This is actually based half way through the film and after it (I've now read the comic but I prefer Red Mist in the film). Romance, bit of my comedy (hope you enjoy it too) and action. Bad language and sexual references, shouldn't go too far.

I do not own anyone but Penny, the annoying girls and Penny and Todd's dad.

"Excuse me?" A man and his daughter walked a little in front of me. "Excuse me? You dropped your bag!" I called, I picked up the (surprisingly heavy) handbag and the little girl took it from me with a "Thank you."

They walked on quickly and I smiled.

I turned around and was almost squashed by twenty policemen running after the man and his daughter.

It turned out the handbag I had picked up had a lot of jewellery that had been stolen from a house nearby.

How was I to know that I was actually helping a criminal and not a little innocent girl? I was never very good at telling who was a bad person from a good. You'd think I would be better at it because my mum was in prison. If you're expecting an "I will avenge you" story you would be wrong. My mum should have gone to prison, there was a dead body in our shed that she had killed with a screwdriver. Who knew?

I lived with my dad and my older half-brother Todd, he was only a few months older than me. What can I say my dad was a man whore, I'm the reason Todd's mum and my dad broke up. I grew up in England with my mum, she left for England as soon as she found out she was having me. Todd's mum could have been anywhere with her new husband, Brian. My dad was stuck with both of us now, as soon as mum went to prison my dad had to take me in, and even though he said he enjoyed it I knew he could wait for us to leave home.

At school I wish I could say I was the bright kid who had a few good friends, but no I was one of the most popular girls in school. I hated it. I know, I know, "poor" little popular girl, having so many friends she can hardly move. Well for one thing I was claustrophobic. I was in an episode of "Casualty" back home and as soon as I mentioned it I became popular. Of course, no one had any idea what the show was but I lied and said I was friends with some of the actors. Big no, no. From that moment on I was surrounded by annoying squealing girls who repeatedly asked whether or not I'd met Harry Potter. No, no I have not.

Although I was popular I was a major comic book geek, and proud of it. My day would consist of either; gymnastics, ballet or kick boxing, (yeah, I know, weird combo, but I was pretty damn good at all three, a brown belt in kickboxing) and then homework followed by comics. I had always wanted to be a superhero. I mean who wouldn't think about it after watching a superhero film. Not that I would pick any power in particular, every time I wanted a power I would think of a reason not to want it for example; flying- I was afraid of heights, invisibility- you just get trampled on etc.

So when this guy, Kick Ass, appeared the only thing I wanted to do was follow in his footsteps. I knew the chances were I would die but I've watched enough disney films to believe that the good guy always wins and survives in the end.

The day Red Mist was on the TV, for catching a drug dealer, I was at the comic book store with my brother and his friends Dave and Marty.

I wanted to get away from my usual crowd so Todd had very kindly let me tag along. Partly because he liked to torture me, I had a small crush on Dave, Todd liked to use this to his advantage. Every time I didn't do something that he wanted me to do Todd would look at Dave, open his mouth and I'd chicken out and I'd do what he wanted me too. I was looking at "Impulse" comics when Katie and her friend walked in.

I was stood opposite the richest boy in New York. Chris D'Amico. His dad owned pretty much everything in New York. Chris would sometimes smile at me but his bodyguard would stand in the way every time I tried to talk to him.

The TV was turned up and there was a picture of a boy wearing a red and black leather costume with the same colour hair and an eye mask. He had a slight speech impediment and for some reason I seemed to recognise him. When the piece finished Katie discussed who was better looking out of Red Mist and Kick Ass. I laughed out loud when she asked Dave for his opinion. I knew Dave wasn't gay. Marty and Todd had told me the whole story.

"So." I heard a voice in front of me and jumped. "What do you think of this new superhero?" Chris had sent his bodyguard back a few paces and was grinning at me. His voice was quite soft and he had a very similar speech impediment to Red Mist.

"Oh, um, well good on him, I guess." I was taken aback by his talking to me. "I mean Kick Ass hasn't locked away any proper criminals yet but I guess he's listening to the people. He's performing little jobs that make a difference to a lot of people. But then again getting rid of a drug dealer is probably saving lives." I laughed nervously, "Sorry, I like both him and Kick Ass it seems." I blushed and stuck out my hand. "Hi, I'm Penny."

