Sasori groaned as he was grading exams. Why was he letting the blond mess with his head so much! He told him that he loved him, how stupid! He should have just let the blond wallow in his own misery, other then create his own. He set down an exam, not being able to concentrate and gave it an F. He looked at the name, Sakura H. He sighed. If students couldn't put their whole names onto the paper then it wasn't worth grading. He flipped to the last page and sighed. Another phone number and love note once again. This was not how he wanted to spend his winter break.

He put down his grading utensil got up from his desk and got his coat. Wrapping a scarf around his neck he went outside. He sighed at the winter night. There was snow on the lawns but none on the sidewalks or roads. It looked like it was about to snow and he gave small smile. Winter was his favorite season, the cold that and white that was art, but so sad it couldn't last forever.

Instead of taking his car, he walked down the sidewalk enjoying the cold air wiping around his face and biting at his nose. But he never really gets cold and that's what he enjoyed too, the feeling of cold without getting cold. He smiled at that. Weird thing to think, but whenever it was winter he was somewhat happier, no matter what problems he was having. Problems... Crap, he just remembered what the problem was.

So much for forgetting. He frowned and continued walking. Looking at his watch he sighed. Eight o' clock, that's when snow looked it's finest. He looked at the sky to see the snow starting to fall. He looked back ahead of him and blinked. Deidara was standing there also looking at the snow with a smile on his face; he was also in a coat and scarf, but had a beanie on for good measure. Sasori lips twitched up lightly and he quietly walked up to the unsuspecting blond.

"Beautiful, isn't it?"

Deidara jumped and looked at Sasori a blush tinting his cheeks. "Yeah... it is, un." None of it made sense, but whenever he saw Deidara or heard his voice it set his heart on fire and he was sure sooner or later he would explode, like the blond's art. "What are you doing out so late, un?"

Sasori looked at his student like he was an idiot. "It's only eight, and just because I'm a teacher doesn't mean I have a curfew or something."

Deidara's blush deepened. "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn-"

"You didn't offend me, it's fine."The blond just nodded and continued to look at the sky. Sasori sighed again at the cold feeling of the snow touching his pale cheeks. "Ahh-choo!" Sasori turned his head and looked at Deidara lazily, as if he had just ruined his moment. Deidara got the glance and blushed. "I'm sorry, it's kind of cold, un." he said a little embarrassed.

Sasori smirked and got closer to the blond. "Well, why don't I warm you up?" he grabbed the blond's chin with his warm fingers and tilted his head up. He leaned in slightly and smiled when Deidara leaned in too; their eyes closed and their mouths were slightly parted, so they could almost feel each other's warm breaths.

"Hey, Akasuna-sensei!" Sasori immediately stopped and looked up to see one of his students waving at him like an idiot.

Deidara turned his head, but was stopped by the fingers still holding his chin."Don't look."

A blond haired boy with bright blue eyes began to walk up to them, but was stopped when he noticed Sasori was with someone. "Hey, who are you with?"

Sasori glared at the boy. "That is none of your business, Naruto-san."

Naruto's eyes widened and he grinned like a moron. "Hey, you're on a date! Hey Sai, come here!"

"Naruto it would be best if you leave." the blond boy began to stammer, until Sasori promised to have him expelled if he stayed a second longer.

"'Kay, bye Sensei!" the overly optimistic blond began to walk away and Deidara sighed; it looked like he was holding his breath.

Sasori smiled and lifted his chin up again. "Now, where were we?" Deidara blushed and stood on the ball of his feet to he could reach Sasori's face. Sasori smiled and closed the space between them. Deidara's hands wandered up to Sasori's neck to pull him closer. Sasori smirked and wrapped his hands around the blond's waist.

Deidara pulled away after some time, with yet another blush on his cheeks. Sasori smiled and leaned down to kiss his left cheek. "Your blush is beautiful." Sasori pulled away and brushed the back of his fingers on the still heated cheek. "And by the way, why are you out here?" Sasori asked a bit confused.

"My roommate has a friend over so I usually just wait it out by walking around, un."

Deidara looked down while he said all of it, almost like he was ashamed. "Well why don't you stay with me?" He frowned when he saw his student pale. "I'm not going to do anything to you." Deidara looked up at Sasori who whispered an "I promise." before giving him a peck on the cheek.

Again Deidara looked down, unsure. "O-okay, un. But just for tonight." Sasori smiled and nodded. He took Deidara's hand in his own and led him a few blocks over to his house. "Danna, un?"

Sasori raised an eyebrow; the blond hadn't used that nickname in a while. "Yes?"

