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Wind Alias


Sometimes Aru wondered why he was in love with Jay.

Every now and then, usually after a particularly trivial fight, Aru would lay somewhere and just think. Nothing drastic, no life changing revelations. Just plain old mono-a-mono with his thoughts.

And it was like this that his mind would breach the subject of Jay.

Jay, whose arms he'd lain in so many times on so many nights with an ache born more of trust and love than the actual need to be touched and caressed. Jay, whose voice spoke dry truth and barbed wit even though it was painstakingly obvious how much he really cared. Whose rarely released laughter was like the sun amid clouds that brightened Aru's day.

Jay. His Jay.

And when Jay would enter the room quietly apologizing without words, Aru would wrap his arms around him and relish the sweet smell and musky warmth, and all was forgiven, and realized exactly why he loved Jay.

That is, until next week.