"Chris." His bodyguard stared at us as we shook hands. "You from Australia or London?"

"Neither, I'm from England but I'm actually from Birmingham. It's in the West Midlands."

"Sorry, my mistake." Chris blushed slightly.

"Don't worry about it." There was an awkward silence, "So, what do you think of Kick Ass and Red Mist?"

"Red Mist seems cooler." He said with a grin, "But you're right about Kick Ass, he is doing some good by helping normal people."

Katie walked up behind me. "Hey. So you here with Dave and the boys?" She pretended to look at the comics and before I could answer her I crouched down and closed my eyes. "Please don't see me, please don't see me." Chris and Katie looked at me strangely as a gaggle of girls walked into the store giggling annoyingly.

They each squealed as they saw me. "What are you doing here, Penny? I thought you were spending time with your family?" One girl, Cam, asked accusingly.

"I am." I replied darkly and I nodded at my brother.

"Oh my gawd have you seen the new superhero wanna-be?" Giggled another girl, I didn't even try to figure out which one it was. Chris smiled as I turned back to the comics, hoping my over active imagination would drown them out.

"Yeah, what do you think Penny?" I heard my name and woke out of my trance.

"What do I think of what?"

"Cam thinks Kick Ass has a stupid costume but has a nice ass, Lucy thinks Red Mist has a good body," I noticed Chris became quite interested in the conversation. "what do you think?"

I felt very self conscious, I didn't want to say in front of Chris D'Amico. "I don't know."

"Yeah you do you just don't wanna tell us." Said Lucy slightly agitated.

"Alright, fine. Will you get out of the store though? There are people trying to have a quiet coffee." I looked at the barman and he smiled appreciably.

"Tell us first."

"Alright," Dave, Todd and Marty moved closer to me so they could hear my answer, "Red Mist is hotter." Chris smiled smugly and Dave grimaced. "Now will you go and leave these poor people in peace?"

My "friends" left grumbling away to themselves. "What's so great about Red Mist?" Asked Dave.

"I dunno really. He has got a better body than Kick Ass and his hairs cool, plus he's gotta cape." Katie and her friend agreed with me. Dave didn't look impressed.

I turned around and Chris was gone. "When did he leave?" I asked Katie and she shrugged.

That night I was surfing the internet, this superhero idea was starting to appeal to me. I had four comics by my side. Spider-girl, Invisible Woman, Marvel Girl and Oracle stared in each comic, not together obviously. I wanted to be a mixture of them, a strong woman, who fought crime and looked hot at the same time. To become them I would have had to have radiation poisoning, be bitten by a radioactive spider, already have the power or (furthest from them all) a lot of money. But I didn't want to be them, I wanted to be like them.

First, I had to get the costume. Black leather trousers and purple tight fitting leather boots, that were probably only worn by transvestites, were first on the list. Easy enough but expensive, plus I'm terrible when it comes to shopping so it took me a few days to get those. Next was the jacket and then the mask. I looked on the internet and found a black jacket, I changed the arm colour to purple and brought a pair of purple leather gloves. I then searched for the mask, I chose one that covers the eyes.

The day my costume arrived there was a live broadcast, shown on the news, about the unveiling of Kick Ass, at first I was disappointed because it would have been cool to work with him and Red Mist. I stared at the screen in horror as Kick Ass and a man who looked like Batman were beaten to a pulp. Todd had gone to meet Marty in the comic book store, so I couldn't see what he thought, my brother could be quite unpredictable. There was something I recognised about Kick Ass. Maybe it was his less-than-manly screams but he reminded me of Dave.

After a short while the news broadcaster announced they could not show any more of the clip but it was still be uploaded onto the internet. I put it up on my laptop screen and watched as a little girl no more than eleven years old murdered all of the men beating up the two tied up superheroes. She then shot the camera and I was in awe of her. Fuck Marvel Girl and the rest of them. I wanted to be like her.

My name; The Purple Eradicator.

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