Deidara looked down and blushed. "Thank you for letting me stay with you, un... It's really appreciative."

Sasori smiled and said a quick your welcome.

"Is that your house, un?" Deidara pointed to a brown/grey house.

Sasori nodded. "How did you know?"

Deidara smiled and rubbed the back up his neck. "I saw your car, un."

Sasori looked at his grey honda, and sighed; that would be a dead give away. "Well, let's go inside, so I can start the fire." Deidara nodded and followed Sasori to the house. They both stepped inside and Deidara sighed at the warmness; his room was never like this.

Sasori took off his coat and scarf and headed to the living room. Deidara followed in suit, and went to Sasori in the living room. Sasori just piled a few more logs on the fireplace since he never put it out. "Don't you have a furnace or something, un?" Deidara said as he sat down on the couch trying to warm himself.

"Unfortunately, it broke and I can't get someone to fix it until spring," Sasori answered as he sat down next to Deidara who was shivering.

"O-oh, un." Sasori sighed and wrapped a blanket around the blond.

"Thanks, un." he just wrapped the blanket around himself more tightly. Getting up, Sasori went into the kitchen to make some coffee. "Where are you going, un?"

Sasori turned around and looked at his student. "To make some coffee, would you want some?" the blond shook his head and looked down. Sasori sighed and continued to make the coffee. However minutes later it was done; he poured himself a mug and went into his study to continue grading papers. About ten minutes later he heard a shuffling of feet and a knock on his door. "Yes?" the door opened slightly to reveal Deidara.

"Can you stay out here with me, un?" Deidara blushed as he said this, he didn't want to be alone anymore then he was already.

He heard his professor sigh and get up from the desk. "I guess a night without grading any papers will be fine."

Deidara smiled and said a thank you. Deidara sat on the couch watching the fire with Sasori holding him in his lap. He sighed in content and snuggled closer to Sasori, his nose brushing up against the redhead's neck. Sasori shivered at the cool breath. Sasori kissed his forehead and Deidara just tilted his head up so their lips could meet.

Deidara sighed as their lips molded, not like before, this was sweet and gentle, and nothing like the other times. Sasori cupped Deidara's cheek to pull him somewhat closer. Complying to the act, Deidara did get closer and blushed while doing so. Sasori bit the blond's bottom lip asking for entrance, which was quickly granted. Deidara blushed even more when the tongue slipped in and gave a whine from it. He blushed just kept on getting darker with every new thing. Sasori ran his tongue over the blond's and got a moan in response.

Sasori smirked when he felt the blond push back some and a little game unfolded. After a minute Deidara pulled away panting for air. Sasori smirked and kissed his cheek, continuing down to his neck.

He smirked when he heard the blond gasp and moan at the little kisses. He stopped getting a confused look from his student. "I promised you that this wouldn't happen again, but it's already started."

Deidara frowned at this and looked down. "I'm sorry, un." Sasori chuckled and brushed his cheeks again, oh how he loved the feeling.

"It's fine, but if you ever wanted to, I wouldn't mind." Deidara looked up at him and kissed him again, almost like the kiss was seeking something, and Sasori knew exactly what. Giving more to the kiss, Sasori pushed his lips into the other's a little harder, getting a moan out of the blond. Running his hands down his students shirt and to the hem of the shirt, and giving it a tug upwards.

Deidara jumped at the action, but let the redhead continue on. He shivered slightly as his shirt was removed, and his chest was released to the cold air. Sasori smirked and pushed him down onto the warm couch. He began laying small kisses all over the slim chest, getting small mewls out of the blond. Deidara tossed his head to the side and gave breathy moans as Sasori's hand began to caress his skin, all the while soft kisses were placed on his neck.

Sasori smirked at how easy it was to please the blond, but he didn't want this to be just a plain game like before. No, he wanted it to mean something more, something with actual feeling. "Why'd you stop, un?" Deidara asked almost in a whine, snapping Sasori out of his thoughts.

"Sorry." he kissed him on the lips lightly and continued to move his hands downward.

Very carefully, Sasori pulled the blond's pants and boxers down. Deidara again shivered at the cold air and brought Sasori closer, so he wasn't exposed to the cold as much. Sasori sighed and leaned in closer to his pupil, their erections touching. Light kisses were all that was happening, as Sasori leaned in on his elbows, which were by Deidara's head. Sasori pulled away, getting a whine put of the blond. He smirked and removed his shirt and undergarments. Straddling the blond he began kissing him again.

