I trained for weeks with Hit Girl, to Marcus's displeasure. She was recovering slowly but she seemed stronger than ever.

I only now and again went out as The Purple Eradicator. Now I realised that weapons would be so much more useful, and I had killed three men, I felt naked without any protection.

I had almost lost each of my fingers, almost killed myself and Mindy, nearly deafened myself, tasered myself but finally I was there, I heard the words I had been dreaming of since we started the training, "Good job, you have finished your training. Well done."

"Really?" I pointed the MPK5 (sub machine gun) I was holding at the ceiling. I then realised what I had done and put the gun on the table.

"Yeah, you don't give yourself enough credit, you're a fast learner. Took me years to figure this stuff out." I sighed and smiled, but I got the feeling she was lying to me.

"You're so different when you're Mindy." I said in the nicest way possible.

"You're different when you're Penny. It's just the way we are." She tartly replied, I was now used to the swing between her pride and her sisterly love for me.

I was reminded of Chris, he was so different to his evil alter ego. How can anyone live like that? One minute perfectly nice then the next a bastard super villain bent on taking over New York.

"Stop thinking about that douche." Hit Girl said out of the blue, I looked at her oddly, "I can tell, your face becomes all sad when you think about him."

I turned from her and sighed. "Look, I, er have something for you…" Hit Girl told me nervously as she walked away into the next room, she then returned with two packages. "It's just to get you started." Her eyes were slightly watery and her cheeks a like pink.

I opened one box, it was empty. "You'll find that the gun you just used fits in there perfectly." She didn't look at me as she said it.

I opened the other greedily and there was one of her signature butterfly knives. "Oh Mindy I couldn't-"

"It's not mine, Marcus bought it and I have two of those." I guessed she was talking about the gun.

"Thanks… It's been fun." Her proud manner was rubbing off on me and I had never felt so awkward.

"Yeah, yeah it has." I could tell this was as strange a situation for her as it was for me.

"You coming out tonight?" I asked after a short silence.

"Yeah should be. Will Dave be there too?"

"I'll ask him. Meet you in the normal place?" I picked up the two boxes.

"Sounds great."

"Okay see you later, pipsqueak." The nickname kind of stuck and she didn't pout anymore when I said it.

I walked upstairs and out of the shooting range. I smiled as I saw my dad drive up. It was pouring down and it didn't look like it was going to stop anytime soon. He had no idea I had been in the shooting range, I told him I knew someone nearby and we had a project to do together.

"What you got there?" He asked as I put on my seatbelt.

"Some stuff for the project. No biggie." He started to drive off and I noticed something in the window, my dad tensed up. I looked and there was Chris getting into his signature limo with Bret.

"Did he follow you here?"

"I don't know." I replied truthfully, it was nice to be able to honestly answer my dad's questions sometimes.

When we returned Todd looked pissed off. "Dave wants you to phone him."


"I don't know, do I?" He stalked off towards the Xbox.

"Alright, thanks." I called after him.

I walked to my room and surprise, surprise Dave was waiting for me. "I was just about to-"

"We have a problem." He interjected."What?"

"Red Mist wants an 'epic battle.'"

I would have laughed if Dave hadn't looked so serious.

"Alright, I don't see any real problem with that."

"He wants one with just you."

"What? Is he out of his fucking mind?" I stage whispered.

"Um, yeah." Dave replied looking grumpy.

I sat on my bed. Shit. "I can't do it alone. Come with me."


"He's gonna have someone to have his back in case he gets in trouble. I know Red Mist."

"No, you know Chris." He said calmly.

"What's the difference?" I cried out.

"You need to think of them as two people or you'll never be able to do this."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence.""That's not what I-" He replied exasperated.

"Of course not. What time and where?"

"Ten tonight, he said 'where you first fought.'" He looked a bit helpless and annoyed that he had no control over the situation.

"Wow, it's a him or me situation then. The place is a few doors down from the cinema on a roof somewhere round there. If you wanna help come, if you don't, don't bother." I replied.

"Penny-" His blue eyes shone, begging me to consider running or standing Chris up.

