author's note: this is still shitty but i had to fix it.


He sits; he waits; he ponders.

He cocks his head, "Why did you leave me, Alice?"

He plucks a leaf and smiles at it, "You were always such a pretty girl."

He snaps a flower from it's stem and crushes the petals between his fingers, "I always waited for you to come. So why did you leave me?"

They all stay silent. They pretend that he hasn't changed, but they know that he is loonier than usual. They worry.

He can tell they are looking at him, so he continues anyways. Prying eyes do not see the truth.

He drinks his tea and speaks to the chair next to him, "Why, sir, do you know why Alice as left me?"

The chair is silent. Chairs do not talk.

But the Mad Hatter turns to the next chair and asks, "Why, madam, do you know why Alice left me?"

He turns to the next one, voice lilting in anger, "Why would she leave me? It's been almost five years and I miss her dreadfully."

Silence drives him mad.

He stomps to the first chair and hurls it, "Alice! I want Alice back."

The next chair is not saved by his rampage- this one is lobbed across the lawn. "She said she would come back for me."

The next chair breaks as he picks it up, "I love her. So... why wouldn't she come back?"

The Mad Hatter sits. He closes his eyes.

"I want my Alice back. She said... she said that we'd be together again."

Tears fall down his cheeks, "I used to be a happy, mad man."

He twists a lock of his mane. "I think, perhaps, I've lost myself in the lunacy of love."

The Mad Hatter peers at the remainder of his friends, "How can I be without my Alice?

He remembers when she saved him. He wonders if she thinks of him as a loony, mad man. He wonders if she remembers him at all.

"Why did you leave me? I love you so dearly, my love. You are so close to my heart."

The Mad Hatter waits for his Alice to return.

With each day, he becomes a tad bit saner.