A few days later, Teddy was feeling a little better. She was sitting on the couch with PJ. Gabe was not home yet, even though school had been let out for the day for about an hour now.

Eventually, Gabe came home with Charlie, looking a little sad.

"What's wrong?" Teddy asked. "Didn't you and Charlie do well on your science project?"

"Well..." Gabe said.

Gabe then remembered the events from earlier when he had presented his project with Charlie.

"This is my science project; a time machine powered by snot." he said.

Mr. Olsson crossed his arms, he believed that Gabe's machine was nothing to be impressed by.

"What does it do?" He said.

Gabe took out an old apple from his pocket. "It restores the youth of ANY fruit or vegetable."

"Really?" Mr. Olsson said, still not believing that Gabe's invention would actually work.

"Yep. Really." Gabe nodded. He then tickled Charlie's nose, since she was not sick anymore that day, and she began sneezing into the tube, which used the snot to power the machine, and the machine ended up turning the old apple into an apple that had looked like it was freshly picked off its tree.

Mr. Olsson was impressed. "Wow. an invention like this definately deserves a..."

"100?" Gabe asked, completing Mr. Olsson's sentence for him.

"Yes. yes. yes." Mr. Olsson said.

But just moments after he had said that, Charlie let out a big sneeze that overpowered the time machine, proving that fruit and vegetables weren't the only things it could make younger again.

All of a sudden, all of the other kids in Gabe's class began to laugh. Mr. Olsson was confused.

"What's so funny?" He asked. He then felt that his tie was a little big for him so he went over to a nearby mirror to fix it. But when he looked in the mirror, he saw that he was suddenly a little toddler again!

"Gabrial Duncan!" he shouted at the top of his lungs.

Gabe then stopped remembering the event since this was the point where things started to get ugly.

"You turned him into a baby?" Teddy asked, smiling a little after having a mental picture of Mr. Olsson as a baby.

"Yeah." Gabe sighed. "I still got the 100, though, so I'm not going to summer school."

"Then why are you so sad?" PJ asked.

"He gave me Detention every day after school for the rest of the year. Then he forced me to change his diaper because he made a 'Boom-boom'." Gabe said.

PJ then sneezed.

"Bless you." Teddy said.

Everyone then knew that PJ had finally caught Charlie's cold. Teddy got closer to him.

"Guess you're happy now, huh?" she said.

"But my test was yesterday!" PJ groaned.

The end.

- Idreamofcomedy