"Leave. Please." I told him. I couldn't deal with him, not at that moment.

Dave walked over to me and placed his hand on my face. I turned away from him angrily and he left down the drainpipe.

For once, I didn't feel upset. I didn't know if it was my training, my time spent with Mindy or that I finally had weapons to use, but I felt excited about my meeting with Red Mist. I felt like if I could stand up to my ex I could stand up to anyone.

"So what did Dave want?" Todd asked as he walked into the room. Twenty seconds later he could of asked the boy himself.

"Oh, he wanted to ask me out."

"Oh… and?"

"I said 'no.'" I told him stubbornly.

Todd sat on my bed, "You gotta get over Chris sometime."

"And to do that I need to be with Dave?"

"Well, maybe."

"No, Todd. I have to get out of this city. Get Chris out of my system."

"Oh yeah, your letter from George Washington University came through today. Here." He gave me the letter I ripped it open and stared at it in disbelief.

The school year was coming to a close, I had been awaiting an offer from the uni and finally I was told, "I got in?"

Todd laughed and hugged me. I was going to study psychology and I was thinking about joining the cadet corps there in New York, which only ran in the summer. Being a cop seemed like a good job choice for me. Todd was going to take a year out, he wanted to travel but I knew he would just live another year at home doing nothing.

I sat with Todd for hours just playing on the Xbox. Dad appeared every now and then and joined us. Both were quite surprised by my mean shooting skills, I told them I practiced in private.

I stared at the clock from about nine that night and felt dé-ja-vu come over me. I turned to my dad and stared at his face for a little while. What am I doing? Am I just going to leave him? How will they tell him I died? I should be going to University soon and I'm throwing it away on fighting Red Mist?

"Everything ok?"

"Just fine dad. I'm gonna go to bed." I sighed getting up and towards the stairs.


Are they the last words you're going to say to your dad? And what about Todd?

"Dad?" He looked up at me, "I'm sorry for being such hard work lately. Love you."

I heard "Love you too!" As I turned and ran up the stairs towards Todd's room.

I knocked and waited for him to answer. I didn't even want to think about what he was doing in there. Eventually I heard "Come in." And entered the dark, stuffy, sweat smelling room that belonged to my brother.

"Seriously, Todd open a window." Todd just laughed at me.

"The smell keeps everyone out."

"I'm off to bed now, I just wanted to say goodnight." Surely he would know something was up, I never said goodnight to him.

"Oh, alright. 'Night." Nope, he was as oblivious as ever.

I left his room and walked into mine, getting changed quickly and making my way to the cinema.

I was the first there, as usual. I made sure my gun had bullets, and that I definitely had my taser. Once I felt less paranoid, I pulled out my butterfly knife and started warming up with it. I heard light foot steps walk towards me.

I looked up from the knife but carried on my exercise. "Hit Girl."

"Eradicator." She sat on the ledge beside me.

"What are you doing here?"

"Kick Ass told me to come. He said if he came, it would be for the wrong reasons, so I had to come and help."

"At least he's honest. Thanks."

Hit Girl grunted her "you're welcome" and then asked, "You ready for this?"

"What do you think I've been training for?" I laughed.

I couldn't see much because the street lights aggravating position beneath me. I heard heavy footsteps after a long silence. "This is it." Whispered Hit Girl.

I couldn't speak, suddenly I was terrified. A large figure appeared, bald head, no cape. "It's Kick Ass." I said relaxing. "What are you doing here? I thought you weren't coming."

"Well, I couldn't leave you alone, could I?"

"You asked Hit Girl to be here." He turned away and I walked towards him placing my hand on his arm, "Thank you."

"Well, well, well. What do we have here?" A booming voice asked.

I turned away from Kick Ass and towards Red Mist followed by two large men.

"Red Mist." I greeted him coldly.

"I would have brought more guys, but I thought you'd only bring him." He told me nervously.

"There's no need to involve any of them in this. This is between you and me." I said feeling overprotective of my team mates.

"This is the last time I will offer this, if you are wise you will take it. Join me and we can be together, both sides of us. Reject the offer and one of us will die tonight." We walked towards each other into the middle of the roof. I considered his offer for a few seconds.

