Now everyone has many different ways of getting good grades in, actually studying, cheating, guessing; but some have other methods, and this certain someone is a young collage student named, "Deidara!"

Said blond's head snapped up, at the mention of his name. "Un?"

His professor just scoffed, "Would you care to repeat the ten minute lecture, I have just given?"

Deidara just turned bright red, having fallen asleep again; other kids began to snicker. "Umm..."

The literature professor just sighed. Deidara was the kind of student who didn't care about school, unless it got them what he wanted.

Deidara was an average sized male, but had long blond hair; most of it was in a high ponytail, and a fringe covered his left eye. He had crystal blue eyes, and a very bright smile, that could make anyones day.

"Stay after class, again, Iwa." Deidara just groaned. He really didn't want to stay after class again, but he really had no choice, what's so ever. After Deidara caught up the man looked at Deidara again, waiting for his answer. "Well Deidara?"

Deidara frowned. "Yes, Mr. Akasuna, un." He cleared his throat, and began to summarize what the poem was about.

Now "Mr. Akasuna" on the other hand was a real pain in the ass. Literally for Deidara. He had messy red hair, that was about an inch and a half away from his shoulders; he had brown eyes, and was about two inches taller then Deidara. Now you would think he would be a little young to be a college professor, but not really if thirty-five is young, then he just really smart.

After the teen was done Sasori just nodded. "Good, for C work material, which is better then what you usually do." A kid in the front of the room laughed. "Is there something funny, Ms. Haruno?"

A pink haired, girl stopped laughing, and looked at her teacher, an innocent look in her eyes."I'm sorry sensei, but you're just really funny." She winked at the older man, and he just grimaced.

"Okay, class is dismissed. Have a pain filled day." Everyone just rolled their eyes. He would always say something like that, it was just him to make everyone else's day miserable. Especially Deidara's.

Deidara tried to sneak out, with the other kids, but that plan always failed. "You're staying, Iwa." Kids who were leaving just laughed. Deidara frowned, and turned around. He sat in his seat, in the middled row, as the literature teacher closed the door."Oh you wont be sitting there for this session."

Deidara's face became panicked. 'He's not planning to do that today, is he!' He gulped. He had school tomorrow, and he had to get around campus, and doing that with a limp wasn't that easy.

"Come here, Deidara." Said blond just walked over to the man, taking his time. "Hurry up!" Deidara quickened his pace, until he was in front of Sasori. "Now since you're having trouble with you're grades, I'm willing to give you extra credit."

Deidara just gulped, and looked down. "I-I'm fine, r-really, un."

Sasori just ticked his tongue. "But Deidara, don't you have to keep your grades up, because if you don't you can't become the famous artists you want to be," He chuckled, "And I can help you get those good grades." Deidara blushed, still looking down."Look at me, when I'm talking to you!" The redhead grabbed Deidara's chin, forcing the blond to look at him. Deidara became lost in those brown orbs, almost being hypnotized. "Good," he leaned down, his face inches from Deidara's. "Now, about that extra credit..." He kissed Deidara's cheek, and went lower to his neck.

Deidara did his best not to cry, or shrink away from the man. He hated to be used like this, used for someone else's pleasure, then thrown away afterwards. He gave a whimper as Sasori bit down on a very sensitive piece of skin.

Sasori could taste the copper of the blond's blood fill his mouth. His hands traveled down Deidara's arms, and up his sides. He pulled away with blood on his lips, and saw Deidara with a single tear streaming down his face. Sasori just smiled,and wiped away the tear.

"Hey, don't cry." Deidara took a shaky breath, and looked at his teacher. A smile on his face, looking like he never had done anything wrong.

This made Deidara want to practically die. "O-okay, Danna, un."

Sasori's grin grew. "See this is the brat, I like to see." Deidara just sniffled.

Out of nowhere, Deidara back was shoved against the teachers desk. "We're gonna speed things up now."

"No, un!" Sasori just raised a red brow, as he looked at the scared teen The professor leaned in close to the blond, who just shrunk back in response.

"And why id that Dei-da-ra?" Deidara just shook his head, tears streaming down his face. Sasori sighed,and just held the blond as he silently sobbed. After five minutes he was down, and Sasori spoke up. "Are you going to tell me now?" Deidara just kept on looking down.

"I don't want to be used, un."