Sasori turned the kiss more intimate to distract Deidara as he prodded a finger into him. Deidara hissed into the kiss, but moved against the finger inside him, trying to get used to the old feeling. Sasori smirked and added a second, hearing a moan/whimper out of the blond. Deidara bit into Sasori's neck, trying to have some kind of biting toy. Sasori moaned as Deidara bit into his neck, most likely drawing blood. He began scissoring the blond, stretching him for what was about to come next.

Very gently, Sasori added the third finger, this time getting a half scream out of the blond; most likely out of pain. Sasori leaned in even closer to him and kissed his neck softly, and rubbed his back trying to ease the pain somewhat. Deidara had little tears leaking out of his eyes, but he just tried to keep them in by closing his eyes and biting Sasori's neck harder; but once Sasori moved the fingers around some, Deidara couldn't help but cry out.

Sasori looked at the blond and frowned. It had been about three months since they'd done this, and it seemed like it was taking a tole on the blond. Moving away from Sasori's neck Deidara's laid fully on the couch, trying to get used to the feeling of the still fingers inside of him. Sasori leaned forward and kissed Deidara, getting some of his blood on his lips. Deidara moaned and opened his mouth to let Sasori fully ravish it.

Pulling the fingers out, Sasori put his hardened member at the blond's entrance and slowly pushed in. Every second was torture for Deidara; he didn't even know why he had wanted this, but it seemed inevitable to stop now. Deidara couldn't take it anymore and let out a sob, which stopped Sasori immediately. "You okay?" Sasori asked rubbing the side of Deidara's neck and kissed away some tears. Deidara shook his head, and wrapped his hands around his teacher's neck, needing to hold onto something.

After about five minutes Deidara gave the okay to go further, which was done very slowly. Sasori began moving in and out very slowly getting gasps out of Deidara more often, but once Sasori hit something inside of him Deidara gave a shocked, but pleased gasp. "Again, un." Sasori smirked and aimed for that spot once more, getting an even louder moan out of him."Faster, un~" moving faster, Sasori began to pant at the tight heat that had encased him. Deidara couldn't even believe this was happening again, but was glad it was because this pleasure was incredible. Sasori hit something inside Deidara, hard getting an almost scream out of him. "Harder!" Sasori smirked and picked up the pace causing him to go harder. The couch creaked with each thrust, and each thrust that was given just made the moans and screams get louder.

Sasori felt the walls around him constrict and he knew the blond would come very soon. Grabbing the blond's cock that was already leaking with pre-cum, he began stroking fast and hard.

"Danna!" Deidara's cum covered both of their stomachs and Deidara couldn't help but shiver as Sasori's warm cum flooded into him, giving him a very warm feeling. Sasori collapsed on top of Deidara panting hard.

Sasori kissed Deidara's chest, while the blond in return stroked his hair lovingly. "I love you." Sasori didn't care if the blond didn't love him back, just as long as he knew.

"I... I love you too, un." Sasori smiled and nuzzled the blond's neck. Deidara sighed; there was no point in denying it, he and Sasori both knew that they were in love.

Sasori gave a groan and got off of his student; pulling his limp member out of him and slowly lying down next to him. He pulled the now sleeping blond to his chest and looked out the window to see the snow falling peacefully. He smiled and also fell into a deep slumber.


"Sensei!" Sasori turned around to see a pink haired girl running down the hall to meet him. "It's good to see you again!"

Sasori raised a brow. "Well, I can't say the same thing about you."

She frowned but quickly recovered. "I was going to go to a play tonight and I have an extra ticket... Do you wanna go?" She asked a bit hopeful.

Sasori blinked and began to walk off again. "Oh my god, what happened to your neck? I know just the thing to fix that!" Sakura tried to jump him, but he moved out of the way, rubbing his neck.

"Damn, Dei bit me hard."

"What!" she ran over to her teacher and looked at him straight in the eye. "Who's Day? I thought we have something special!"

Sasori looked at her, as if she were nothing but a worm. "First of all, it's none of your business, second the only relationship I've ever had with you were teacher and student nothing more." Sasori couldn't believe it; she was actually wiping away tears in her eye!

"Fine! But I can be so better then her!" and at that moment Deidara walked up to see what was wrong with Sakura.

"What's wrong, un?"

The pinkett pointed a finger at Sasori. "H-he's going out with some chick named Day, when I am totally be better!" Deidara blushed and looked at Sasori.

"Oh well, that sucks, un."

Sakura looked at him and nodded. "I know! Thanks Dei... dara." An awkward silence passed them and Deidara was sure the world had stopped spinning.

"Well... I'm gonna go now." and Sasori walked away "You know what I think I'll go too." Deidara practically ran down the hall, trying to run away from the crazy girl.

'Great, just when I thought everything would be fine now!'