?" She said "As in the one who's one of your people?"

"Yes." The Doctor said coolly "As in I'm not the last one anymore. That bothers me, it's one of my big claims, now I'm the almost last of the Time Lords but not quite. Still, he's stuck with the same, but if he's out there, everything's in danger."

"Doctor, relax." Amy said "You've got a time machine."

"So does he!" The Doctor said "He can do anything!"

"And you can fix it." Amy said "For now, just relax."

"Fine…" The Doctor said, obviously not happy about it but not in the mood to argue, before getting up and beginning to play with the controls "So, where to?"

"I don't know." Amy said "Somewhere new, that isn't-"

"Leadwrth." The Doctor finished for her as he threw a switch, causing the TARDIS to roar to life "Here we go."