Sasori raised his eye brow, and grinned. "You think I'm using you?" Deidara just nodded. Sasori laughed. "Deidara it's just extra credit-"

"No! It's not, it's rape, un!" Deidara began struggling against the older man, but came to no avail.

"Deidara it's not rape, if you like it."

Deidara stopped struggling, and looked at the older man. He shook his head. "No, I don't like it, un."

This made the redhead sigh. "Fine, then how about one more time, for good old sakes, but then you'll have to make your now grades. Deal?" Deidara looked unsure, but if this was the only way out of everything he'd do it. He hesitantly nodded his smirked. "Good." he kissed Deidara roughly, which the blond responded immediately too. Deidara moaned as Sasori's hands traveled over his stomach, giving the redhead an opening to slide his tongue in the teens mouth. Deidara blush grew as Sasori's tongue ran over his, asking to play.

After about a minute Deidara pulled away for air. Sasori smirked, and pulled the blond's shirt off with ease. "Hurry up, un." Deidara couldn't wait for this to be over; he pulled him and Sasori behind the desk so no one could see them doing there thing.

Sasori just smirked. "See you want this as bad as I do."

Deidara frowned. "Fine, lets get this over with." He pulled off his student's pants and boxers, making Deidara blush, seeing as he was hard.

Sasori just grinned, and removed the rest of his clothing. He stuck one dry finger into the blond, making him cry out. "Shh shh." Deidara just glared up at his teacher. Said man began to move the finger around, and soon added a second finger. Deidara whimpered, as a single tear fell from his eye. Sasori tried to soothe him, by rubbing his lower back.

After Deidara got his breathing back to normal, Sasori added the third finger, and Deidara bit his lip, to keep from any noise coming out. After about two minutes, Sasori took the fingers out, and positioned himself to enter the blond. Deidara closed his eyes, trying to get this over with as quick as possible.

Sasori quickly thrust in, making Deidara cry out. Sasori leaned forward, and kissed Deidara to cover up the cries. He pulled away with Deidara being quite. "M-move, un." Deidara began rocking his hips, and Sasori just complied.

Sasori was right, Deidara did like this. He began panting, and the pink tint on his cheeks just kept on getting darker, and darker. He let out a long moan, when Sasori hit something that sent stars across his vision.

"F-faster, un." Sasori grinned, and replied, with quicker thrusts, hitting that same spot again. Deidara let out a cry. "Harder!" the thrusts became harder, but not hard enough for Deidara. He sat up, getting a confused expression from Sasori, as their actions were halted. Deidara was still short of breath, but continued on.

He began to move up, and down in Sasori's lap, trying to hit the same spot. He wrapped his arms around Sasori's shoulders, trying to pull him closer. No progress was being made, so Sasori grabbed Deidara's hips, and slammed him down on his member.

Deidara's eyes widened, and Sasori covered his mouth, before the blond would cry out. There was a muffled scream, and it took Deidara five seconds for his vision to get back to normal. Sasori removed his hand, to see the blond panting. "H-harder, un..." the redhead just smirked, and lifted his hips, and brought them down twice as hard, hitting the blond's prostate dead on.

Deidara bit his lip, for another scream coming. Sasori just smiled, and continued to slam the blond down, on his manhood. About five minutes later Deidara couldn't take it anymore, and came.

The tight walls around Sasori became even tighter, and the teacher came right after his student. Deidara shivered at the warm cum filling him. He groaned, and fell back onto the floor, panting. Sasori smiled, and pulled out of the blond, and laid down next to him. He pulled Deidara close to his chest. "I love you." Deidara flinched.

"No, un. You think it's love, but its just infatuation."

Sasori just blinked at the still blushing boy. "Why do you say that?"

Deidara pushed the older man away. "W-why do I say that? Why do I say that! I would say that, because it's not love, un. I came in here one day for help, and I get this. I came in here to learn, not to be screwed every other day, un. What you call love, I call lies."

Sasori just stared at the now crying boy. He wrapped his arms, around the still crying blond, and held him in his lap. "If that's what you really think, I'm sorry for wasting your time."

Sasori began to get up, but Deidara pulled him back down. "Please... don't go, un."

Sasori just sighed,and sat back down. "And why should I stay?" Deidara just looked down. "You're the only one who e-ever cared for me, a-and if you say you do love me, then who am I to say you're lying, un."

Sasori just sighed, and took Deidara in his lap again. "Fine, but you agreed that this would be the last time-"

"I know, un. Just don't go." Sasori sighed again. What had he gotten himself into?