Disclaimer: I don't own skip beat of any of the characters.

This little story is just a product of my imagination; I hope you like it.

Background info: Sho and kyouko have to work together for some odd reason thanks to the president and Sho's manager. It's a short drama series, about love hate relationships. The characters they play start out hating each other and then sho's character falls for Kyouko's character, and so forth. The following scenario is just them acting out a potential love scene. For the run through they use each other's first names.

"Kyouko," Sho tapped Kyouko on the shoulder to get her attention, she turned around and glared at him.

"What do you want?" she asked.

"I know you don't want to work together but I need help with these lines," he said looking annoyed.

"What could have possibly gotten into you that you would ask me for help," she said with a sigh, "ah geez I forgot you can't act."

"Yes almighty professional," he sneered, "I bow to your wisdom, now can you help me?"

"Ok, ok," she said, "but it's not cause I want to, if I screw up this drama, the president might be angry with me."

"How about you come you my flat this afternoon and we can practice there," he said.

"Alright," she said.

Later in the evening-

Sho was sitting in front of the TV watching a celebrity viewing show, making snide comments and laughing about it afterwards. Kyouko knew she had to be in the right place she could hear him inside laughing hysterically. 'He must be watching that stupid show again,' she said to herself. After taking a deep breath and trying to pacify her demons as they gave her thrilling ideas on killing him. She proceeded to ringing the doorbell. After a few seconds the door swung wide open revealing Sho at the door. He was wearing faded jeans and some designer t-shirt.

"Evening," he said moving away from the door allowing her to enter. Flashing lights flickered in her head, 'DANGER, DANGER, DANGER.' She decided to mentally turn the flashers off and proceed into Sho's domain. Sho was sitting on the couch watching TV, it was just as she suspected. She leaned on the back of the couch, "if you expect me to help you with your lines, you have to turn the TV off."

"I planned to do that," he said, "it's not like I need you to tell me."

After turning off the TV he turned around and plopped back onto the couch. She walked around and stood in front of him. "Which lines to you need help with?" she asked; since he wasn't going to start this session.

"It's the romantic scene; I just can't seem to get it right in my head."

"Well let's start by going over the lines," she said, "then after a run though we'll try acting it out; but get this through your head, this doesn't mean I like you."

"Should we use the character's names?" Sho asked.

"It would be easier to use our names then we can work in the stage names later," she said.

"I'm starting no," he said.

"Ok," she said.

"Kyouko," he said, "don't you hate me?" he was standing across the room staring at her.

"Yes, sometimes," she said.

He took a step closer to her, "what about now," he asked.

"Still yes," she said turning to face the window, "you hate me also, yes?"

"Not so much," he said, taking yet another step towards her.

'He seems to be catching on fine' she said in her head. Then she got back into character.

She placed her hand up on the window, "when we were kids, you hated me," she said, "When we were still in school, we hated each other. What changed?" she turned around and leaned up against the window sill.

"I did," he said, "you did."

"How?" she asked, "it doesn't make much sense to me. Why now?"

"I don't know why," he said, "all I know is that I can't stand it when another guy touches you; or when you talk playfully with anyone but me."

"Since when?" she asked, "Is it that you want to be the one to torment me; or is it that you're the only one that's aloud to see me smile?"

"Both," he said, taking two steps forward, "and you have it changed for you?"

"I want to find ways to torment you," she said, "I want to crush you into a million pieces."

"Is that all?" he sounded lonely.

"No," she said, taking a step forward, "I want to be the one that makes you smile with delight while you think of ways to reduce me to tears."

"Like I'm thinking now?" he said.

"I have no way of knowing what you're thinking now," she said.

"Then I'll have to show you," he said closing the distance between them. He lifted his hand and placed it on her cheek. Slowly rubbing his thumb across her skin, backing her up against the wall he placed his hand behind her head at the base of her neck and pulled her head back by her hair. She let out a small screech as he brought his lips to hers.

This was supposed to be the end of the scene in question but he wasn't letting go. She opened her mouth to bite his lip when his tongue pooled into her mouth. Squirming and mumbling she tried to free herself from his arms; but all he did was squeeze tighter. His hands moved to the small of her back where his finger tips played with her smooth skin under her shirt. She shuddered; it made her squirm harder than ever. Only when she dug her nails into his flesh did he come back up for air.

"Let me go," she demanded with hateful eyes.

"No," he said, "why should I, you're my property you belong to me."

"I belong to no man, least of all you," She said.

"You forget my mother took you in, taught you everything you know." He scoffed, "you were meant to be mine, she trained you for me."

"That may have been so," she said, "but it's not now. You can't just dump me off as some servant of yours and then try to claim me back when it suites you. I'm not one of your shirts; you can't just toss me aside and then use me again. It doesn't work that way."

"You may think that now," he said, "but in time you'll come running back."

"I won't," she cried, tears pooling in her eyes, "the love I had for you dried up and floated away like dust in a storm. It's not coming back. You can't make it."

"Then I'll just have to make you hate me even more than you do now," he said, tightening his grip. "I have to make sure that there's no room in your heart for anyone but me."

"Please don't," she said, "just let me go?"

"I can't," he said, "I can't let something as valuable go."

She tried to shimmy away from him, she got real close; until she tripped over his foot and landed on her back, in the middle of the floor. She rubbed her head; she didn't hit it hard enough to do any damage. She was more worried about what Sho might do. She had never seen him this determined before. She hoped he wouldn't be stupid enough to do anything reckless.

He came down to her level; she hadn't even saw it coming. Before she realized what was happening he was on top of her straddling her waste. 'Oh shit,' she thought, 'I'm in trouble'. She tried to push him off, she tried to get away; but all he did was grab her hands and pull them so they were above her head. 'Great' she thought to herself. 'Now not only is he on top of me, he's got full control of my hands.'

Still holding her hands he bent down and kissed her, she tried to get her mouth free; but it was impossible, he was using sheer force. Releasing her mouth he moved his mouth close to her ear, "we can do this the easy way or the hard way." He whispered, "You can give into me or I can force you; whichever you choose."