In front of me was the boy I dated, the man I loved and the enemy I fought, "If I join you, I will be happy for what? Weeks, months? I would never forgive myself if I joined you. I will always think 'what if' either way but staying where I am, I don't have to pretend to be something I'm not on this side. I'm sorry, but I'm staying exactly where I am beside Hit Girl and Kick Ass."

"So be it." He replied darkly.

I blocked his hand as he tried to punch me in the stomach. I kicked up into his face and punched him in the side. He placed his hand on his face and looked at the blood that he couldn't see, because of the lack of light. He performed a front kick, winding me momentarily and jab punched me in the forehead, because of a miscalculation. I stood up and made myself look intimidating. Red Mist stood a few steps in front of me and I performed a diagonal knee kick feeling his nose crunch against my thighbone.

"Bitch!" I heard him cry out through his hands. "Get 'em." He told his cronies and both Kick Ass and Hit Girl were suddenly being attacked.

He turned from me, "I said, this is just between us."

"I don't do what you say." His back was still facing me his legs outstretched as he kept himself balanced. So, I pulled out my knife and I ran towards him turning and falling onto my back at the last second, letting my body slide across the roof and under Red Mist's legs. I lifted my knife and stabbed it high into his thigh almost hitting his balls. I carried on sliding until I got up and rested on one knee. I was glad it had been raining all day suddenly. Red Mist was screaming along with the crony attacking Hit Girl.

"You fucking bitch!" He cried.

"You deserved it! You play fair or I play dirty." I told him stubbornly, as he limped towards me.

He stood inches from me, with a pistol in his hand. I stood up slowly. "Do it." I told him. I didn't quite know what I was doing, but something in my brain told me that telling him to kill me, was the only way of saving my life.

"What?" He said lowering the weapon slightly.

"Shoot me. I obviously mean nothing to you so, do it." I stared down the barrel of the gun.

He raised it again, to my forehead, "Is that what you think? You are so…"


"Yeah, exactly." His brown eyes shone as he looked at me, with so much pain and aggression.

I noticed Kick Ass walk towards us. He had passed on his guy to Hit Girl and she was massacring him as fast as she had the other. I was mesmerised by her dainty figure for a second, she was so small but she was causing so much pain to the man she was destroying.

"I would have stood aside for you." He said forcefully.

"Really? Then stand aside and let me go."

"That-that's not what I meant. I can't now, it's gone to far. And I can never let you go. Not until you are dead." Chris's voice wavered slightly.

I knew what he meant and I smiled at him. "I'm sorry." He lowered the gun again and Kick Ass grabbed it making Red Mist send off a shower of bullets.

Kick Ass wrestled him to the ground and pushed the gun away. "You're not good enough for her."

"What the fuck?" Chris said trying to push the skinny boy off of him.

"Leave her alone."

"Will you both shut up?" I said pointing my machine gun at both of them. "Get off of him." Kick Ass got off Red Mist but I pushed him back down when he tried to get up, so they were lead next to each other. "You are as bad as each other. I'm sorry, Kick Ass but it's not gonna happen, and I have no desire to kill you, Red Mist." Hit Girl came to stand beside me. I added, "I need to get out of here, get away from you both." I looked up at the sky and 'round at the two bodies behind me. I had to make a decision in that second. I smiled at Hit Girl, "Good job. You're gonna have to take it from here. I've made my choice. The Purple Eradicator is going away for a while."

"What?" All three of them said in unison.

"You heard what I said. I don't want any more to do with this life. See ya later, slick." I said with a grin. Red Mist laughed and I jumped off of the roof.

I walked a few paces then turned back 'round to look at the roof. There were the three of them united for a few moments, by me. Red Mist stared down at me and I had a moment of relapse before realising that, that was the best way to leave them. My comrades and my ex. I saluted them and ran towards my future.

I thought it would be the last time I would ever take off my (now very roof burned) uniform but not all things come to an end when you expect it. But, that my friends is another story…

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Tell me what you think and the sequel is up under the name of "The Purple Eradicator 2." It's rated "M" so you won't see it automatically. I love you all!