Cid blinked sleepily, awakened by the motion of Vincent leaving their bedroll.

It had taken longer to return to this place than Cid had planned, but at last they'd had the opportunity to get away and the Tiny Bronco rested on the long gravel bar next to Vincent's lake.

Vincent himself stood silent on the shore, his back to Cid; his pale skin painted rose-gold with the first colors of sunrise.

Cid propped himself on one elbow, just watching. His other hand slipped beneath the pillow they'd shared, finding the stones Vincent gathered the night before as they wandered the shoreline.

Several times Vincent had stopped, looking at him, his lips parting as if he would speak before shaking his head slightly and walking on. He'd kept his eyes on the path they followed, pausing now and then to choose a water-smoothed stone from among the many scattered there.

Late that night, Cid made love to him with a depth and passion that left both of them exhausted and content. Afterward, Cid spoke of the future; and Vincent had given him the stones he gathered.

Three stones…a solid foundation… shedding the final weight of the past.

I love you

Vincent lifted his face to the rising sun; his eyes closed. Then he walked into the lake.

A few moments passed, and Cid was beginning to feel the first stirrings of alarm when Vincent didn't resurface.

But then ripples exploded upward in rainbows as a pale figure broke the surface and leapt for the sky.

Wings spread to capture the morning and his graceful, joyous movements followed the patterns of rising mist as Vincent danced.



Of my reasons for defying reason
Embracing the seasons
We dance through the colors
Both followed and led

The sacred simplicity
Of you at my side

…Vienna Teng: Eric's Song


Again, many, many thanks to everyone who has read and enjoyed this little tale, and for letting me know what you thought of it…I appreciate each and every one of you!

*animama on DeviantArt created an awesome art piece to go with this that I wish I could share with you. Check her out! She's amazing…

Until the next time…may your skies be clear…and I hope you dance.