Decided to have AN up here. It didn't look write at the bottom. I was going to drag this out with the 'who is it' game but felt this would be better. (all the bold is her remembering, just in case you didn't get it) She does love him in a weird and twisted way. Goodbye :')

Finally. Freedom.

I felt so independent.

Like a bird. I was free.

Harry Finally Decided I was ready to get back into action.

He was just looking out for me, I know that! But maybe he doesn't always know best.

We were in a small town just past midnight.

All was quiet. No owls hooting or even a whisper on the night air.

Stay alert. Be Ready.

There was laughing all around. Black figures Pointing. Laughing. Taunting me.

Memories swirled around me. Destroying me. Taking me. Killing me.

Death Eaters. This was my fight.

With one thrust he took my innocence.

I was ready.

A play thing. A toy. Hermione Granger The Sex Doll.

I started shooting spell after spell not caring who I hit.

What Would Happen If I Was To Go Under And Not Come Back Up?

I was ready.

The Hours Mashed Together And I Lost Count

Anyone who got close was forced to the floor with my new found physical strength

Then Hands Clawed at me.

I was ready.

They experimented with me. Pulling and pushing. Bending and braking.

14 men down. All cursed. None dead.

The calm before the storm

I was ready.

They Did as they pleased. Whatever It took to make me scream; To watch me wither in pain beneath them.

All I saw was red. I don't know what curses I'm sending. Only a few more to go.

Because I Had Lost Hope. No One Was Coming.

I was ready.

Death Would be merciful

More fallen bodies. These ones not so lucky.

Can you see me?

A hand grabbed me and I pushed against him. Harry. Trying to calm me down.

Harry modified my memory. Did he not trust me?

I looked around at the bodies. Only a few dead. Maybe 3 or 4.

I wasn't myself. I was blemished

It isn't matter. This was a war.

"Those with power and those too weak to seek it"

I was ready.

there hands were rough when they touched me.

The Surviving ones were handcuffed and taken away.

One Man And Then The Next And Then The Next And Then The Next.

The others lay in a line. Like ducks waiting for judgement. My Judgement.

Taking What They Wanted And Leaving Only Scars.

All Had no emotion on their face. Good. They didn't know what emotions felt like.

I would never be weak again

They deserved this.

Suddenly Everything came rushing back with clarity.

Looking down on his body. I remembered.

Eyes. Beautiful Eyes.

The eyes that stared up with a lifeless look.

Beautiful Grey Eyes

The eyes of Draco Malfoy.

Only He Must Be A Fallen Angel After Everything He Had Done.

This is your fault his eyes whispered.

But An Angel No Less. My Angel.

Pain in my heart

It Lasted Forever. A Day, A Week, Maybe Even A Month

A flash of black robes and a starting cry

The floor moved to meet my head.

I was blinded by green light.

A scream but the sound didn't seem to reach my ears.

I wasn't ready

I'd got what I wanted.

I was going to die.

But at least I'd die with him.


The end.